WWII ‘horror bunker’ where Japanese experimented on humans uncovered in China
Discovery of notorious Japanese army Unit 731underground biological weapons laboratory at Anda ‘could lead’ to new evidence of war crimes.

The depths of the evil acts carried out by the Imperial Japanese is almost unthinkable.


I’ll never be able to wipe those photographs from their invasion of Nanjing away from my brain. It’s beyond sickening what people are capable of doing to other human beings.

I would informally summarise the Empire of Japan as Asia’s equivalent to the Third Reich. Now, naturally there are some limitations to that analogy, but as a starting point it works well.

The USA invented the war crimes in the Indian Residual fake Schools from 1850s to 1998 that the Nazi Germeny later copied in the Holocaust. I would not be surprised about this news since the USA had been conducting lethal chemical testing on Indigenous first nation children as a way to 'civilized" the enslaved children.

Thank you for sharing this! It helps with my research on the Axis.

Unfortunately, I suspect that a great deal of Westerners are likely to dismiss this important news out of hand because the archaeologists are Chinese. I remember reading a year or two ago about somebody discovering a mass grave of hundreds of Soviets and Redditors were writing it off as ‘Russian propaganda’.

☆ Yσɠƚԋσʂ ☆

Yeah, people have a hard time accepting that their side are the baddies.


Reminds one of the biolabs in Ukraine

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