And that was apparently at the beginning of the war when they still had their most experienced men above grass.

911 ngày

Azov is so February 2022 lmao

bro thought he was in GTA or something 💀

Soviet Snake
711 ngày

This is not GTA, this is L4D2 where you can shoot at Tank’s rocks with AKs to destroy them, only that they’re failing.

911 ngày

A day in the life of an Ukrainian soldier be like

Get conscripted off the streets of Odessa, given 30 minutes of training with an AK47

Week Day 1 begins


sprays ak47 wildly into the air, wasting the 17 bullets the entire platoon had left

Bomb hits anyway, killing the lieutenant who was hiding inside

Keep advancing

Artillery shell comes out of nowhere and rips your best friend’s legs off


You get run over and crushed to death by your own tanks as they try to run away

The tanks get blown up by Kornet ATGMs anyway

As you die with the glow of the red sun, your last thoughts are of your 2 year old daughter you were wrested away from by the fascist government and you wish her peace in life. A tear trickles down your cheek, and your soul awaits the hereafter.

Later that evening, after ragequitting a game of Call of Duty and masturbating for 7 hours to a r*pe h-ntai video, some Western “Ukrainian-American” warmongering 14-year-old NAFO member LARPing as an Azov soldier brags on Twitter about how he had personally killed 134354657 billion “orcs” with a knife

bot account
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