CCTV footage showing the moment Mehsa Amini collapsing to the ground, and being attended to by medical personnel, then transported via ambulance to the hospital. The police rejected allegations of any physical contact with the 22-year-old, adding that she lost her life due to heart failure.

They do not show this in the west for very obvious reasons!

Click here to see the CCTV footage

Yeah, she just collapses onto the chair. If this is actually her, the police clearly had nothing to do with it

I guess liberals can claim that she was poisoned or something


I see what you are trying to say, comrades, but I do not think it is the best line to take. Far better to argue that, taking it at its best as originally being grassroots, it has now been coopted into being a colour revolution. It is only half the truth, but it is the one that the libs are most likely to accept and support us on.

I support this line of thinking. Maybe something actually did happen but that incident got co-opted into a larger scale color revolution against an eternal enemy of the US.


I don’t see how Liberals will concede to a half-truth.


Bcs it allows them to virtue signal by supporting the protests in their original form, while also encouraging them to join us in denouncing the colour revolution. We avoid the “evil commies no women’s rights” nonsense by ostensibly supporting any grassroots movements and elements, while still fighting the imperialists


Which they would do anyway, because Amerikkka slanders Iran


Yes. But now they do it with one face, denouncing imperialists with others. Which is still not ideal, but is far more conducive to our interests than the status quo where they actively support the imperialist cause.

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