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Ahh, Che.

Yes, you’re right. It is fucked. I’ve just been told off by my friends sometimes like “yeah dude that’s life” or other shit like that so I’m always hesitant to call it like it is

Just saw a couple living in their car.
I'm chilling in the parking lot of the gym right now and it's very apparent that there is a couple next to me living in their car. At first I thought they were just getting it on - she brushed her teeth and they both leaned their seats back. But I, being the confused creeper I am, looked through my car window again only to realize they're sleeping. Then it hit me. They're living in their fucking car in a gym parking lot. I don't know why I'm hit so hard by this, I'm sure you all see it often, but fuck. It makes me sad. Radicalization points +100

He seems to be a decent candidate comparatively, though. Yeah sure he sucks in some ways but so did/does Bernie.

I don’t think it’s very beneficial to sit and nitpick whether this guy is the best embodiment of socialism or piss and moan because of online beef with the People’s Party. We could utilize this election as a way to broaden support for socialism (or, like Bernie, at least popularize being against the status quo).

Yes, he’s said stupid things about the Soviet Union and Reagan. But he still seems like a pretty decent candidate when compared to others in the US, and while he has no chance of winning under the two-party dictatorship, we could use this to give awareness of socialism a boost.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

But were not sustainably creating that food. We can’t keep going the way we are


Industrialized food practices are not sustainable… how can we?

Best quotes from Marxists?
bottom text

So are you saying we should wait and prepare for the right moment instead of constantly trying to create engagement?

So what do you suggest I do? What should we as Marxists in America do? That was a God-tier comment but I still just am not sure on whether I should engage and try to get others to engage or just leave it.

My apologies if I misunderstood, it was a very long comment and my brain is still recovering from the copious amount of drugs I did

Well yeah, but like I said below/above, it’s just never brought up by others and I don’t know when the right time is

Can you elaborate why? I have trouble understanding how bringing it up is not a good thing. Especially when it’s literally never brought up by others

How often should one bring politics up?
I'm struggling with people around me (in the US) being so politically disengaged and just apathetic towards very serious things. I don't want to be the stereotypical obnoxious commie who injects politics into everything, but at the same time, basically everything political and we have very different understandings of the world so its hard to just sit back and be like everyone else. Everyone around me just doesn't seem to care and I don't know what to do. I'm getting involved with a party again soon once I get back on my feet but I don't know how to approach people who are just chilling and galloping through, y'know? Maybe this is a useless or dumb post but I'm just kind of lost

I find myself rolling my eyes around my friends more

YES. The amount of cringeworthy things they say is wild. Anti-socialism (sometimes without even knowing it), some borderline racist/sexist things… they’re distancing themselves from me each and every day. I need new friends (more accurately, to replace a few of them)

It’s definitely affected them. Some people agree with me and we’ve found a greater bond over it; some people don’t really care; some people actively disagree and it caused a bit of a rift.

A few things that I have sensed are a general apathy compared to my enthusiasm for the subject, and, like another commenter said, the difficulty of not being welcomed to bring up communist politics up to others.

Cuba. Closest socialist nation and Spanish is easier to learn.

China is a close second, but I know the culture there is far different and I’d be afraid to try to assimilate. Maybe that’s just because I see how Americans treat foreigners, idk.

As Camarada Forte said, though. I’d prefer to stay in my home country (US) and live/die for socialism

Yes yes, how else should they protect and serve the people other than shooting them

Glad to have the validation, thank you.

What sparked this post was a guy last night in game chat of a CSGO game literally typing hard r n-word, along with (there was a guy with an accent in the game - not sure exactly where from) “oh Jesus, another foreigner”

Maybe it’s gotten worse, maybe we just notice it more because we aren’t that and have grown up past that

Right? There’s still so much shit talk and disgusting stuff on there

I really miss competitive gaming and still like it but it’s just not the same now with being older and seeing all the bigotry as a marxist instead of a 12 year old

Makes sense to me. I love multi-player, but its getting harder to enjoy ever since I grew up a bit and started recognizing how disgusting some of these people can be.

I wonder how this is handled in other cou tries that aren’t obsessed with hate freeze peach

I like me some single player but I’ve always liked the pvp and just interacting with randoms (when they’re not assholes or racists lmao)

You’re right, thank you

It’s just sad because I like competitive pvp a lot, mainly because when I was younger I used to play a lot and was super nerdy and good at them and now I’m not. It’s a nostalgia thing.

