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  • Dice up a sweet potato into an oven safe pan and toss with olive oil, salt and pepper, and whatever spices you like (I like to use paprika, chipotle, cayenne). 400 degree oven. After 25 minutes take it out, create some space, and crack some eggs in the space (may have to add a little more oil). Bake for 5-7min, depending in how done you like your eggs.

    Easy healthy breakfast that fits in one pan and doesn’t take too long. You can prep the sweet potatoes the night before and do other things while it cooks. I like to add an avocado too at the end.

  • Just wanna say I feel ya. I also got a new job and for the first time in my adult life I will be outside of the “official” poverty line. But with that I have had to let my organizing take a backseat as I acclimate and attend to a bunch of other personal transitions. I simply just don’t have as much time and energy to do both. I have moments where it’s not easy to reconcile.

    Congrats on the new opportunity comrade.

  • Beat_da_RichtoGenZedongThe agonizing literalness of Lesser-Evilism
    3 months ago

    If you just compare their administrations in terms of their material effect, Biden has objectively been more evil than Trump. He has started more wars, is responsible for magnitudes more death, has overseen further strengthening of the police state, and has gifted even more working-class wealth to the billionaire class.

    The lesson to draw is that no matter who is president, Amerikkka will continue to accelerate into fascism and barbarism.

  • As unsatisfying as it would be for the imperial core not to be subject to the same external horrors that they’ve inflicted on the rest of humanity, the world should not need to stoop to the level of the colonizers. The imperial core will continue to grow weaker as China and successive countries that develop continue to build an alternative model of global coexistence. These Western colonizers will then cannibalize their own and eventually succumb to the movements led by their own exploited populaces. At least, that’s the best case scenario for the world.

  • Basic necessities cost way too fucking much, let alone small luxuries. And your society is gaslighting you into thinking that the genocide you’re watching is actually totally cool and super normal. So get back to work, keep buying things, and stream some more pop culture garbage content.

    It’d be crazy if you weren’t feeling burnt out and dysregulated.