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Personally, they would never get how economic performance has allowed my family to literally escape from poverty and peasant level subsistance farming to clean, modern houses and high-school/university education. Of course they wouldn’t understand. Muh liberal values and hooman rights.

“Better live in abject poverty than to give up our very narrow definition of freedom,” say people who have never experienced poverty and live under an illusion of political agency.

Fortunately(?) they’re about to slide so far down the poverty scale that their illusions will vanish like the ice caps. I will shed a tear for them after their tune changes.

They all have votes.

This is the Nation with the most powerful military and most influential media. This is the nation whose foreign policy decisions have a huge effect on the rest of us on this planet.

A democracy that doesn’t educate its demos.

Those people deserve better. Fuck the parasites that are doing this to them.

Apart from the ‘made in Europe’ nonsense it’s ironically quite good, considering how that ‘tank man’ video played out.

So many clueless plebs have just assumed that guy just got run over (because it’s what they’ve been conditioned to expect, and it’s in line with what they were told happened in Tianenmen Square), while the reality is that the tank commander took great care and held his entire column up to avoid hurting the one citizen with his shopping bags.

I think Douyin (Chinese tiktok) and Weibo (Chinese twitter) you can access from anywhere.

Alipay is also an excellent alternative to Paypal. It has zero transaction fees, but that (and how easy it is to link a bank account) may be different in different parts of the world.

Download Huawei App Gallery (their version of the app store) if your Android phone’s native app store doesn’t have them.

I was looking at Mullvad earlier and it doesn’t list any Russian servers on the ‘server status’ list on their website

Yeah, tor is excellent for protection* but it’s also horrifically slow for low-security things.

Does anyone know of any VPN services that still offer Russia as an endpoint?
The service I'm using removed its Russian endpoints shortly after the Ukraine conflict broke out. I neither know nor care if they did so of their own volition or were forced to do so: either reason is a huge ~~red flag~~ NATO flag against being able to trust them.

I have a feeling that the nerds complaining about all of the above were never actually Sandman fans before the TV series. Just dicks barging in from other corners of comic nerd subculture.

There’s no way someone who was a genuine fan of the comics would be surprised at how gay it is. It was pushing the boundaries back when Gaiman wrote it and the reason changes were made for the adaptation is because it’s been 30 years and the boundaries have been successfully pushed. I doubt any of the people removed about it were even alive when the comics came out.

Don’t think of it as ‘hitting on’ her, rather think of it as talking to her.

If you have to go out of your way to find things to talk about, that might feel awks but it’s fine. She’ll notice it too, that you’re going out of your way. It’s a respectful way to show interest.

People complaining about Joanna Constantine and Death being Black? I was so surprised. 😏

I actually think the empire may go out with a whimper (no nukes) because the leadership is so incompetent and they would have such a hard time justifying a kinetic war to the population.

I think there’s a different reason they won’t use nukes. The empire serves the interests of the capitalists, and capitalists make less money in a nuclear wasteland. Between a nuclear wasteland and a world where they can’t control the superpower, they’ll take the latter. It’s more profitable.

It’s why China is surviving US hostility where the USSR didn’t. Deng’s “Lay low and develop the productive forces” strategy made SWCC like a virus that bypasses the immune system and gets into the vital organs. They can’t harm China without harming themselves.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the blue side is the dead giveaway here for any doubts about which colour is the good guys.

You know that the West’s bleating about Human Rights concerns in China is lies when they turn a blind eye to what happens in Saudi Arabia, and the usual excuse of ‘economic concerns’ is vapid now when they clearly don’t care about the economic concerns of protracting the proxy war with Russia.

Visit China if you ever get a chance… the public parks are amazedong

I don’t think restaurants will disappear. Eating and social eating is a very, very human thing to do. Just a lot about it would change.

A focus on nutrition and sustainability over profit.

That stupid tipping culture the yankees have. That can fuck off.

Authentic cultural cuisines, instead of mutilating it to suit the palates of local markets but still calling it authentic. Not that dishes would never be altered for diverse palates, but it wouldn’t be hidden.

Affordability, instead of restaurants charging a month’s salary to serve a single sliver of ham that’s been marinated in the Queen’s chamber pot.

“It’s only called Champagne if it comes from the Champagne region, otherwise it’s sparkling wine” fuck you… unless at least 70% of people can tell the difference in a double blind test, you’re price gouging.







Just some of the ones I use

It’s a breath of fresh air from talking to the libs I’m surrounded with in daily life.