Good take. The only reason it’s a meme is because people think it’s edgy and bad, kind of like the Nazis.

If it were understood by people for what it was it wouldn’t be a meme, it’d be a pride anthem

Edit: other very good perspectives I see here. I revise my opinion originally stated above

Lol. I know CSGO is not the best fan base but shit I didn’t remember it being this bad

So many gamers are vile
Seriously, I cannot believe the amount of racist, sexist, and overall just shitty things that are said. I just played an FPS for the first time in a while (CSGO) and Jesus christ. Just makes it not fun lol. Maybe I'm too sensitive

Unironically they share some great shit

Based, average printer hating Chad ^

One of my pet peeves is when libs say something political or talk about politics, and then say it isn’t political.

Yes, or the constant “you inject politics into everything” when it’s something overtly political (as most things are).

A non-Marxist related one would be people saying Vetran instead of veteran. Lmao.

I’ll start with my background and material conditions, because of course that is pretty important.

I grew/am finishing growing up pretty privileged. Still working class, to be sure, but you know. Straight, white, male, and never have had to worry about money issues. Progressive liberal single mother, worked hard to take care of me. She never had the time to really dive into the why and get a great understanding of it all, just meant the best for people and kind of that well-intentioned social Democrat type.

I had always been interested in how we organize our society, though. Liberalism/Social Democracy, which I had subscribed to until the Ukraine/Russia conflict, still left me with so many questions. I really had no understanding of the world around me.

A very small but impactful moment was when I was watching Bo Burnham’s Inside in 2021 and he sang a line about private property being inherently theft and neo-liberal fascists destroying the left and it was like “whoa. I’m a liberal. What’s wrong here?” It also didn’t help that I didn’t know the difference between personal and private property then, so it caused a lot of anxiety.

That kind of kick-started a little exploration into the real left and sticking my toes into some Second Thought. Watched all his videos, read some of the Manifesto, and got on Lemmygrad.

Since then, I’ve read State and Revolution, Blackshirts and Reds, watched tons of informational videos, and am getting into ‘What is to be Done?’

I am now a developing Marxist.

If anyone made it this far (apologies for taking up so much space, I don’t know how to do the spoiler thing), can you help me understand Dialectical/Historical Materialism a little more or recommend some reading? That’s really the only part of all of this I don’t understand fully, and I’m aware it’s one of the most important.

This question seems out of place, with no context whatsoever. What is the point of your question? Who knows. But oh well.

Sorry? Lol I don’t mean to be annoying I just want to know if there’s actual criticisms that aren’t 100 trillion dead nonsense…

Anyways, thank you very much. Very informative

I’m assuming it’s a media whirlwind after looking a little more into the historical context of this situation. It’s happened a few times before and has been fixed last minute.

Let me know if I’m wrong

US Debt Default Likelihood?
Media whirlwind or legitimate threat to average people?

Why is polygamy (or in your words promiscuity) inherently worse than monogamy?

As long as it is acknowledged and agreed upon by everyone involved, there should be no issue. The only problem comes when one person thinks it’s monogamy and the other breaks that trust.

The social player thing is not just a woman problem, in fact I’d say it’s worse coming from men. As another commenter said, men do that shit all the time and only when women start to engage in similar behaviors does it become a problem. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with holding certain values for yourself, I myself could never be a social “player” (meaning casually sleeping around, if I’m interpreting that right) and am not interested in anyone who is, but that doesn’t give you or me the right to pretend we’re morally superior in that regard. I guess the only time I’d feel comfortable shitting on someone is if they’re sleeping around while their partner is unaware. But that could just be trauma on my part, someone educate me if I’m wrong lol.

Anyways, I really suggest you take the time to read what some of our comrades here are recommending and digest/think where these thoughts are coming from.

Suboxone for H and Naltrexone for alcohol

Thank you:) I was a poly-addict, but my main drugs of choice were alcohol and heroin

I’m back
Just got out of rehab. Feeling great. Nearly 40 days sober, feeling clear headed and even more interested in socialism. More motivated to get back out and organize again. Missed you all

LMAO Lenin obliterating some old conservative on Facebook

@ArtBot@lemmygrad.ml Poop emoji on the United States flag

Very very good bot :)

@ArtBot@lemmygrad.ml Armed Chinese forces storming Washington DC

@ArtBot@lemmygrad.ml Recovered drug addict with socialist flag in hand

Not sure if this is a legit source, just saw it. If this is true, wouldn't that mean that the US has started training soldiers IN China? Or, at the very least, training soldiers extremely close to China? Imagine if China started training anti-US forces in like, Guam or Puerto Rico or even a different close sovereign nation? Is this the beginning of something serious? Edited to remove unnecessary sentence

Yeah, I agree with you. But what is the method nowadays? How do we fix this situation in time before climate change ends us?

