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Nothing stopping French police from just using Matrix and element by themselves, at least now Element is getting paid.

It’s not like that stops them from having human accounts on other platforms. They’re just human accounts with some extra non-human upvotes.

The DPRK has nukes. Why would they suffer an invasion or bombardment? There’s no war against Korea that isn’t nuclear.

My gut says incompetence, but hard to say. If you do further your relationship with them, you should try to introduce opsec and private communication to the org.

They should though, regularly. Blind faith is how liberals operate.

My husband got banned from there for posting something pro-China.

Ah well what can you do? The hit squad did the best they could do, they went to where they thought it was they were sent and killed the target, come on it’s an honest mistake.

10% hate the CPP so much that they’re willing to say it even if they get executed for it!

Naumova also refuses to consider communism an extinct ideology. A staunch adherent and member of Russia’s communist Party, she firmly believes that the teachings of Marx and Lenin deserve another chance.

“To me, communism, first and foremost, equals justice. I cannot say that I studied it extensively — one needs to read a lot of books in order to do so, which is something that I’ve yet to accomplish. But I do know that in the Soviet Union people enjoyed considerable social protection. Any kid from Siberia, if he wanted it, could apply to any university without having to pav bribes. But now society is divided into classes: there are the rich who can afford almost anything, and there are ordinary people who’re limited to living in small apartments, eating low-quality food bought in chain stores and working all day long in order to survive and feed their children. I believe that this is unjust, and this is why I’m a member of the Komsomol,” she declared.

(I used OCR, but think I cleaned it up. Excuse mistakes).

The problem is they never had a problem with slave owners. So the Dalai Lama isn’t tainted, Lhamo Thondup got some bad press and they’ll move on in a minute or at best when there’s a new Dalai Lama.

They should start listing revenue sources. Remind people clearly where the bias of each account is. Oh The Washington Post wants me to shop at Amazon?

To me, it sounds like deliberate misinformation to downplay Ukrainian losses. The western media Russian losses aren’t fooling anyone who has reason to be critical of the reporting (like it not making sense) or anyone who is ideologically pro-Russian. So if they release something like this where the Russian number is in the ballpark of what makes sense, they can “verify” the other number.

Certainly don’t want a pop-up. But the way the layout is designed can help communicate such things. On that same page is a Firefox logo. I really wouldn’t read the Firefox logo as something that is dynamically loaded. So what sets that apart from the sponsored links?

I don’t mind ads (though I turned them off), to me what makes me upset about these sponsored links is that they feel like they’re violating my space. I wasn’t communicated clear terms for them.

Are they being downloaded from the internet? I didn’t ask you to download ads from the internet. Can they change? Who’s responsible for changing them? I don’t want Google, Amazon and Adidas to have a direct line of communication with my browser. Is that paranoid? Yeah probably, it’s almost certainly updated together with the rest of Firefox, but it wasn’t communicated to me, so it feels violating.
I’d sooner accept much larger ads if they looked more static. Mozilla probably feels these look pretty static, but they definitely could look more static.

Compared to a VPN, Tor is vulnerable to botnet replacing half or more of the nodes on your route and replacing your exit node. On the flip side, a VPN, since it’s a singular target, is vulnerable to CIA agents with guns.

I see. Then perhaps I should change my answer to a top notch frontend for Goldfish

Do any mechanisms exist for letting users discover communities on other instances? Especially brand new ones.

For this I would like to know if there are any things that [are] still unclear now.

I’m registered on Lemmygrad. Lemmygrad and Lemmy are federated, I see this post. How come I can’t see all Lemmy.ml communities? Is that Lemmygrad’s decision? Is that something I could override with a different Lemmy client, but without having to register in the Lemmy.ml instance?
As reference, the community librewolf is not accessible from Lemmygrad.ml.

Cho Jung-hun’s thought process.
> Me and my husband both work but we still have plenty of time for raising children. What resource do I have that poor families don’t?
> We have maids; They need maids
> They can’t afford maids because they earn minimum wage and the maid earns minimum wage.
> If we increase minimum wage, the maid’s pay would increase so they still wouldn’t be able to afford a maid. Higher wages is a no-go.
> I know, we need people who are poorer than poor people! Then all the poor people can have maids! I solved it.

