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AI outlawed by the end of the day. Reading is copyright infringement actually.

/r/worldnews wants to tell me it’s ‘corruption’ that the IOC doesn’t ban people with Russian backgrounds but I don’t understand the logic. Wouldn’t bowing to western money be the corrupt move?

There are two possible scenarios.

  1. Russia’s intentions and motivations are the ones they say, which would make them completely consistent.
  2. Russia’s intentions and motivations are that they are evil and stupid.

Hyperloop is maglev in a low pressure tube, which is also what this test was.

VPN service that works for Chinese websites
Hi. Is there a good VPN service you can recommend that respects my privacy for the outside China nodes and also has the option to be able to load Chinese websites? My current VPN can't access Chinese websites. I don't have a Chinese payment method so it needs to accept VISA, which is a problem I've ran into a few times.

Stonetoss is a Nazi cartoonist for context. Of course he probably doesn't understand that the 'lethal aid' money that the USA is sending Ukraine is actually going to the owners of weapons companies in the USA.

Russia is winning against NATO, I’ve seen some people raise the Russian flag as a symbol of anti-west. (They also want the literal Russian Federation to come and provide security and energy).

They pretend Russia blew them up, don’t keep thinking about it.

Thank you. Fundamentally I think the 99% AI split is a good thing. Not for the livelihood of anyone who currently gets paid to create art, since why would a film or games company pay for a hundred artists when their competitors can get similar results with a fraction of the cost. But it’ll take power away from those companies as well. If someone with a passion for cartoons wants to make a short and are able to do so spending their afternoons for two or three months, then that’s likely to be something they do. As opposed to now where a single person would have to spend two or three years, after developing their skills, and still be left with many compromises. If that short then only gets a few views on YouTube, was it really worth years of your social life? So practically the only cartoon shorts that get made are those with backing from capitalists. And yeah, the vast vast majority of art will be low quality, derivative, and unseen, but the vast majority of art is unseen today too. I want anyone to be able to express themselves. And that’s me included. My trade isn’t actually directly in danger yet because many of the art skills I know are technical and can’t yet be done by an AI. But fuck it, I don’t like those parts of the process, I want those parts to get automated, because those parts to me are engineering and not art.

I’m not at war with programmers. My husband is a programmer. Programmers are fellow proletariat and potential comrades. There’s also a lot of overlap, most artists in my field do a small bit of programming as part of their day. Either with code or more often with node graphs. And tech artists spend most of their days only programming but they’re absolutely still artists and couldn’t do their jobs without art skills. You should stop thinking of this as a us vs them.

We artists don’t compare ourselves to them, either.
But you’re right in that, to a layperson
we as artists
But we’re not fond of an AI pretending to be us in front of non-artists

These quotes all to me sound like you’re implying I’m not, and therefore my opinion is less valid.

I’m an artist. It’s my full time job.

There’s no difference between a human looking at a piece of art or an AI doing it. I’m a human, and the art I create is influenced by art I’ve seen. It took Gundam to show me the beauty in cargo lifts.

Rubbish. Nothing Gopnik Award said is speaking authoritatively to the experience of artists, just to their own experience.

This is a really poor take. Programmers spend years honing their craft and work long hours like anybody else. In fact, way morose than artists, programmers are expected to study in their free time after work. If you don’t tell an employer your after work hobby is programming and programming is your only passion, you won’t get hired. We’re all in the same boat, artists aren’t some special enlightened class.

Would you rather work 3 years on a short or work on 3 shorts a year? Embrace the tech that exists. Your time has value. More than what you’re being paid for it.

Disclaimer, I have spent 100 hours in the last 7 days working with AI art.

I think AI art is absolutely wonderful for art as a medium. I think art is entirely what’s in your head and the illustration part is something else. It’s a skill and a trade. Trades go away as technology advances, and it sucks for those working that trade in the short term but allows greater human productive output in the long term. But with art, I want everyone to be able to participate. It used to be that you had to master illustrating which took years and years and was practically unattainable for most people. Now anyone can create art. And skilled illustrators can create art faster. Hypothetically. We’re not quite there yet.