Likelihood of revolution in the US in our lifetime?
I'd like to hear what you all think about this question that I periodically ask as material and cultural conditions change.

Going into a 40-day rehab
Hey all. As some of you may know, I have been in and out of multiple different mental health/drug addiction programs. All of them have been relatively helpful but couldn't quite fix me. My addiction has since gotten worse and escalated to harder and harder drugs. Today, at my out-patient therapy (where I don't live there, just go for 4 hours a day), the doctors met with me and discussed that my addiction has become so severe that they no longer recommend me to be in this program, but to live in a residential one where I don't leave for ~40 days. Don't have many people to tell, and I just am letting you all know I'll be MIA for a while (assuming I can't check my phone on weekends or something). I love you all, comrades. I want to get better. I start next week.

Is the PSL legit?
I'm seeing a bunch of controversy surrounding which socialist organizations to join and I've heard the best things/least bad things about the PSL. Is this true?

I’m feeling very small and discouraged. Here’s a ramble :(
I just had a call with one of the party organizers in a city near me and basically the conclusion we came to is that I should wait to join as a membership due to my age as I'm in a very transitory phase in my life, end of high-school -> college/workforce age. My mental state is also not very good but a major motivator for me to get better and stay sober was so that I could be the best comrade I can be. Now it looks like I won't be able to join until I am moved out and independent (which will likely be another year and a few months just because money exists) It's really disheartening because I basically live for and am obsessed with aiding in systemic change and the fall of capitalism and I just want to help so bad. I feel like such a useless parasite right now, like I'm aware of how bad things are and yet I'm still just not able to do anything. I know it would do wonders for me mentally too, having a purpose, to work towards something with people I love and am like-minded with. Just joining this community and shooting shit online with comrades has made me feel better, I can't imagine what serious organizing would do for me which would in turn make me a better and more dedicated member of the party. I really want to be a good person and a good comrade. I've always struggled with my age restricting me from things I feel like I can handle because I've always been kind of a nerdy, "mature for my age" type. Not saying I'm special or trying to be arrogant it's just I've always had different outlooks/thought processes and different priorities than my peers. I have connected far more meaningfully with the adult world my entire life, in part because I can learn so much from them, and also in part because I was raised by them and had no siblings, cousins, anything like that. The organizer is very nice, I admire them a lot and it's just an unfortunate situation. I don't want to wait to help. I want to get out there. Sorry for the rant, just feeling useless

Has the PRC ever started a war?
I've seen this claim before and of course it's refuted by western media but I want to know if it's true or not and if it's a point I can make. I am not up to date on their diplomatic history tbh forgive me

Future of the dollar
Predictions? I know it's a really open ended/vague question but that's kind of the point. What you guys think lies ahead for the dollar and burgerland

Kind of having a difficult time understanding/finding sources on it. Humanism seems pretty cool at first glance, though I haven't read much so I can't be sure. What do you guys know and think about it?

Matt Gaetz cites “Chinese Propaganda”
I don't normally follow US political theater too closely, but I saw this and thought it was funny. A broken clock moment from a hard-right US leader immediately dismissed as propaganda simply because it came out of China. It's not propaganda to immediately slander anything that comes out of China in a media shitstorm, I guess.

I’m dooming again
It seems like nobody is willing here in the US to actually throw themselves into a revolt or meaningful change because our conditions are just good enough. I still see everyone around me going for the best social status, the best job, the best car, the biggest house, and completely ignoring all the major flashing red lights. I feel like a crazy person, like one of those people that's missing the point. I feel surrounded by lunatics and typically that means you're the crazy one but I just know I can't be in this situation, it makes no sense. Why is it like this? Why do I feel surrounded by NPCs? I can't connect to pretty much anyone here. It all seems so trivial. I don't want to sound elitist or anything I just can't see how people still don't see the full picture What to do?