Mentioned off hand that there were a couple of cases of covid at work today (in HK) and my friend replies “All this oppression and still cases.”

If they weren’t otherwise good friends I would burn my bridges with them for how often they take any little excuse to wail on the government (while taking a small fucking fortune in government subsidised salary from one of the best work:pay ratio jobs available to expats here).

Like, the fuck do they want? Less ‘oppression’ and more cases? Or more ‘oppression’ and fewer cases? And who the fuck are you to criticize government handling of the situation like they should trust the population to handle it themselves when you wilfully undermine the system at every opportunity?

I swear to god she calls the CPC ‘fascists’ because she hates communism because they ‘oppressed’ her Nazi grandparents by forcing them to flee their home country after the war. Liberal standards for what is and isn’t ‘oppression’ are so fucking cooked.

But hey. I get to vent here. And that makes it more enjoyable to dwell in this capitalist hellhole that is Xianggang and quietly enjoy watching the capitalists and their liberal lapdogs cope and seethe on the road to 2047.

Your next question may be: if AI is an imperialist NGO, why does it seek to undermine imperialist activity? My intuition says that amnesty provides imperialists with plausible deniability and legitimacy

It also gives AI legitimacy. They go for the low-hanging fruit when it comes to critiques of Western Imperialism. Israel-Palestine, Assange, etc: stuff they’d look stupid for being on the wrong side of. And then they can weigh in on things like Xinjiang, Hong Kong, DPRK and give the Western Narrative legitimacy in places where the West can discredit any contrary narratives.

Which is why Ukraine might be at a turning point, if they’re not going to be able to hide/disrepute the truth for much longer.

People like Alex Jones exist to flood public discourse with so many stupid conspiracy theories that credible ones end up getting avoided/disparaged by people who can’t afford the time/effort to filter out the bullshit.

I think it’s a mix of the game’s art style, and it being WIP. I mean he’s standing in a palace lol

Rocket Chemtrails Syndrome™

I'm really looking forward to this game. In the dev diaries it says Marx has a chance to show up in your country and lead the socialist interest group when you research Socialism. Start date is 1836, and from what I gather if you make the right moves you could trigger a revolution fast enough for Marx to see it in his lifetime. The game's end date is in 1936, so Lenin is likely to be in there too. Edit: For those not familiar with the Victoria series: it's a society simulator. War isn't a focus of the gameplay, but an extension of the political gameplay. It's all about how small changes create big effects. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_NBtwY9y6s If you want to make a country communist, for example, you don't click a communism button. You have to create the conditions for it - anger the proletariat but also educate them, let the capitalists run amok, industrialise and create dense population centers, get a charismatic figure like Marx or Lenin to lead the socialist interest group and fire up those population centers... make your military weak (or shape the culture of the military so that they support the revolutionaries)... It's like gardening. You sow seeds and watch what unfolds.

/r/AskHistorians is bestowing its knowledge of China upon the masses again ("Did the CPC make reasonable decisions?")
The current top answer cites its sources as: white person, white person and white person... oh but you see, it's not because they're white. It's because they're *reputable*. It's very important to put stringent answering criteria in place to get factual, well-researched answers to the loaded, subjective question.

As someone who works in education, who isn't 'allowed' to talk politics to my students, movies and stories like this are so useful. Getting young people to critically think about fact that the prevailing narrative is treated as the 'correct' one simply because it's the prevailing one is so important. The earlier it happens, the better. Anyway please check this out if you can, but please don't go telling liberals about what the red sea monster really represents... then they won't let their kids watch it!

I have the original project file for this if anyone wants to improve the subtitles

They're ditching the black sun from their insignia. It would be unsurprising if all the coverage of Azov from a few years ago (where mainstream media was acknowledging they were Nazis and documenting their youth camps etc) started disappearing. Please make copies if you can. I know nothing on the internet ever really disappears, but the propaganda machine can effectively suppress. Make them work for it.

Churchill and Stalin's quotes about how history will remember them go alarmingly well together.
> History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it. - Churchill > I know that after my death a pile of rubbish will be heaped on my grave, but the wind of History will sooner or later sweep it away without mercy. - Stalin I've known of both of these quotes for some time but it never occured to me how much they complement one another. We've seen the truth steadily eroding Churchill's reputation as his conduct during the Bengal famine (among so many other things) becomes more mainstream knowledge. Cathartic to see it happening.