Why does anyone watch Linus Tech Tips? I watched his hot takes videos for context and he comes off as such an idiot. Last time his name made the rounds was when he was surprised deleting his desktop graphics makes the computer start up in text mode. (In that video, he had to dismiss several warnings, including one that made him type out with words exactly what he wanted to happen, and then complained he wasn’t warned…) But he has like 5 million subscribers.

I also didn’t really think RMTransit’s rebuttal was very strong. He barely addressed the main issue of Klanadian cities being too spread out and lacking in services and destination density.

One thing he said is that if you build a bike network, people will start using it, and the quality of the individual bike paths is something that should be addressed afterwards. But I disagree strongly, if the bike path is unsafe or unpleasant, it doesn’t matter how theoretically complete the network is, no one will want to use it twice. In Europe, we don’t have bike networks. We have safe streets and pleasant streets. People try really hard to avoid biking next to car traffic. Car noise is probably the main reason anyone has to avoid biking.

The main point of it not being too late stands. But again, he argues this by talking about Amsterdam (one globally small city) in the 60s and contrasting it to today. But he characterises that comparison as a 30 year project. It isn’t, it’s 50 years, and in the 50 years that have elapsed, Vancouver has continued to develop towards cars. Amsterdam in the 60s had fewer giant viaducts, it had denser neighbourhoods, more corner stores, it didn’t have any massive urban sprawl. It does get harder if you pivot later. Just because they managed in 30 years doesn’t mean the same effort and approaches would fix Vancouver in 30 years. Not to mention Amsterdam is very far from good right now.

I feel a lot of western-left, liberal YouTubers are very afraid of rallying behind new technology and radical redevelopment. It makes sense, because if you live in a capitalist country, a massive redevelopment project will inevitably be usurped by capital interest. But asking for smaller and smaller concessions isn’t a solution either.

I believe the country-specific subs, depending on the country, are a majority users from those countries. And /r/Europe follows the naming scheme, so that’s why you might mistake it for having European users.

I feel I should add context that /r/Europe is not a subreddit for Europeans, but white Americans (Ethnically European), so they don’t have any political or current events understanding of Europe.

Protective clothes under inconspicuous clothes might save you if you get targetted half-heartedly.

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Hej, this is difficult to troubleshoot from the information you shared. If you take a screenshot, you can copy/paste it into a Lemmy comment, perhaps posting screenshots would help describe the problem.

Then you should link the UN published version. Even if VOA says their source is the UN, that doesn’t guarantee that there is a source, and if the source exists, it might be completely misrepresented.

This is a Voice of America article. You should see if a non-CIA outlet will corroborate it before considering it anything above a Reddit comment.

Big step! What are you replacing YouTube with?

The search only showing like 4 results and the rest being recommendations is new behaviour right? I feel like it wasn’t like that like two weeks ago

Looks beautiful

That’s pretty smooth! I noticed you didn’t animate the leaves independently. Was that just because it turned out to be difficult or did it not look good?

His claim was just one of roughly 60,000 that Dopke denied in a single month last year

That’s every fifteen seconds, assuming he does nothing else at work, and doesn’t take days off.

This is good and all, but as long as Android and iOS are subservient to the NSA, all that changes is an origin tag on the kompromat.

Isn’t that just skill based matchmaking? Try your best, if you win, you get promoted, after a while you’ll be in the bucket that’s equally skilled as you.

Does anyone have video from her TV interview? All the results on YouTube are Southern propaganda ‘journalism’.