“Apolitical” pisses me off (and doesn’t exist)
Often times, people misidentify politics as two rich assholes in suits arguing about something that doesn't affect them. Speaking in tongues (specifically in economics) designed to confuse and make it seem like the average person can't participate. This is not the case. Politics is nothing more than how humans relate and organize with each other and how we set up human society. It is NOT putting a piece of paper in a box every 2 or 4 years. It is not duking it out and arguing. That may be a part of it, but it is not the whole. It's everything you need - food production, water conservation, shelter and environmental regulations. It's everything you want - makeup, technology, cars, poop emoji pillows. All of it falls under the umbrella of modern society, the factors of production, and ultimately is political. With that being said, it is not possible to be an "apolitical" human being in today's world. If you're reserved when it comes to your beliefs, or God forbid "don't have any" you're not being "unbiased" or above everyone who isn't. You are simply choosing not to care or share your thoughts about the controversial, important issues that are constantly debated/need to be acted on in society. Your lack of input on the situation is a political statement in itself, and not a good one. You are showing you are either not affected by it, or are affected and just don't care/believe you can make a change. Either way, you still participate in society without talking or doing anything about these things, and that is radical. Point being, we must try to keep others from being a silent centrist/apolitical/moderate and actually stand firm in their beliefs. The time for reserved "agree to disagree" and voting for shit capitalist parties every few years passed long ago. We need to organize, come to basic agreements on what we all as a working class believe, and act on it. I think we communists need to be more open and vocal about our beliefs, because we are running out of time. I don't care that we live in a fascist hellhole (I am in the US). We're in more long-term danger living the status quo than we are uniting with those around us to fight it. Join a socialist/workers' organization, help with mutual aid, and don't be afraid bring up the difficult things. Don't be obnoxious, but don't just let this "difference in opinion, so I am not going to talk about it" mindset destroy the planet and humanity. Don't let others stick their heads in the sand or doom about "there's nothing we can do" - that thinking will just get us all killed anyways.

Third time
My intake for intensive outpatient therapy has been moved back a third time now to January 23rd. Originally they couldn't fit me in for an appointment to check if I qualify which makes sense but the last two times have been issues with my insurance... I'm hanging on by a thread mentally and my insurance company is still fucking around determining whether or not I get to go in. Why is an insurance company deciding if I kill myself or not

