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Shorts and Reels are tacked on to an existing app while TikTok immediately plays a video upon opening the app. It’s not competing with the original functionality of the app for attention. TikTok is also designed first and foremost for mobile users while YouTube was originally for PC users. YouTube now nonsensically pushing Shorts onto PC and TV users feeds really demonstrates the lack of a solid direction. TikTok doesn’t really deal with a split user-base using inherently different platforms.

Bytedance gives out a free basic and easy to use video editor, CapCut that helps lower the barrier for entry when creating short video content. It’s easier for new content creators to gain a footing in TikTok because of the way its algorithm works.

From TikTok’s article on how their For You Page works:

While a video is likely to receive more views if posted by an account that has more followers, by virtue of that account having built up a larger follower base, neither follower count nor whether the account has had previous high-performing videos are direct factors in the recommendation system.

Interrupting repetitive patterns

To keep your For You feed interesting and varied, our recommendation system works to intersperse diverse types of content along with those you already know you love. For example, your For You feed generally won’t show two videos in a row made with the same sound or by the same creator. We also don’t recommend duplicated content, content you’ve already seen before, or any content that’s considered spam. However, you might be recommended a video that’s been well received by other users who share similar interests.

Diversifying recommendations

To that end, sometimes you may come across a video in your feed that doesn’t appear to be relevant to your expressed interests or have amassed a huge number of likes. This is an important and intentional component of our approach to recommendation: bringing a diversity of videos into your For You feed gives you additional opportunities to stumble upon new content categories, discover new creators, and experience new perspectives and ideas as you scroll through your feed.

YouTube and Instagram changing their algorithm to be more like TikTok would result in some push back from their existing users especially their top creators, who got there by “optimizing” for the existing algorithm.

China’s Biren BR100 beats Nvidia’s A100 and matches the H100 in ML workloads but it really isn’t competitive in non-AI GPGPU applications.

China’s Moore Threads S3000 is a more conventional GPGPU with theoretical performance between the A3000 and A4000. It also somehow supports CUDA. The S80, the same chip oriented towards gaming, doesn’t perform all that well due to immature drivers and a general lack of support for most games.

Still they have to compete with Nvidia since all US sanctions did was cap NVlink (multi-card interface that used to be SLI) bandwidth to 400 GB/s on the A800 and H800, which are identical to the A100 and H100 in all other measures.

I’ve heard people call the Pyotr Velikiy, a Kirov-class missile cruiser, a battlecruiser but never a battleship.

It’s the size of a battleship. Like every modern ship however, its armor is only 100mm thick at most instead of the 650mm of the Yamato so it displaces a lot less even though it has to deal with the extra weight that nuclear propulsion comes with.

Even if they did catch him its going to end up like it did with Vojislav Šešelj none of the charges could actually be proven.

This was posted in reddit’s GenZedong from before the quarantine but I’ve never seen anyone post the short story based on The Little Match Girl that accompanied it.

She lit the first match, and saw her lost motherland; She lit the second match, and saw its great ideals; She lit the third match, and saw her motherland's aerospace pioneers driven by those ideals; She lit the fourth match, and saw her long dead little sister Buran. She was afraid that as the matches went out, these dreams would be lost forever; so she lit all she had left wishing that they stayed with her. In the end, she died with a smile. No one knows what beautiful scene she saw at the last moment of her life.【22.3.3-4】

I run a i5-12400f, getting 43 C temps while the weather is 34 C outside.

The 10nm Intel CPUs run pretty cool. I get temps in 30s at night and 40s midday with a ₱600 Snowman T4 cooler.

My case doesn’t even have mesh front panel.

I wonder if installing Windows 7 cracked with the DAZ loader. Upgrading that copy to 10 then 11 still works as a way to get a legit copy of Windows 11 Pro that can be linked to your MS account. That’s how I did it.

That actually happened the Grey Wolf, Oleksandr Oksanchenko was shot down by an S-400 from 150 km away early on.

America’s 117 years of benevolently assimilating Muslims overseas

Oh there’s hypocrisy it’s just the other-way around.

Well it’s blitzkrieg speed only if besieging Iraq for 13 years doesn’t count. That’s not even considering the fact that Iraq only had 3 years to rebuild after the Iran-Iraq war before it was destroyed yet again in the first Gulf war.

JOY GORDON: I think it’s 660,000 and 880,000 children under five who died as a consequence of the sanctions.

The US used as its criterion dual use, but then, if you look literally at that term “dual use” and you say, “Well, what are all the things that a civilian economy uses that a military also uses?” the answer is everything.

At one point, someone from the Pentagon came before the 661 Committee with a vial of cat litter, and he said, “This can be used to stabilize anthrax,” suggesting on that grounds that the 661 Committee should be blocking everything up to and including cat litter. So, there was, at one point, someone within the US — this process of deciding what items to block or not, he was overruled. But he argued that Iraq should not be permitted to import eggs on the grounds that the yolks of the eggs could be used as a medium in which to grow viruses, which in turn could be used to produce biological weapons. So that was the — that was very typical of the reasoning on the US side.

But the real damage was the infrastructure. The US, for example, finally allowed Iraq to import a sewage treatment plant, which was desperately needed. Three hundred thousand tons a day of untreated sewage were going into Iraq’s rivers, causing epidemics, again, of waterborne diseases, triggering increases in child mortality from dysentery. So, the US finally agreed that Iraq could import a sewage treatment plant, but then blocked the electrical generator needed to run it, on the grounds that an electrical generator was something that the military might be able to use, and therefore, to be in some sense on the safe side, it was prohibited, as well. And if you do that, if you cripple the infrastructure of a country, that’s a death sentence on a massive scale. And that’s exactly why you would have half-a-million, three-quarters of a million young children dead as a result, along with a general public health catastrophe. Seventy percent of Iraqi women were anemic. Thirty percent of Iraqi children were malnourished. And on and on and on.

