This sounds like the possible preparation for a regime change. Specifically, towards a regime that is more anti-China.


Ok maybe my reading comprehension is bad but why would the PRC rig the election in the ROK in favor of the ruling party? Surely the ruling party is not a friend of China, since China is friends with the DPRK?

The author of the article has worked (or works?) at the Pentagon and US Air Force. I’m sure they have some interest to blame it on the PRC.

The letter below is a plea for an international intervention in the Republic of Korea’s (ROK) 2020 general election results, which have been rigged from the start and have strong global implications for other countries. The intention is also to inform and report on the crisis facing the ROK’s liberal democratic system which may eventually threaten the world order.

That very suspiciously sounds like a call for western imperialist intervention more than anything…

EDIT: Also look at the other articles of the blog. Seems to be very anti-China, anti-DPRK, anti-communist, and strongly opposed to the slightly more progressive than the previous ones current south Korea government.


lol Hell Joseon

however, this seems to be a strange low effort attempt at undermining one of their vassals for not being sufficiently enthusiastic in their imperialism


The founder of the Center is Dr. Tara O. She has worked at the Pentagon and the Republic of Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command as a U.S. Air Force officer focusing on East Asia issues. Her research areas include national security, alliance, human rights in North Korea, defectors, unification, and political and economic systems.

they dont even have their actual name on it so it could be an anonymous blog


Unless it is a one letter surname?

Likely a one-letter surname. “O” actually exists as surname in Korea, as well as “U”.



Better do everything you can to immigrate to the freedom of the DPRK.

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