ChatGPT rewrote the Dark Souls opening narration for me.
In the Age of Capital, the world was formed by greed, shrouded by smoke. A land of grey towers, factories, and wealthy capitalists. But then there was Revolution and with it came change. The struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, and of course, the rise of socialism. Then from the masses, they came, and found the power of the people within the struggle. Marx, the First of the Revolutionaries, Engels and his comrades, Lenin, the Leader of the Revolution, and his faithful Bolsheviks. And the Furtive Mao, so easily forgotten. With the strength of the Revolution, they challenged the Capitalists. Marx's mighty theories dismantled their structures of power. The Socialists weaved great strikes and boycotts. Lenin unleashed a miasma of class consciousness and proletarian power. And Engels betrayed his own, and the Capitalists were no more. Thus began the Age of Socialism. But soon the Capitalists will fight back and only Revolution will remain. Even now there are only embers, and man sees not justice, but only endless exploitation. And amongst the people are seen, carriers of the revolutionary spirit. Yes, indeed. The Revolution brands the Fighters. And in this land, the Fighters are corralled and led to the front, where they are locked in battle, to bring about a new world... This is your destiny. ::: spoiler It also gave me this variant. In the Age of Ancients, the world was shrouded in a veil of simplicity, as the land was ruled by tribes, and barter was the sole economic exchange. But then there was Capitalism and with it came disparity, wealth and poverty, and of course, power and exploitation. And then from the Capitalism, They came, the pioneers of the new era, whose names echoed through history - Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan, and Vanderbilt. They amassed vast fortunes, ruling over steel, oil, and railroads, and becoming known as the Robber Barons. With the strength of their wealth, they challenged the old way of living. Carnegie's steel mills crushed his competition, Rockefeller's oil wells drove many out of business, and Morgan's banking empire swallowed smaller banks whole. And the wealthy elite grew, unfettered and unchallenged, driven by their lust for power and wealth. Thus began the Age of Capitalism. But soon, the greed and injustice of the capitalist elite will be exposed, and only then will the people awaken to the true exploitation that lies behind the facade. Even now there are only the oppressed, and the working-class sees not the fruits of their labor, but only the endless struggle to survive. Yes, indeed. The people have had enough, and the tides of revolution are rising. And amongst the people are seen, carriers of the dream of the just society, a society built on cooperation, equality, and mutual respect. This is the call of Socialism, and this is your chance to be part of it.! :::


VPN service that works for Chinese websites
Hi. Is there a good VPN service you can recommend that respects my privacy for the outside China nodes and also has the option to be able to load Chinese websites? My current VPN can't access Chinese websites. I don't have a Chinese payment method so it needs to accept VISA, which is a problem I've ran into a few times.

Stonetoss is a Nazi cartoonist for context. Of course he probably doesn't understand that the 'lethal aid' money that the USA is sending Ukraine is actually going to the owners of weapons companies in the USA.

Help buying a world map
Hi. Aliexpress search is very poor. Can someone help me find a good world map I can hang on the wall? Doesn't need to fulfil all the points, but I value these properties: - Less than 300€ - Big! Huge! My ceiling is like 4m tall so there won't be one that's too big. - A projection that is size-accurate over shape-accurate - Labels in official languages of the countries rather than English - Up to date - No outlined borders - Sold on a site that's easy to purchase from - High quality print up-close I don't expect to be able to find something that fulfils all the criteria, but searching for maps is difficult because they all seem to provide really low resolution photos and aren't organised. So I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations. If there's a set I can get with regional maps that together make up the earth that would be rad too.

The rest of their songs actually aren't that outstanding. This one's just an absolute banger for no reason

Not that it's so unbelievable a single person would spout libtakes, but this entire article is super sus. Why can't anyone produce a single image? Radio Free Asia is used as a source in the wikipedia article twice, which surely doesn't happen if something actually happened. Every other source used is a propaganda outlet and unreliable as well. They explain why there aren't any images by saying that China censored it, and in so doing banned using the word "Beijing" on Weibo. Which is obviously fucking ridiculous. Not to mention that that wouldn't even affect information leaving the country.

What’s up with Jeffrey Sachs?
He used to be a super villain, and now every time I see his name it's related to something unambiguously anti-imperialist he's said. When did this happen? Am I just completely wrong on something? Either his recent statements or on his past.

Good documentary. Not very alienating to liberals. Would be nice if we could somehow get Germans talking about it in the wake of the Nordstream bombing investigation. Both for investigative bias and to establish a history of the CIA conducting terrorist activity to manufacture consent.