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Back when I was in the service, I noticed the US Army was going all in on video games and streaming as a method of recruitment. I guess that fell through.

I’m sure we’re being derided as a hugbox but tight moderation is the difference between an actual forum and another propaganda website.

Why is every comparison World War 2? Are they that desperate to equate Russians with Nazis?

I want to say yes. There was a long time where they were blaming Russian hackers and propagandists for every percieved slight against them.

I just can’t wait for the day we stop supporting Ukraine so we can magically see all this Ukraine support either disappear entirely or turn against America. I wonder if they’ll still be protected by Big Tech in that case.

That’s the really fascinating part of all this. Their desire to see dead Russians is exactly why Russia will continue to take measures to ensure it’s survival. Someone could drop a bomb on Moscow tomorrow and you’d still have commenters saying that any outrage would be an overreaction by “occupiers” instead of a rational response.

I had a feeling that’s what those comments would be. The fact that the article called out he was a Russian citizen was a dog whistle that you should laugh at his misfortune.

It’s just so tiresome. The narrative is falling apart but the powers that be still have so much control that they can’t allow us to openly talk about the nazis.

The fact that we have NATO boots on the ground fighting communists under the guise of peace keeping is pretty ominous.

Oh my God I don’t care about UFOs. They wheel out this story every couple of weeks and it’s so obviously a distraction.

The extreme language barrier between Japan and America is one of the ways that they get away with being so unbelievably racist.

And the way reddit is designed, you can’t even argue back without being heavily downvoted and surpressed as soon as you make a point.

I was just gonna say, the fact that they care enough to seek out Marxist websites and collect screenshots means that someone considers it very important to make sure all leftist spaces are being catalogued.

Oh wonderful, they’ve found us.

His ultimate goal is to become a public slave to the rich and powerful.

They seriously can’t find a single soldier that doesn’t have Nazi iconography somewhere on their uniform. That’s just scary.

The instant the attacks started, Ukrainian news orgs took credit in a way because it was implied that this all had to do with Iran’s drone production. They definetly jumped the gun on it because suddenly supporting the Taliban was already starting to discredit them. Still though, the timing of all that was fishy as hell.

At this point, I’m certain he knows his days are numbered.

“Subhuman snowflakes” or in other words normal people who think I’m annoying.

The white man has never forgiven Haiti for throwing him out all those years ago.

Nah, I can’t cosign with this one chief. The porn industry may be evil, but you can’t ban sexual depictions anymore than you can ban air. There’ll always be someone drawing boobs or making a sex tape. Should they get fined for it?

Romaboos are especially vile because they talk about a warmongering empire that collapsed under the weight of it’s own decadance like it’s the coolest thing ever, all because it’s European. Guarantee they wouldn’t say anything nearly so polite about Imperial China or the ancient Sultans.

The Taliban is attacking Iran in what might be one of the most blatant fucking proxy wars in human history and the Pro-Ukraine talking heads can’t even pretend that they didn’t immediately switch teams. I hate them so much it’s unreal.

You know, there’s no way to praise the Crusades that doesn’t end with the person in question strongly implying that the mass murder of muslims by white assholes was a good thing.

I agree with the sentiment, but I’m not a fan of Yahtzee

I did notice an influx of “The Ukrainians have invaded Russia” clickbait out there. Complete with action hero one liners about how they need to have a fake referendu, because that’s totally what people say during war.

Your comment reminds me of that video where a bunch of Army rangers got into a shootout with a local gang and allegedly didn’t hit a single one. No points for guessing who was portrayed as a badass anyway.

That’s definetly what 2024 looks like. Ineffectual dipshits vs actual fascists

A few days ago a conservative “rapper” named Zuby got on the horn and seriously tried to argue that Saudi Arabia was a fucking paradise because it didn’t have woke politics.

I’m sure it’s going to be bot central

They made an article about that Elden Ring guy, they’ll do anything.

