“AITA for trying to establish a pan-African currency and reduce African dependence on the US Dollar?”

“AITA for deposing a theocratic regime that was still practicing caste-based slavery in the 1950s?”

“AITA for buying a colonized country from my enemy in a peace deal (colonized country thought we were friends lol)?”

“AITA for nuking two cities to end a war?”

I’m thinking if this was a real community it’d be a good format for setting the record straight on liberal bullshittery. I don’t have enough free time to take responsibility for something like that, so anyone who feels up to it is welcome to it.

In the meantime, add your geopolitical AITA thread title ideas here 🙃

  • @Kirbywithwhip1987
    1 year ago

    AITA for throwing nazi collaborators who killed 2 million people in pits and then throwing grenades down there?

  • @redtea
    121 year ago

    AITA for wanting my family members to survive treatable and preventable illnesses?

  • @Shrike502
    111 year ago

    AITA for joining a party that postulates liberation of all workers as the goal over a monarchy that forbids my people from living in the big cities and countryside, condemning us to the life of poverty and misery, all while tacitly supporting violence against us?

  • Average PFLP Enjoyer
    91 year ago

    AITA for killing 2 million innocent Iraqi’s in retaliation for 3000 deaths of my own

      • @redtea
        61 year ago

        AITA for pointing at a random country on the map, which just happens to have lots of oil, to blame for an attack committed by people who never claimed to be acting for any particular country?

  • @MunrockOP
    41 year ago

    AITA for having nukes? The only guy who’s ever used one has hundreds of them, keeps telling everyone in the neighbourhood that I need to be destroyed and camps outside my yard all the time, aiming at my house.