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i fuk goat. pic unrelated. he/him

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There is no genocide in Xinjiang.

There are many other posts in which you can see that there is no such genocide, you can find them by using the search function on this site (

Please refrain from spreading lies and misinformation.

Ramadan Mubarak, comrade! I’m also interested in this topic, one can never learn enough about socialism!

I wanted to thank you all, comrades, you have brightened my morning 😁. This community does indeed feel like a safe space

It’s alright, we all get our ups and downs. Hope you feel better soon, comrade

China is indeed a beacon of hope, thank you, comrade

A bit of positivity and eye bleach please
Hello comrades, I've been all day listening to dumb reactionary talking points and other such things of similar stupidity and need some based takes to cleanse my eyes (and brain) from all the brainrot. Thank you. (also a bit of a rant because joke's on me for thinking I could do some socializing in this cesspool of fascistic beliefs. I hate this town, I hate this country, revolution can't come soon enough).

Therapist: Centrist Lenin isn’t real he can’t hurt you.

Centrist Lenin:

The PCE (Partido Comunista de España) has actually a seat in the government coalition but they haven’t been communists since the 70s. There are a bunch of other communist parties but you have to sort your way through the patsocs, reactionaries cough Frente Obrero cough, transphobes and revisionists. As in most other imperial core countries, the left is in a very bad state

The real trans agenda

Congratulations, comrade Anna!

Controversial indeed. I personally prefer it without, but don’t really mind

What are your thoughts on pineapple on pizza?

Not much of a difference, but it is annoying, at least for me: in Spanish the country Algeria is Argelia, the spelling is very similar, and thus very confusing to me, in terms of writing or pronouncing it. Also Latvia in Spanish is Letonia

Many thanks, comrade!

Completely agree, comrade

Thanks! It doesn’t hurt as much as I had expected, but the most uncomfortable thing is having to wear a post-surgical binder 😅

Thank you, comrade!

Alright enough shitposting for now, hope everyone enjoyed

gommunism ebil no food hundred bajillion dead Also, I came across the picture with the username on it, but if it is against the rules I will edit it out

Don't mind me, just going on a shitposting spree to celebrate my top surgery, yay!!

Glad you are doing better, comrade. The way to recovery comes in small steps

Going to the gym and starting my degree. I’ve had trouble with my education due to mental health, but now I feel I’m getting back on track. Thank you for asking, comrade

Sorry to hear that, comrade. Loneliness sucks but I hope that at least this community can keep you company

Or, homophobe praising the power of love

Bonus comrade Luigi: ![](

I know they're not really based but it is an interesting quote nonetheless

Maybe they are conflating patsocs and tankies? Either way it reeks of liberal crap

Un artículo interesante
A merced de la próxima reunión de la OTAN en Madrid, me ha parecido conveniente compartir este artículo

This is how you make a tankie pipe smoker happy