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First of all, where's my Elden Ring DLC? Don't tell me you're gonna pull a Sekiro and just stop supporting this extremely popular game. Secondly, somebody should check on those devs, Back to back big project announcements tell me that they're getting worked a little too hard.

This is why my bio doesn’t reveal any of my beliefs.

You can really tell when the state department reaches out and tells a news company to fall in line with the new narrative. This shit is night and day.

They know about the anime fans.

Remember how the media (probably accidentally) revealed that the Ukranians were hiding munitions and soldiers inside of civilian areas? This seems like another instance where the civilian casualties were planned to make Russia look bad.

You know, I’ve always believed that my fellow Americans will only care about police brutality, shootings and whatever else when it affects a famous person. Jodie Sweetin just got beaten up by cops for protesting, let’s see what happens next.

I always say “voting doesn’t matter” but this time it really, really isn’t a factor. The Supreme Court is made up of people who weren’t elected to begin with. Unelected oligarchs are the lawmakers in this country and always have been.

Nah, I think is an awakening to alot of people.

Especially when furry hate is just gaybashing in disguise.

He’s a complete piece of shit, and most likely a pedophile. But because he “exposed” other pedos, he’s not considered the worst man in the world. I won’t even waste brainpower hating him, he’ll get his in due time.

They haven’t figured out that voting can’t fix this.

Shit like this is why I believe that if war ever breaks out between the US and China, it’s not going to be about territory, it’s going to be about extermination.

KYM is a fucking rathole of bigots, authoritarians and other terminally online persons. It’s been slowly escalating for years and now you really just can’t avoid it. I’ve seen a lot of “memes” about how evil the jews are or how [x] group deserved [horrible thing] because they were annoying.

I once got into an argument with a guy with a pony pfp who claimed that racism doesn’t exist in his country. I asked where he was from and I got dogpiled just for asking, he did everything to avoid answering but eventually I learned that he was Polish. The same Poland that’s racking up nearly a thousand hate crimes a year has no racists, according to him. It was at that point where I stopped going there entirely. I’m not going to argue with some fucking teenager about whether racism is real or not.

The Truck of Peace strikes again.
Roe/Wade protests kicked off today and in record time, some asshole just tried to murder some protesters by running them over. Murder apologists are already in the comments talking about how it's totally okay to do this because they're "standing in the street" Fucking nightmarish.

I feel like the unspoken fear here is that the male students are such uncontrolled animals that they will immediately rape the nearest woman they see once they’re “excited.” Which, you know, seems like a much bigger concern than ponytails.

I don’t really believe in that as a possibility.

This country is full of cowards, nothing will be done. If there were any men of action left, they’d have acted by now. Not even a fucking protest because we’re all so scared of some militia pulling a Kyle Rittenhouse and killing us.

This is actually a very apt comparison. Russia and Amber Heard are both in the middle of a massive smear campaign that has so thoroughly overwritten reality that people think the other guy is a perfect little angel and not, you know, a power hungry abuser.

Can Ukraine just surrender already so we can stop this nonsense about Putin being super Hitler?

So at this point, even the most conservative talking head has to admit that the police are covering something up. So I have a few guesses 1. Uvalde police shot at least one kid, probably multiple. 2. The police are trying to keep the identity of whoever gave the order for them to stand around under wraps 3. Because the school in question was majority latino, radio chatter was abuzz with racial slurs or "jokes"

I find it interesting how quickly Incel bullshit becomes acceptable.
I am going to preface all of this by saying that I am a bit assmad about the situation. I found this viral video that's been going around of some dude interviewing a couple about a Hall Pass. The girl excitedly says that she'd do it, the guy looks confused. That's fine, funny even...until you scroll down. Pretty much all the replies are that she's a wh're, he should leave her, calling the guy a c'ck, some people acting like she should be publicly shamed or stoned for daring to answer the question she was asked. Like no action was committed this is all part of an interview. When I saw this I was really disgusted and kinda shocked by how strong the blowback was. But then it hit me: There is nothing that unites a bunch of asshole men quite like "woman bad." Even a woman talking about her sex life labels her as a harlot that no one should even associate with. Meanwhile the dude that asked the question doesn't get a second look because there's a woman being uppity or something.

So about all these shootings...
Predictably, all the conspiracy nuts and conservatives are quick to assume that it's all a plot by some 3 letter agency complete with crisis actors and hundreds of people involved but also sworn to silence. Whenever I see Americans on the internet talking about how every mass shooting that gets in the news is "obviously" a false flag operation, I have to believe that this is what a dying society looks like: People who need to convince themselves that bad things simply don't happen naturally and it's all a plan by some impossibly omnipotent government force to make them into slaves. Do you guys think something similar?