First of all, it's written in the most flowery and self aggrandizing way possible. The group is referred too as a "successful counter to Russian propaganda", meanwhile their actual sponsors and leaders are left notably unmentioned. What do they actually do? Oh they just post irrevent memes. NOT PROPAGANDA, memes. Nothing meant to be taken seriously of course lol. There is a reception section, and a recognition section, but no "criticism" section. Surely there are people out there who don't support this group right? According to Wikipedia, there is not. Every pushback comes from the Russians, the vatniks, and the orcs. No one cares about the harassment or the slurs, at least no one who matters. As you can see in this image, the way Wikipedia is set up you'd need some notable source that claims that the group is divisive in some way...except there are no notable sources because all of the approved media says they're the heroes. If there was ever any doubt that the doge pfps had government/corporate backing here you go. You aren't even allowed to mention them in a negative context. ![](

The writing has seriously gone down hill, and Loona being regulated to a walking prop because her voice actor is busy with other projects is embarassing.

They have to give children mandatory rape whistles. That is how fucking common it is for little boys and girls to be assaulted over there. Am I saying it doesn’t happen anywhere else? Absoltuely not, but government mandated anti-rape devices for toddlers is as dystopian as it gets.

NAFO’s new marching orders are in: Bakhmut was never signifigant, the Russians wasted months and thousands of lives trying to take one (1) city. Please ignore how hard we were propagandizing a potential victory there some time ago.

Man what the hell is happening out there?
Reading the news about the Jordan Neely murder is legitimately making my blood boil. Cons and libs both are in complete agreement that he was subhuman filth and deserved to die for the crime of being black, homeless and mentally ill all at once. You hear more about the dude's criminal record than you do the fact that he was fucking killed and it's madness. But more than that, I'm starting to wonder why the fuck people even leave their houses in America anymore. Things are just not safe. You go to a public place, like a mall or a school and you run the risk of being caught in a mass shooting. You go home to your apartment and you might get arrested by a cop who somehow mistakes you for a guy on another floor in another building. You knock on the wrong door and the guy inside has full rights to shoot you execution style. And now you might witness a murder on the subway and watch the killer just walk off like nothing happened. Things have gone insane lately, and the people have go insane trying to keep up. Honestly, I can't see life getting back to normal. Whatever that is for us.

What is actually causing this explosion in anti-semitism in the West?
I was watching an MSNBC video about the ADL and I expected a few anti-jew comments. I was not expecting *every. last. post.* To be the same hateful rhetoric. These people don't even use codewords anymore. They're out and out pro-Nazi and anti-jewish. They crave the destruction of Jewish people, it's sickening, it's disturbing. It's not just YouTube either, it's all over social media, it's on meme websites disguised as a joke, it's in Discord and Twitch streams. What's behind this? Have the nazis stepped up their propaganda game lately? Is it a byproduct of the new red scare? Are socialist countries experiencing anything similar?

I like how this patch was allegedly made by Taiwan's military but is in english and has an American meme on it. NAFO and the Ukrainian flag's are already in the comments mindlessly showing their totally not artificial support. A lot of pledges to buy a boatload of these dumb things.

I get so easily startled at university these days thanks to Current Events
Today, I was sitting in class taking notes, normal day with about 10 of us in the room. Then these two guys walk in late, which would be totally normal if not for the fact that none of us sitting inside had ever seen these guys before. They walked in, went toward the back and sat down like they owned the place. We all tried not to make sounds but we were all noticeably confused, including the professor. Poor guy tried to power through but then he couldn't help himself and asked "Excuse me, are you gentlement supposed to be in this class?" "Yes, I never come to class" "Did you hand in your exam?" "No." They didn't have backpacks or IDs and no names were exchanged. To make a long story short, they were asked to leave because teacher had a strong suspicion that they were lying. They then left quietly, without a fuss and then fucked off from the entire building and I guess went home. I was so rattled that the last 18 minutes of class were torture. I kept expecting them to sprint back in with Uzis and that would be it. I hate living like this, something that would normally just be a weird interaction made me afraid for my life. I guess the real question is what the heck were they going to do if no one said anything? Just sit there quietly? Start making loud noises? Do a flash mob? I may never know.

Mainly because a lot of the problems these guys are talking about just not materilaizing within the franchise have existed since like 2012. Too many quips? Avengers 1, Dark World and Age of Ultron were infamous for this. Every new movie is a sequel hook? Iron Man 2 was a 3 hour trailer for the Avengers, and this series popularized post credits scenes Bad Special Effects? Phase 1 films looked like they were cooked up in about a week because their sets were so cheap. Bad writing/Too much bait and switch? Remember how mad fans got over Iron Man 3 with the Mandarin twist? I think all this discourse is less about Marvel "not being good anymore" and more about people starting to unconsciously realize that mindless corporate shlock isn't actually that gripping once you start holding it under the microscope. Like this series has been going for 16 years and hasn't actually changed, of course you're sick of it.

