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  • i get to do this comment again, hell yeah.

    ZA/UM was the game studio that originally developed Disco Elysium, after the release of the game the investor board (mostly made up of estonian businessmen and notorious tax fraudsters) decided to kick out the original creative team and replaced them with british writers and artists and such.

    Since they failed at selling the IP rights they instead opted to attempt to monetize the game’s success by adding more ‘‘content’’ (a dumb little photo mode) and utilizing marketing tactics like appealing to the fandom in an effort to build up a better reputation to cash in with the inevitable release of a cash grab ‘‘sequel’’ they’re surely working on right now.

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    he’s basically just an actor and a door-to-door salesman for whatever tech company paid him the most that day. just an all around bad idea to get tech-facts and information from what is practically a youtube ad, just longer.