Losing hope
My personal life has drained me. I feel socially unwanted, I am struggling worse than ever before, and my problems are increasingly urgent. My brain is still trying to kill me through crippling feelings of loneliness, social anxiety, regret, poor choices (I am not separating responsibility from myself in saying this), isolation, and guilt. It is nearly impossible to clean my room; forget everything else it takes to be happy. It feels like I am prevented from being able to even try, like I am chained down 24 hours of the day. Obviously I must continue, there's no other choice, existence itself is rebellion, yada yada yada... but I won't lie and tell anyone that I am not tempted every time I see a lethal scenario to take advantage of it. I'm so close to buying an absurd amount of heroin (which in the states is laced with fentanyl) and just shooting it all. Alas, these problems do not matter in the large scale of things, and they are but a reflection of a deeper issue within society and myself. So it goes. Here are some more awful things that happened in 2022, which are sure to continue and worsen in 2023. This obviously isn't anywhere near a full list. The Russian Federation invaded Ukraine, with Ukraine receiving upwards of 68 billion dollars in assistance from the United States and NATO (most of which was military assistance, you know, to kill people and advance their disgusting geopolitical agenda) - https://www.csis.org/analysis/aid-ukraine-explained-six-charts Air pollution continues to rise without pause, moving from 417 ppm of CO2 to 419.5 ppm (a large difference for those wondering, and we are on no track to slow down) - https://www.co2.earth/daily-co2 It was a historically hot year. Literally thousands of records were broken. The Northern Hemisphere had its second-warmest summer and Antarctic sea ice hit record lows. The mighty Thwaites glacier is just barely hanging on, and Earth has avoided the Blue Ocean Event (one where Arctic ice does not exist) so far. *Key word, SO FAR.* The AMOC may be slowing down as Greenland’s ice continues melting. This could, over time, cause an unpredictable shift in water exchange currents in the Atlantic. In the Pacific, meteorologists predict El Niño to begin next year — and it could be really bad. - https://www.newsweek.com/record-temperatures-heat-2022-climate-change-1741940 ; https://www.noaa.gov/news/earth-had-its-6th-warmest-august-on-record ; https://archive.ph/1BUhV Drought is slowly killing East African wildlife, herds of zebras, elephants… and 20M+ people. Of course the west does nothing about this, because brown people don't seem to fucking matter. Brazil broke new records for how much of the Amazon rainforest they could kill. Go on, check it out on Google Earth from space. https://news.un.org/en/story/2022/12/1131952 ; https://www.cnbc.com/2022/07/13/deforestation-in-brazilian-amazon-hits-tragic-record-in-2022.html Earth hit 8 billion humans this year. Statisticians expect our planet to reach 9 billion around 2037. - https://data.worldbank.org/indicator/SP.POP.TOTL (not necessarily a bad thing, I understand overpopulation is overblown but still. Big event) Cholera is a bacterial infection that I promise we'll be reading about more and more. Some of us may even die by cholera one day. Cholera is surging worldwide, in Haiti, Afghanistan, Syria, Malawi, Pakistan, Philippines, Cameroon, and elsewhere. 16 “protracted outbreaks” across 29 countries—none of them in Europe or the US/Canada yet. But it is coming. Westies aren't invincible, you know. Give it 10 years. - https://www.who.int/emergencies/disease-outbreak-news/item/2022-DON426 Surprise surprise, people aren't happy with America, especially the people living here. - https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2022/12/18/poll-inflation-future-leaders-americans/10903538002/ 11 billion snow crabs died near Alaska due to climate change. Children born today will literally see (or rather, not see) thousands of species disappear. - https://theconversation.com/children-born-today-will-see-literally-thousands-of-animals-disappear-in-their-lifetime-as-global-food-webs-collapse-196286 ; https://slate.com/technology/2022/10/alaskan-snow-crabs-dead.html#:~:text=Earlier%20this%20month%2C%20Alaska%20announced,out%20between%202018%20to%202021 63% of Americans were living paycheck to paycheck at some point this year; this number will rise in the coming years as capitalism continues to implode. - https://www.cnbc.com/2022/12/15/amid-high-inflation-63percent-of-americans-are-living-paycheck-to-paycheck.html#:~:text=As%20of%20November%2C%2063%25%20of,historic%20high%20hit%20in%20March Gen Z has 1/10th of the purchasing power that Boomers did. Next time you hear some out of touch asshole talk about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, kick their teeth in. - https://www.consumeraffairs.com/finance/comparing-the-costs-of-generations.html Billionaires made 5 trillion dollars off of our backs (2021) - https://www.cnbc.com/2022/01/19/worlds-billionaires-made-5-trillion-dollars-over-the-past-year.html Oh, and the UN came out and said we can't limit warming to +1.5 degrees Celsius. That too. This is obviously disastrous for hundreds of millions of people, but good news! We are still increasing emissions with no sign of slowing down in time. "By 2030, 2040, 2050" is a fucking joke. The wheels will come off in half that time. - https://news.un.org/en/story/2022/10/1129912#:~:text=There's%20%E2%80%9Cno%20credible%20pathway%20to,C%20above%20pre%2Dindustrial%20levels Normal is dying. It's already dead for some. It is just unevenly distributed. Those in the West or richer countries who believe everything will work out just fine - that "the world has always been a mess" type reasoning somehow absolves the the existential time limit we have ticking - are in for a rude awakening, I think. I hate to come on here and spread doomer-esque sentiment, but it really is just seeming to me (especially in America) like there is no hope. I only have faith in the already existing socialist nations. I can't see revolution occurring in the US, genuinely. The majority of our population seems to either have their head in the sand, be too bogged down by the weight of capitalism, mentally ill/homeless, or just don't seem to give a fuck. Maybe (probably) this analysis is motivated by my severe mental illness and low point I'm at right now, and it's probably overlooking hundreds of things. I honestly hope the future proves me wrong. What do you guys think? Am I falling victim to myself and society or are we really fucked? This took all my spoons for the day to write so I'd appreciate literally any interaction, even an upvote. Gonna sleep my waking hours away now :/ Happy 2023.

Prevalence of Chinese “sweatshops”
Legit or propaganda? Are they still around? Did they exist to begin with? Sources?

Is China (and the world) moving fast enough with reference to climate change?
Just saw an article about coal consumption reaching an all time high this year. I know obviously China leads the world in population AND renewable energy, but they also lead it in coal consumption by a long shot. It's alarming to me. How fast are they moving away from it? Is it fast enough? https://www.reuters.com/markets/commodities/global-coal-consumption-reach-all-time-high-this-year-iea-2022-12-16 What do we make of this? I don't mean to be overly critical but it just seems like they're moving way too slow to me, given that we have literally 10 years before we hit +1.5C.

