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    Being a Marxist is when you uncritically support the wealthiest countries with the long history of imperialism and colonialism and constantly regurgitate narratives of hate towards any nation that isn’t a US vassal.

  • Russia should take the eastern regions that voted in one referendum to secede from Ukraine and in another referendum to join Russia, and which also voted repeatedly for political parties within Ukraine that sought to protect their cultural rights only to see those parties repeatedly banned by Kyiv and then saw shelling of their cities by the Ukrainian national guard and affiliated Nazi militias.

    What right does Ukraine have to impose its rule on the people in the east who don’t want to be part of Ukraine anymore?

    Why don’t you people respect the views of the people who live there in the east?

  • I don’t think Bush literally planned 9/11 but he and his people were extremely tight with the Saudis and Saudi intelligence, as well as with Pakistani intelligence especially at that time, and they used SI and PI to cultivate AQ since they wanted a useful enemy in the Middle East to justify their PNAC shit.

    So “did bush do 9/11” I think no, AQ did that, but Bush and the neocons did have a direct hand in establishing AQ as an anti-US force since they wanted the justification to do what they spent the past 20 years doing.

    Holographic planes and this sensationalist nonsense is to distract you from the less sensational but actually very real money trail. It’s easy to debunk holographic planes as not true and actually kind of insane and so US intelligence Astroturfs about holographic planes and everyone focuses on the holographic planes instead of the Carlyle Group.

    I don’t think Bush ever sat down and said “we need to get them to fly planes into the WTC”, but he absolutely did plan “we need to get these guys money and training in how to make bombs and plan large scale terrorist attacks against the US because it’s useful for me if they kill a bunch of Americans.”

  • Well these are friends. It’s not like random people in the street are like “hey it’s the guy”, it’s people in my friend group and workplace who are familiar with my views, like maybe I don’t really reveal that I’m a Stalinist, there’s too many layers of ideology and propaganda in that onion to bother peeling it, but I don’t bother hiding the fact that I think China is good, and I actually think it’s easy enough to get people to recognize they’re doing something right.

    Sometimes I’ll hide my power level and say stuff like “well clearly they’re doing something right” with a knowing smile, but lately I’ve just been more overt “I think our democracy isn’t real and we’re ruled by corporations. While our ruling class has been impoverishing us, the Chinese have been becoming wealthy.” That’s my favorite red pill.

  • I’m very optimistic. Maybe it’s because of spring. But I’m working out, eating well, reading theory, world events aren’t really improving but at least aren’t worsening and it makes me happy that at least a multipolar future is finally starting. Which is something.

    It’s starting to happen more and more that people ask me for reading suggestions, mostly where I get my news but a few who have even been like “pill me like one of your communist French girls” asking for theory, always about Chinese socialism which is interesting. I’ve been linking them the collected works of Xi since I think it’s a curiosity about what really is driving China, and because the collected works of Xi are based.

    This makes me feel good because it strokes my ego (which needs some love, to be fair, after a year of getting spat on for not slava ukraning) and also because it makes me feel hopeful. A change is really in the air. It’s not yet a big change, but I can feel it.

    Eat right, work out, touch grass, read theory, stay connected.

  • But they didn’t have to kill his daughter over it. I suspect she was just an easy but high profile target.

    The guy isn’t actually very influential. He’s something more like a Jordan Peterson meets Tucker Carlson character.

    He’s emphasized in the west because he’s a bit cooky which makes Russia look silly and he says some very nationalist cooky things that allow them to pretend he’s the mad Rasputin to the Tsar, which works well for their narrative.