Drawing isn’t my strength, so my art medium is Blender. For a typical illustration, I do about 90% in Blender and draw 10% by hand. So let me talk about what I know, in the field of 3D art. My art doesn’t personally suffer from this, but I do see it a lot from other creators: In 3D, creating everything you want in a illustration is unrealistic. Therefore many creators download assets and build their scenes with those building blocks. Which is completely valid, it’s what a lot of non-3D artists do too, but you very often see those assets made by other artists strongly influence how a piece turns out. And that isn’t right. You didn’t translate your art to the screen, it got perverted by the difficulty of it. If purchasing and modifying those assets were easier, more of those 3D artists would create images closer to the ideas in their heads.

What I’ve been experimenting with now is about 30% Stable Diffusion, 40% Blender and 30% drawing on top. I absolutely love it. My workflow isn’t very optimal yet, but the quality of my art has improved. I’m excited for the AI tools to get better.

Should’ve probably led with how WWII was the nazis and communists fighting because they are opposite ideologies.

I wish they’d go to Star Wars for political insight…

It drives me up the wall how that guy has lived in the Netherlands for several years at this point and still refuses to investigate Dutch pronunciation at all. I also think he’s a bit of a smug asshole but that’s besides the point.

I can’t find anything, what did they write?

Communism is when black and white

That’s reasonable. Is the man known besides his Quora username? Would a news article about him be of interest to anyone or be read by someone who would then go on to recognise his Quora persona?

Several parts of this seem a little far fetched. Why not just have the guy delivering parcels shank him or a group of police knock on the door and escort him to jail? Is this man genuinely so dangerous you need an organised SWAT raid with breaching charges and a battle plan?

I’ve had police do a no-warrant search of my flat before. Was it illegal? Who knows, but there were like 20 men with assault rifles who made themselves welcome, like what could I realistically do? If they wanted to plant something they could’ve and then arrested me. In my case they didn’t find anything and said sorry for the bother and left after four hours.

Is that real?

Imagine being so good at space launches it’s economical to trap people in space. All those suckers working hard all their life for a chance to go to space in Europe should’ve just moved to China and started a lib blog.

Edit: Wait crap I ate the onion. I am the onion eater.

The least thinly wailed communist propaganda and these guys need to be told

Who said 99% of people? In what context? I don’t see it in this thread. You don’t need to have signed up for them to fingerprint you. But of course if you’re signed in you can be identified without fingerprinting.

I mean Iran just sold that license once at the start of the year, not really Iran’s victory if Russia can make thousands of them.

Sure they didn’t just match up your fingerprint? It’s still kicking me out, checked for the sake of this comment.

What makes it obsolete? I still use Nitter. Regular Twitter kicks you out if you load more tweets and they don’t recognise you.

Doesn’t even have to be at a police officer or at or near or witness by anyone. Just put up a sign that says you did it.

Help buying a world map
Hi. Aliexpress search is very poor. Can someone help me find a good world map I can hang on the wall? Doesn't need to fulfil all the points, but I value these properties: - Less than 300€ - Big! Huge! My ceiling is like 4m tall so there won't be one that's too big. - A projection that is size-accurate over shape-accurate - Labels in official languages of the countries rather than English - Up to date - No outlined borders - Sold on a site that's easy to purchase from - High quality print up-close I don't expect to be able to find something that fulfils all the criteria, but searching for maps is difficult because they all seem to provide really low resolution photos and aren't organised. So I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations. If there's a set I can get with regional maps that together make up the earth that would be rad too.

The rest of their songs actually aren't that outstanding. This one's just an absolute banger for no reason

Not that it's so unbelievable a single person would spout libtakes, but this entire article is super sus. Why can't anyone produce a single image? Radio Free Asia is used as a source in the wikipedia article twice, which surely doesn't happen if something actually happened. Every other source used is a propaganda outlet and unreliable as well. They explain why there aren't any images by saying that China censored it, and in so doing banned using the word "Beijing" on Weibo. Which is obviously fucking ridiculous. Not to mention that that wouldn't even affect information leaving the country.

What’s up with Jeffrey Sachs?
He used to be a super villain, and now every time I see his name it's related to something unambiguously anti-imperialist he's said. When did this happen? Am I just completely wrong on something? Either his recent statements or on his past.

Good documentary. Not very alienating to liberals. Would be nice if we could somehow get Germans talking about it in the wake of the Nordstream bombing investigation. Both for investigative bias and to establish a history of the CIA conducting terrorist activity to manufacture consent.