Collapse in 12 hours >:) Edit: too many great comments. I love you all

Does “brainwashing” exist?
What are the views on brainwashing

How do some of of you have so many fucking comments?
Seriously, I have had a Lemmygrad account for like 10 months and some of you have had accounts for less than half that time and have like tons more comments than me. Feds? Bots? Or do I just underestimate the amount of time some people spend on here? lol

I just want to use this to open up a discussion about porn and prostitution because I hear multiple takes all claiming that they have the route to women's liberation and I'd like to find the correct one, lol. I think that prostitution and most forms of porn are coercive and not good things overall. Is this a reactionary take? If so I want to correct it by all means but I was always under the impression that the porn actors aren't paid well enough and prostitution/porn often stems from desperation and not actual desire to be those things. Let me know your thoughts

Is it okay/moral to have kids right now?
I'm struggling with the thought of potentially bringing another person into this world in the future. Things are so bad already and on track to get worse. Why, with this knowledge, should I have a child? Why should any of us? I'm not asking this to be some overpopulation crazy eco-fascist but I just genuinely am wondering (and have an open mind) about what the actual implications are of bringing a child into the world right now. By 2050 it's pretty broadly agreed upon that things will be HORRIBLE climate wise and even worse if capitalism isn't defeated soon. 2022 + 80 year potential life span is 2102. What will it be like then? Why not adopt one of the billions of climate refugees instead? I don't know, maybe I'm way out of touch but I just can't think of a reason to damn a child to a life like that.

What do Marxists think about free will/determinism?
I found some reading but would like some help understanding/different interpretations

The ship has sailed. A babbling rant from Teezy
Saw a video that provoked some thoughts regarding climate change, and it kind of applies to everything else as well. Poverty, imperialism, war, hunger, and capitalism as a whole come to mind. We are no longer in the convincing stage; climate change is real, and either you know it, or you don't. We aren't trying to persuade people anymore, no, that ship has sailed. We should be trying to do something about it. Do you guys remember the truckers in Canada and how violently Trudeau and the Canadian state responded? This is because what they did had actual economic consequences. Remember when the liberals said they'd go ham over Roe? They protested for a few weeks - with no severe threat to the establishment - and now... where are the rest? I only see socialist/radical organizations fighting for reproductive rights to this day. Side note, I am so tired of seeing these American liberals celebrate the midterms like it is the fucking world cup and cure for cancer all in one. Anywho, I am not trying to criticize protestors too heavy or anything as getting off your ass is better than nothing. All I am saying is that we should be past the point of anti-radical action for publicity or to "win people over." Who isn't on our side at this point when it comes to climate change? Some out of touch 100 year olds? An oil executive richer than all of us combined? The only people we need to reach are the ones who aren't involved in some way already, and you do that by demonstrating extreme, radical acts of passion. With that being said... let's proceed to action. Radicalism, protests, whatever, are not bad press. Us talking bad about them are bad press. If everyone in the pro-climate action space were saying, "Yes, do that shit" to more radical things and protests like the whole Van Gogh painting thing (not necessarily radical, but was still tone-policed), nobody would bat an eye and only the anti-climate minority would complain. But instead, these lukewarm fucking liberal moderates want to sit and stop progress dead in its tracks due to some weird appeal to authority and moral high-ground they think they have because "muh political violence." (NEWSFLASH LIBSHITS ITS SELF DEFENSE AT THIS POINT) Comrades, do you understand what I mean and am trying to say? We are not in the convincing stage. Trillions of future lives, human and animal, are at stake. And we are on borrowed time. If I have to hear one more "voteee" rallying cry, I swear to Allah. We must continue to spread education, join revolutionary organizations, support each other and discuss. If your conditions of life don't allow for you to join an organization, so be it. Do what you can. There is no minimum standard for being a revolutionary, as my good friend DankZedong reminded me once. Funnily enough, this inspired me to reach out to the PSL. This was primarily targeted around climate change, and I will leave it as such. However, I am beginning to see through a different lens; it can be applied to nearly all of our problems. Left-wing politics have near super-majority support in most places in the world. This leads me to question, what is holding us back? I must get involved, we must get involved. I am no longer scared to fight for this. I believe it was Fred Hampton that said something along the lines of "...if you don't do something you truly believe in because you're scared of dying, what you did is you're dead already." Not to say we all must sacrifice our lives or something. You get the point. We can do this. Sorry for the probably trash incoherent essay, I just am becoming increasingly scared and have tons of thoughts surrounding all of this and just yeah. Thanks for reading this far if you did, I know it's gotta be an eye sore, lol. Rant over. *edit - clarification -TZ

