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my school gave free instrument lessons for every student so I picked Clarinet, played it for 4-5 years until I couldn’t fit it into my timetable anymore. Kind of wish I didn’t drop it tbh it’s a pretty cool fun fact to share about yourself

can play proficiently on Sax by proxy of it’s similarity to Clarinet too which is nice

went through a Criterion phase but realised it just made me look pretentious and scares the hoes

he knows the Pakistani masses are still overwhelmingly behind him, anything is possible

also don’t think a single person in the UK cares about 1776

this humbling is going to be incredible hopefully they get battered so Iran go through ahead of the US

if you’ve never watched Succession it’s so good

It's so easy to repackage socialism to people if you don't use any of their big bad buzzwords

the CSL is in the gutter right now, financially ruined after spending ludicrous amounts of money on guys like Oscar, Tevez, Bakambu, Hamsik etc to try raise the profile of the league and still nobody watches. People underestimate how hard it is to break European and South American dominance of this sport - it’s going to be 20 years before people even begin to take the MLS in the US seriously regardless of it’s quality.

Qatar had a goal of recruiting overseas players and investing huge amounts into their football program (it was effectively country over club for like 5 years for guys like Afif) and even then they got utterly embarrassed by Ecuador a couple days ago.

The closest we ever got to an Asian socialist country winning the WC was North Korea 1966 when they choked a huge lead in the QF against Eusebio’s Portugal. The coach never taught his team how to defend and after going 2 or 3 up, they didn’t defend and just kept attacking, eventually losing 5-3 because Eusebio is one of the greatest players ever and figured them out lol

what the fuck did the guy expect was going to happen like be so fr

this England, Iran, US, Wales group is going to be the funniest thing ever

they do none of these things already

i’m muslim, i organise whenever I can, i commit so much time to socialist causes, i’ve spent whole days reading theory - but because I pray salah i’m not a valid Marxist? who are you to tell religious people what their religions can and cannot mean?

icl it can sometimes seep it’s way into leftist spaces too when they go on the whole “marxism and religion aren’t compatible” tirades. so dehumanising. i just wish people would stop talking about things they know nothing about is it too much to ask 🥲

the day one realises that Westerners and specifically Americans fundamentally don’t understand Islam or the Middle East and everything they say is coated in a layer of orientalism is the day your life gets better


there are no good guys and bad guys there is simply the imperialist camp and those they try to exploit

except for the state of israel they can be bad guys

are Maoists and Anarchists even distinguishable from each other at this point

just seems a little tacky and cringe to staple your political beliefs like that in your clothing. I wear clothing to feel comfortable and look cool, not to scream my political beliefs at people - I can do that with my mouth

this meme format makes me very uncomfortable i think it’s the whispering

been interested in Mesoamerican/Mayan history lately so have been reading up on that. Makes you really hate the Spanish

translation - (Diogo Dalot on being called up for the World Cup in Qatar) "There are moments that last forever, and being on this call-up will be one of them. We will carry the history of Portugal with us.. We are from a land that explored, discovered, conquered and spread its culture to the 4 corners of the world."

just standard apple notes since it syncs across my devices

Chomsky on domestic issues is actually really great, I still recommend Manufacturing Consent to people. It’s just when he starts talking about AES that it all falls apart

I’m careful to label Iranian diaspora as gusano’s considering the Islamic Revolution came primarily from the “middle” class. A lot of discourse around Iran is unfortunately poisoned through cultural warfare so it’s difficult to get a gauge on what workers actually think removed from Western social media and with a dialectical analysis of pre-revolution and post-revolution Iran

