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I mean he’s not the best Joker for nothing

Lmao the Rainbow Ribbon Army

Make rednecks IWW members again

This gender neutral bathroom is taking way too long to open

That sounds way cooler than Spider-Man and guys covered head to toe in shiny paint

Columbus not being sent to a dungeon for thinking the world was shaped like a pear

Because it’s what my people need, President Xi

“Creative Soul 🎨”

She should paint her brains on the wall

The Trucker Convoy of petite bourgeois organized by a white supremacist?

“Babe you’re just like the Internationale cause you’d make me rise up any time”

They trigger some part of my lizard brain to go into fight or flight mode

We need to synthesize whatever John Brown had in him besides that dawg

Bold of you to assume fascists read their opposition for understanding and debate bro brain rot dunking. I’m not sure how you debunk dialectics of nature anyway. From what I recall it’s a history of math, philosophy, and science guided through with dialectical materialism to demonstrate the quantative and qualitative changes they all had on eachother.

It’s more of a supplement than medication. Your pineal gland already produces it.

Maybe it’s just because I’m an American but I have a hard time believing anyone is spiritual or religious these days. It’s not the prevailing mode of social consciousness nor the primary motivation with anyone I’ve interacted with really. It all seems secondary to either reinforce the status quo or provide a sense of community but it’s always seen as secondary to the self

Have you tried melatonin? Makes me sleep like a baby

Yeah they’ll be thrown into the garbage… by the PLA 😎

You’re getting through it at least. Take any small victory you can. Only way I manage to stay relatively sane

Don’t be so hard yourself. You’re capable of so much more I bet

Congrats on getting help. You’re capable of so much if you already have the wherewithal at your age to accept things like that. You’ll do great. Also DREADFULLY thanks for asking. The light inside me do feel like it be waning

Regretting your life??? Why? You’re here I doubt you’ve done anything worthy of anything like that

If that’s what you consider half decent I shudder to think how good your opus looks Jesus christ. Those look amazing

Hi! How are you?
I do be wondering about my comrades mental health at times doe

Get the Holy Hand Grenade

Just like the Buffalo Soldiers. Awful situation

You can’t fuckin fool me, Princess Carolyn, I know it’s you.

Real talk tho I love how deep it gets. I’ve never had a show speak to me on such a profound level before. It’s almost too eerie how much I relate to Diane. I could gush about it for hours but I don’t know anyone irl who’s watched it yet despite my recommendations lol. Time’s Arrow came in my life when I was taking care of a dementia riddled great grandmother. Luckily I didn’t loathe her like Bojack did his mom tho lol

You disrespecting Charles Entertainment Cheese right now bro? I’ll throw down 😤😤😤(/s) Also gotta love how Hank is short both Henry and Harry (the latter of which is often also short for Harold) and only being one letter off from both. English is so dumb lmao

I always forget Bill is short for William

Reddit country strikes again with some race fetishization. God why do right-wingers have to prove Freud right so much

Aw sweet man-made horrors beyond my comprehension

Love Daniel Kahn and the Painted Bird

Best resources/tips on learning new languages
I'm a dumb idiot American who only speaks 1 language fluently and doesn't have the money to pay for foreign language classes at a university. What are some good ways to learn a new language from the absolute starting point

Why must they be like this