"What is a woman?"
So known fascist Matt Walsh put out a "documentary" about the evils of the trans community. A lot of pictures of topless teenagers are in there without their consent, a lot of interviews with doctors to apparently prove that it's all just a mental disorder and the whole thing has this genocidal undertone of "If we let these people and their masters (Jewish pedo elites) exist our kids aren't safe" Twitter and YouTube are just kinda letting him do it, his accounts are posting all kinds of vile shit and ads for his movie are everywhere. These same websites claim to be allies BTW. I'm a little in shock frankly. That such open nazi rhetoric is just out there and not even attempting to disguise itself.

You know, I used to think that the majority could never be wrong. That, in the end, most people will be able to discern the truth from the lies.
And then Ukraine happened. I realize this is probably the same logic that Holocaust or Sandy Hook deniers use, but it really is fascinating just how many people can be fooled by propaganda or group think. Even when the facts are staring in their faces they just don't want to hear it.

Starting to look like the cops did something worse than not responding. Starting to look like they shot a few of the kids and are trying to bury it.

Timmy Pool tried to deflect from Buffalo by pre-researching some black on black crime statistics and then using it as a gotcha. He somehow gets them wrong and comes off looking like a massive idiot in addition to a snake.

The second a guest talked about Buffalo, he decided to bring up shooting deaths in Chicago. Because Tim is such a horrid piece of shit, that black on black crime is always more important than white on black.

The Pentagon is now denying that the US is sharing intelligence with Ukrainian Forces to target Russian Generals and warships.
What do you call someone who tells a warring nation targeting information for the purpose of killing or otherwise destroying an enemy force or structure? A combatant. I think someone important just realized that claiming we're helping Ukraine kill Russians means we just entered the war. So here comes the damage control. https://twitter.com/NewsHour/status/1522591770021933057[](https://www.pbs.org/newshour/world/u-s-provided-ukraine-with-intel-on-russian-warship-before-sinking-official-says)

These tweets by Musk are really rubbing me the wrong way
Putting aside all the Elon Musk drama, this stuff is just annoying to have to see. "I hate the far left !and the far right." First of all, false equivalence, secondly like that's such a bold statement. Newsflash: Everyone hates extremists. I defy you to find a single person who likes them. But more than that the problem is how many people quietly believe far right bullshit and think it's normal. Most Nazis aren't goose stepping Hitler cosplayers, they're just bigoted people who don't see themselves as such. The kind of people who claim to be centrists that "hate both sides" are just fashies who are afraid to be upfront about it. https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/41aee3df-bbcd-4ede-956a-9132237cf930.png)*___**___*

I found this deleted tweet of some guy legitimately trying to argue that bombing Russian cities is the next logical step. Now while this one was deleted, his timeline for the last 13 hours has been nonstop warmongering and calling for direct attacks on Russian citizens. Serious question: Are these people even human? Not to sound like some reptilian conspiracy theorist, but are there really functional adults out there who believe that bombing civilian populations is just going to magically stop the war? That Russia isn't going to retaliate?

Basically some genius thought it was a great idea to put a teenager with gigantic boobs getting fondled "playfully" in a newspaper and the fine men and women of the UN did not care for it. I missed it by a few days but the weeb community is in an uproar that all those stuffy politicians can't see the beauty of sexualized minors like they can.

US media is covering this war with the same focus and intensity as if America was the one being invaded
If you didn't know any better, you'd think we were actively in a shooting war with Russia instead of just sending billions of dollars to the opposition. What a fantastic distraction tactic from the tidal waves of domestic problems we're facing here.

I think I've nailed down what NATO's plans for Ukraine are
The goal is to create a European Israel. A proxy state controlled by fascists that routinely commit warcrimes against other ethnic groups, funded and armed by the US. That's why Zelenkskyy is being treated like a rock star and paraded around everywhere: So they can continue pushing the narrative that it's impossible that Nazis control Ukraine because their "leader" is a Jewish man. They'll be used to carry out black ops against Russia for the foreseeable future, and then when Russia retaliates, the plausible deniability kicks in and NATO won't have to get involved because Ukraine won't be part of them still. The "genocide" rhetoric will be used to make Ukraine completely uncriticizable because you'd be lumped in as one of "them" (a fascist, ironically) denying the atrocities and not allowed anywhere near the MSM. From there, one of two things will happen: Ukraine will get nukes and then we'll all be in big shit or Europe will descend into chaos because of armed Nazis spilling over into other countries.

It's crazy how quickly dehumanizing Russians has become normal.
On Reddit, there are two ways to see Russian people: Brainwashed toddlers who have no idea what's going on in Ukraine or hordes of viscous, evil orcs (the amount of Tolkien lingo I've seen to describe this conflict is disturbing. I don't think he'd want anything to do with it.) that should be destroyed. On Twitter, it's common to see Ukranian journalists, probably Nazi simps themselves, call for the average Russian civillian to be punished and equate their culture to some warlike barbarian tribe. And on Facebook, you can just say "Kill all Russians" and get away with it. Like I always knew that the West was slowly sliding into fascism, but I did expect it to happen this quickly.