in light of the recent Iran protests, why is there such revisionism over the former monarchy and the reign of the Shah?
I feel very uncomfortable when people (particularly Westerners) white wash the atrocities of the Shah out of some twisted logic that Iran was somehow any better off. When Iranians wave the former flag of the monarchy, is there unironic support for that part of their history? An excerpt from Robert Fisk's chapter on the Iranian Revolution showing how hypocritical it is for Westerners to claim the Islamic Revolution wasn't a popular movement - "(in 1979) I was stopped by a schoolboy outside the gates of Tehran University who wanted to sell me a remarkable example post-revolutionary graphic art. It was a cardboard face mask of the Shah, his jowls slack and diseased, his crown kept in place only by two massive black horns. Push out the detachable cardboard eyes, place the mask over your own face and you could peer through the Devil's own image. Whenever a stroller purchased a mask, whenever I held it to my own face, the young men would cry *Marg ba Shah* - "Death to the Shah! An account of SAVAK (the Shah's intelligence squad) torture rooms from the same chapter - "... downstairs there were cells. In each of them was a steel bed with straps and beneath it two domestic cookers. There were lowering devices on the bed frames so that the people strapped to them could be brought down onto the flames. In another cell, I found a machine with a contraption which held a human arm beneath a knife, and next to it was a metal sheath into which a human hand could be fitted. At one end was a bacon slicer, they had been shaving off people's hands". Iranians have every right to be frustrated but Westerners co-opting such demonstrations with disgusting pro-Shah nonsense must be firmly opposed

do you guys think it’s possible to be an Israeli Marxist without being ashamed of your identity

I just got a Manchukuo edit on my fyp. I don’t even follow any political accounts

my take is that Penaldo is going to get owned by his idol Bukayo Saka

I guarantee you these people have never read a word Khomeini wrote

depending on what culture your partner is you can show them their own socialist leaders and how they improved the lives of their people

westerners don’t have the fucking right to “condemn” global south socialists

Removed Israel and ROC because that's obvious. Also can anyone enlighten me on why Pakistan doesn't recognise Armenia?

How do I incorporate Marxism into a Commerce degree?
Starting a double major in Economics/Accounting in a couple of months. Wondering if any comrades had any advice on how I can use skills like this to further my understanding of Marxism and/or help working-class movements in any way. btw if anyone's interested I had offers for history and fashion design too but I unashamedly picked this combo for employment (I still enjoy it anyway)

These teens are getting roped into neo-fascism in absence of Marxist guidance showing them what the "matrix" actually represents. Vulnerable young men are getting told that yes, corporations are oppressing them, and yes, the US government is a puppet of the rich - but the solution being presented to them is to become an exploiter themselves rather than any form of class solidarity or dialectical materialism. I really feel like this "escape the matrix" rhetoric is the kind of thing we can capitalise on instead of just standing idly by as young men have their very real grievances with modern life twisted into something wholly unhealthy

Eritrea, ranked "the worst country for press freedom in the World" has been fighting Western sanctions since it's very inception, for 30 years rebuilding a country that was completely decimated in all facets of society following decades of war. Obviously the West doesn't show Eritrea's full picture, and I think it's a really interesting country for us to study from an anti-imperialist perspective. here's an article from a couple weeks ago stating that UNESCO recognises Eritrea's literacy campaigns as being some of the most effective in the past 50 years - https://tesfanews.net/eritrea-education-and-social-justice/

Is it wrong to greatly prefer expressing all political views in a borderline echo chamber such as Lemmygrad rather than ever try to engage with liberals on other platforms again?
There are only so many more braindead, agenda-fueled smug remarks I can deal with at this point and I've lost all hope of changing most of these people. Just this evening I commented a one sentence defense of China's foreign policy on reddit only to get every single one of my comments from the past week bombarded by a guy spamming Taiwan emojis and calling me a "CCP slave girl who should go to the Xinjiang rape camps". It's tiring

The film follows a group of student's founding a terrorist sect and planning to assassinate a Soviet official on a diplomatic visit. Godard was a Marxist and his films are littered with dialectical readings, with another film (Weekend) even mentioning Marx's name next to Jesus Christ. He's my all time favourite director and if you've never checked him out you really should

If the only Socialist organisation at my university is Trotskyist is it even worth joining?
Not in a position to create an actual ML chapter but really don't feel like dealing with Trots. Any advice?