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seal it somewhere safe to prevent it getting further damage or like, scan it if you want idk.

I just think it’s cool and you should cherish it somehow

he’s basically just an actor and a door-to-door salesman for whatever tech company paid him the most that day. just an all around bad idea to get tech-facts and information from what is practically a youtube ad, just longer.

It’s Linus, there are no thoughts involved

in a little USB drive that i lock up in a safe every time i’m not using it

now that the Disco Elysium devs have been kicked out of the IP rights by tax evaders and the hopes for a real sequel are gone, we can delete Estonia, i think it’s safe to say that nothing good will ever come out of there again

‘‘the communist chinese immediately swarmed up to stop them’’

tell me you think chinese people are bugs without telling me you think chinese people are bugs

wearing SS insignias

‘‘putin, think or you’ll end up like Hitler’’

huh??? what exactly are they trying to fucking say?

you have to tell us soon, i have been awake the entire night waiting for the reveal. i can’t take it anymore

an infamous poster from Hexbear, known for sparking site-wide meltdowns with their drama almost every time they posted

So-called independent thinkers when you ask them their opinions about China

I see BMF more as a harmless court jester than anything else. He’s just there to shitpost about his comically specific grudges and that’s it.

LiberalSocialist on the other hand was a veteran internet wrecker that was somewhat knowledgable on what made the site’s community tick. Probably more dangerous to the site’s cohesion than whatever sectarianism against the soyfacing DSA KKKarens Moldy could ever post, since LibSoc always knew the specific community issues to post about to strike a nerve and torpedo a Struggle Session at full throttle every single time.

Wisconcom is the LiberalSocialist of Lemmygrad
if you get it, you get it. that's all. that's the post.

Most liberal liberal
who is, in your opinion, the most liberal lib currently alive

i could swear it was made by ukrainian fascists or another type of anti-communist vermin

clearly, stalin DID do something wrong since this liberal is still somewhere out there talking shit

the anarcho-westoids are back at it again with the ideological equivalent of white middle class soyfacing kkkulak demons doing gentrification by projecting the label of ‘‘anarchist’’ onto the zapatistas.

i fucking wish

yeah, the gnome forest title card is exquisite

as it turns out, Capitalism IS when breadlines

the .com domain was set up by patsocs to try and impersonate our site, which has always been, and will remain to be lemmygrad.ml.

nowadays the .com domain just redirects to a transphobic twitter account

the review embargo has been lifted, the game is now officially available on stores and was cracked by pirates not long ago. so... what now? what do you think about it? what happens in the story? did liberals shit and piss their pants over an anti-communist mess of a game that ultimately gave them more ammo against communists? or does it actually hold a slightly more nuanced view of the Soviet Union from what you would normally expect from a modern videogame?

the shitposting was fun while it lasted

‘‘M-muh trad-waif!!!’’

An Alabama trot

A wisconsin hoxhaist

What’s next? an Ohio posadist?

‘‘tank racing driver’’ THAT SOUNDS RAD AS HELL


absolutely normal behaviour, very wholesome 100.

the only other source referenced on the channel is a link to g2a.com a place to buy game keys

holy shit, no fucking way LMAOO

yall oughta get on that Andor ride, it’s fucking great and actually more coherent and based than anything disney-canon ever produced


recently shot-down ‘‘aerial object’’ possibly just an amateur hobby project
the MIC just wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on heat-seeking gizmos and fancy overpriced Raytheon missiles just to shoot down some kid's science project

one the balloons was literally a 13$ school science project

is this our site’s own little recurrent struggle session?

damn… falling apart in real time, huh

Wow, you out-kelly’d Kelly, this is absolutely incomprehensible!

yup, exactly for 180 days. after that? back to business (starving brown people) as usual

you are an antifa-sexual

what the fuck is a Wisconcom
seriously, who the fuck is that. i came back from a posting hiatus and now i see people and even admins talking about ''wisconcom'' and a bunch of his alts from time to time. i need someonde to explain this to me edit: thank you all for the explanation, i think i understand now

The Lemmygradian urge to post
yet having nothing to post

yes i would like to see more

check out this little guy who happened to pass by at the parade

he is doing his best


i actually have no clue what the author of this was trying to say, i just know it sounds cool