They were fully prepared to turn the working populace into slave labor and then the government was shocked to see that descision was unpopular. One thing that catches my eye about this article is that the Guardian specifies "young people" as the cause for the pushback, Gen Z and Millennials, as if everyone else would be perfectly fine working until they fucking die. Just more "Zoomers bad" rhetoric.

Isn't it interesting how libs and cons are both fine with the romantic idea of revolution until someone actually seriously suggests doing something drastic? Y'know, in minecraft?

I can guarantee you that *a lot* of people "give a fuck" This level of gaslighting is insane. A whole article about how badass and witty the Ukrainians are, and then buried at the literal bottom of the page they admit that they lost Bakhmut. You can't make this shit up.

(rant) How can an Ebook be out of stock?
I was looking for a certain textbook for my class and then I saw that the place I normally go was out. How can that be? It's not a physical thing you're giving me, it's 1s and 0s. I sure hope there's a way I can blame the capitalists for this.

cross-posted from: > From claiming that sending aid to Syria is wrong because it'll mean Assad will become more powerful, to openly bragging about his brand new Nazi flag fresh from Ukraine, most recently, he's also decided to threaten the American people over the matter of wrongthink. If you didn't support Ukraine, you will be "held accountable." For what, who can say, but it kinda sounds like he wants to shoot us in the head. > > This guy's a government employee and happily saying this shit. I'm a bit concerned.

Evidently the Bakmuht campaign is not going well. I say allegedly because, as usual, the sources of this are pretty shaky. Hopefully it's not true because this is a major escalation otherwise. Like point-of-no-return level.

The cognitive dissonance is insane: "China owns America...but also, we're going to attack China in the next few years and, despite my many racist tirades to the contary, I think that's a bad thing!"

"Russia loves Nazis!" you cry And then you have to twist yourself into a pretzel to explain how that would make any sense if they claim to be going into Ukraine to denazify.

I was browsing Twitter a little while ago and I was reminded of this "heartwarming" story of an old man who shot and killed a fleeing woman. First of all, even if there was nothing fucked up about that it's hardly worth bragging about. Secondly, a human doesn't cease to be a human just because they've commited a crime. We're raised from a young age to think gun fights are cool via action movies and guys murdering over property is portrayed as completely normal. This is why mass shootings are so common here and nowhere else: We've made it far too easy to not see other people as people, it transcends even the old "Us vs Them" mentality with regards to race and creed. Whites kill each other way just as easily. Oh and don't bother reading that thread, it's a sickening mix of chauvinism and mysoginy.

I’ve been watching Breaking Bad, and it has to be the most compelling argument for selling drugs I’ve ever seen.
Walt's medical bills alone would bankrupt him for the rest of his natural life, even if he had good insurance. This is all based on real shit by the way, as we all know. No free medicare in the US. I get the feeling this wasn't the mentality they were going for when they wrote this damn thing, but inflation and rent and all. Just makes you think, y'know?

Remember kids: Even being from a certain country means you're complicit in "genocide."

The "before pornhub" one really bothers me, because it seems to be implying that walking up to random women and assaulting them is something that should happen more.

What’s the deal with the World Economic Forum?
Pretty much every day I see conservatives desperately trying to blame those guys for everything going wrong in their putrid way of life and frankly I don't really get it. You can't even look them up reliably because every article on the subject is deepfried in paranoid Mccarthy style doomsday talk. I will admit that that particular group comes off as a bit ominous but all the NWO shit is the same deflective nonsense it's always been: This pathological need for a villain to make all the complex problems facing our society make sense. If it's not Klaus Schwab, it's Soros, or Clinton or lizard people. So yeah, what do actual socialists think of all this? And please spare no detail, I'm in the mood to read.