Well it’s quite evident why Patton would want to fight for the Nazis based on his views

“So far as the Jews are concerned, they do not want to be placed in comfortable buildings. They actually prefer to live as many to a room as possible. They have no conception of sanitation, hygiene or decency and are, as you know, the same sub-human types that we saw in the internment camps."

The letter also refers to the people of the Soviet Union as “the degenerate descendants of Genghis Khan” and says the envy, hatred, malice, and uncharitableness in Europe “passes beyond belief.”

As Cato the Elder would’ve said,

Washington D.C. delenda est

It doesn’t really change after the war. Outside of what David M. Glantz wrote, there’s a reason why most English language books on the Eastern Front/Great Patriotic War are based solely on German sources.

It will be a long long time before the documents from both sides become available for analysis like Tank-Artchive’s cross-examination, which is looks at the same battle from both sides to prove or disprove claims, to be made.

Even today most of what written on the Iraq war is just blatant up US propaganda. It’s almost like they’re actively avoiding using neutral language or attempting to sound objective. No fact is framed in a way that doesn’t attempt to manipulate the reader’s opinion. If it even uses Iraqi sources it’s going to be someone explicitly chosen to be an anti-Saddam Sunni, no Baathis, nor Pro-Iran Shias.

I prefer to just read books by people the who were directly involved in the war and primary documents. A collection of interviews like the works of Artem Drabkin or a memoir like “Tiger’s in the Mud”, “Singapore: the Japanese Version”.

Sorry the edit took awhile I had to sleep. In the podcast episodes I listened to it just never came up.

Under 13 years of US sanctions, Iraq was unable to maintain its existing pre-1990 arms with what little they could smuggle through Jordan. The most extensive indigenous upgrade Iraq was capable of before sanctions was the T-55 Enigma. The DPRK on other hand is capable of producing entirely new vehicles such as the M2020.

Maybe, but the way the US is escalating tensions, I don’t think China can afford not to intervene.

The US acknowledging that the DPRK has ICBMs capable of reaching the US is a recent phenomenon.

There was probably a gap in time after the dissolution of the Soviet Union that the DPRK might not have had the capability for credible nuclear deterrence and yet the Americans did not make their move.

The Russians see East Ukrainians as Russians.

The US media othered Iraqis and Afghans so much that a certain group of Americans started attacking other Americans that were Muslims and/or of west/south-Asian descent.

The 1990 HDI of DPRK was higher than the Philippines, which is arguably more representative of what a US colony would actually look like when the Americans do not fund a significant portion of the state budget as they did in Park era SK.

1950s China, war torn with an agrarian economy, and an army under-equipped even by WW2 standards, pushed Dugout Doug back to the 38th parallel.

What makes them think today’s China, one that is now the foremost industrial power producing some of the most advanced UCAVs, hypersonics, destroyers, carriers, and 5th gen fighters in the world, is going to let them?

“El filibusterismo” by Jose Rizal, I find it incredibly ironic that the book that inspired our revolution against Spain essentially ends with don’t assassinate the colonial elite with a lamp IED, revolution is bad and it will fail. Although with hindsight, the book was right. After prodding our founding fathers to continue the revolution against Spain, the US betrayed us starting the Philippine-American war. The result is a lot dead Filipinos and a disrupted economy just to swap colonizers.

Is there any other country whose founding father didn’t actually want independence? Jose Rizal originally wanted the Philippines to become a province of Spain. Most of his ideology is classed as liberal. In spite of the fact, he studied in Europe in the 1880s but never stated he read anything by Marx or met Engels even though he at one point lived in the vicinity.

C&C Red Alert

Most liberal depiction of Stalin. Starts of by attributing “If you kill one it’s a tragedy, if you kill ten million it is a statistic” to him and goes full ham on the whole merciless dictator trope.

Still I have to say, as it is in every C&C game, the Nod/Soviet campaigns have the most entertaining FMVs.

Satellite internet but it’s mostly create artificial demand for SpaceX launches being it’s another Musk grift.


His flex are 2 projects that are the epitome of squandered defense spending. Really the F-22 and B-2 just demonstrate how much of a racket the MIC is.

In the end any advantage they might have has been eroded by time. 20 years ago, Russia and China didn’t have stealth fighters, combat drones, and hypersonic missiles.

Except for Switch emulation Android phones have already been powerful enough to do that for a while. I just use my Poco F2 Pro with a the Gamesir X2 telescopic Bluetooth controller. The Switch emulators for android just aren’t mature even though chips like the 8 gen 2 should theoretically be able to do full speed emulation.

Some pistols on a firing range and an Elisco M16A1 once as part of NROTC

Mechanical specifically an Anne Pro 2 with Gateron Red switches

They’re incredibly smooth and soft without the springy feel of other linear switches. I feel like I can type faster because mechanical keyboards actuate before bottoming out.

Most American companies just slap their brand on Chinese products. Those that do their own designs innovate by value engineering their products until they barely last until the warranty expires.

The fact that anyone can get anything mass produced in China is going to result in some clones but really having such low barriers for entry is overall beneficial to the market. The only people that see impenetrable moats as a good thing are investors.