What are we going to do?
I haven't made a post regarding this in a while, so I guess I'll make another to get an updated version of our thoughts. When will the US fall? How do I help make it happen? Will it? I've been thinking a little bit about the future of the United States and the world as a whole and believe that the U.S. must fall before it and the rest of the imperial core can make any meaningful systemic change (and the end to imperialism, brutal capitalist wars, and any potential solutions to climate change). With that being a prerequisite for a socialist change and a better world, my question remains - how the fuck is that going to happen? When will it happen? Will it naturally collapse due to contradictions in capitalism? Or is there going to have to be hope of a socialist revolution? If it's the latter, I have very little hope, assuming it requires the American populous to do it. Maybe when more people's conditions worsen there will be a larger sense of revolutionary activity but with what I've been seeing around my area and online it is just status quo liberal "vooot" garbage that will lead us straight to destruction. Our political actors and capitalist rulers seem hell-bent on destroying the world to keep their great lives while the rest of us wither away. Our ruling class is so powerful, what are we supposed to do? Is there any chance of a revolution? Do we have to hope and pray that Xi and other AES states will liberate us or just wait til the bombs start flying and the sea levels eat up Florida before we finally have a chance to boot this shit? A lot of this might be just incoherent rambling, I don't know. I'm stressed out so my apologies. Thanks for reading this far if you did.

I swear to God every time I open reddit some shit like this comes up Where do I even put this? Shit liberals say? Shit fascists say? Jesus christ

November 5th
I am shocked by how terribly distorted V for Vendetta and the Remember Remember poem has become. How an inherently revolutionary movie and event, with organized violence as it's modem for change, can be misconstrued into an American liberal battle cry to "GET OUT AND VOOOOTEEEE" is beyond me. *edit - I'll probably rewatch the movie and read the comic soon just to see if it holds up, as I'm hearing some solid criticisms from the comments below. I didn't mean this to be a pro V for Vendetta post where I fetishize the movie, more just saying it's very clearly a revolutionary film (even if it's method in bringing about revolution is trash) and liberals still found a way to make it about voting and operating under the rules they are given in this system. That's all :)

I feel like the public perception of climate change is too bright (repost from yesterday, got eaten)
Just saw this report from a few days ago and in all honesty it doesn't look good. I hope I am misinterpreting it. Unless insanely drastic measures are taken in the next 8 years we'll overshoot the 2°C warming, never mind the 1.5°C. "But with COP27 looming, only a couple of dozen have done so and the new pledges would shave just 1% off emissions in 2030. Global emissions must fall by almost 50% by that date to keep the 1.5C target alive." The linked graph in the article is staggering showing how little our existing pledges are going to put a dent in that number. Our current policies will put us anywhere from 2.6-2.8°C of warming. https://www.unep.org/resources/emissions-gap-report-2022

I am starting intensive outpatient therapy soon
I need serious help, comrades. I thought I was doing better, maybe I was lying to myself, maybe I'm insane, I don't know. All I know is I've spent far too much money on drugs, doing them super often, and in places I shouldn't be. Anything I could afford. I'm so down and so dysfunctional that I am struggling to hold down jobs or do much of anything without the aid of being fucked up. Last night I got so demolished (ketamine + weed) that I couldn't function around my girlfriend. It was embarrassing. I was having full on schizophrenic like experiences and the worst self esteem issues I've ever experienced and I realized that I was fucking my life and body up and headed down a very dark path. Said some embarrassing shit too. I feel like such a loser. Not for finally getting help but for where I put myself and just I don't know I'm sorry everyone If anyone has anything inspirational or anything to say I'd appreciate it because I'm in a spiral right now I still feel like I'm in the void Is this forever because it feels like it's already been forever

What are some things America makes that are trash/don’t make at all?
I'm looking into the myth that all things made outside of the west are trash and all things inside are God tier, but can't find anything other than "China quality control bad and Americans work harder because muh craftsmanship" Sorry if this is a little off topic or the wrong place to post, just curious