Rant; The Lord of the Rings fandom is super chill - until you start expressing the wrong opinions
I'm a huge Tolkien fanboy, loved LOTR and the Silm since I was a kid. But I swear interacting with other super fans is like walking on thin ice. Everything's chill as long as you go with the hive mind, but then you say that you think X character isn't that good or that a certain aspect of the plot wasn't done well and you get dogpiled. This also includes the obvious, like the blatant racism on display with orcs and elves or the treatment of some characters who are implied to be neurodivergent or gay. The r/tolkienfans subreddit comes to mind, I've seen a lot of threads turn into passive aggressive shitflinging because the OP talked about gays, praised the movies or made a "childish" thread about a character they like (God forbid every post isn't an essays worth of analysis) Rings of Power definetly made things worse. If you expressed anything but pure contempt for the very concept, and everything attached to it. You get called out hardcore. I told a guy that it didn't look too bad and suddenly, I'm a fake fan that loves to consume corporate trash. Amazon's an evil company of course, but I remember a lot of th backlash being more about the women and POC than anything Bezos is up too.

How fucking deep does this go? I know I sound like an r/conspiracy poster but this is absolutely insane. Even the Pope is telling everyone to send all they can to Ukraine. No other charity, no other warzone, ***JUST*** Ukraine. The same Ukraine that just outlawed Orthodox Christianity and suddenly has Neo-Nazi rituals and witches all over their social media. This is a scheme, there's no other explanation, this is a massive money laundering operation. If a person can't see that at this point, they're beyond help. Maybe the US finally ran out of free money to give and that's why it's being called "donations" now instead of lethal aid or humanitarian assistance.

I liked Mandos better when they were just cool guys in armor. Like Boba and Jango, but then Lucasfilm became aware of their fan favorite status and put them at the forefront of everything. Literally everything new we learn about them makes them look lamer and lamer. They went from asshole crusaders with a vague honorable backdrop to space samurai that have nothing but agreeable politics. Less is more I feel.

Thousands dead and there's allegedly a horrific genocide going on, but the Ukies are putting out videos of pretty girls dancing in the snow? Makes you wonder...

By the "entire civilized world" he clearly means white western countries.

How big is our overlap with the reddit counterpart?
I want to imagine our allies on the blacksite are getting to see our unfiltered posts here, but there's probably no way to quantify it.

It’s always sad when a content creator reveals themselves to be kind of a POS (story time).
There's a YouTuber I used to watch, CinnamonToastKen. It was pretty good, family friendly fun of him and his buddy just making fun of reality shows and stuff. One of those shows was this TLC thing called "G*psy Brides", which is about Romani people acting like rednecks and that being funny for some reason. It was at this point, that I began to realize that neither Ken nor any of the commenters realized that the G word is a genuine slur. That wasn't the dealbreaker though, that came later when he said in an aside during a video that he was told by someone that it was, indeed, an ethnic slur. So Ken's response to this was bewilderment and his immediate assumption was that this wasn't a real thing and just another instance of "people being offended for others." So he decided to ask his community if it was really a slur and to leave an explanation in the comments. Because, y'know, that's somehow easier than just googling it. He ended up hearting a comment that gave a childish oversimplification of the issue that ultimately said "Some people feel that way but most don't care" To this day I feel disgusted that instead of taking the L about his accidental racism, he just assumed it was a made up issue and then chose the one comment that protrayed it as some trivial thing. I guess I should've known he wasn't on the up and up when half his videos were collabs with Pewdiepie.

"I feel so empowered to fight fascists!" "I'M GONNA-I'M GONNA VOOOOOOTE"

In response to the Iranian drone stuff. These guys legitimately only care about white people. He doesn't see Iranians as people so of course it's perfectly reasonable to just start dropping bombs on a civillians sovereign country because they're supporting the wrong guy.

Complete 180 after 2 weeks of fighting with the Ukraine's dominance over the narrative.

If you have to completely black out all opinions to the contrary, you're not a free speech platform.

You have to understand how agitated I am that I felt the need to make this.

I'm genuinely starting to think there's some sinister plan at work here. America does not want Hillary to be president, how many times does she have to lose before this becomes clear?

Ron is more concerned about people looking for food and supplies after surviving a disaster than the actual relief for the disaster.

Low crime rate, yet women are encouraged to stay as far away from men as possible. To say nothing about how the police react when you report a rape or any other kind of assault. Hmm...

Boy, the next 20 years in Europe are going to be fucking wild once these fucks run out of Russians to kill. Who knows whose next on the chopping block.