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11 million is a ridiculously low estimate.

Joe Biden for instance is responsible for the deaths of over 20 million Latinos because of his and Obama’s neoliberal economic destruction.

China sells resources to the U.S. and Nato as well, is victimized by sanctions, and is willing to use force to defend itself and its allies from capitalist states.

None of these mean China is capitalist or imperialist. No one is denying Russia is a capitalist country, but Russia is providing resources and labor to imperialized countries for relatively small amounts of debt. I see your point but its a stretch.

I’ve got less downvotes than you by a mountain’s worth. But those downvoting me were merely proving themselves wrong anyway. Your dick-measuring contest is stupid.

Most socialists here understand that Russia is a capitalist hellhole and that Putin is a monster that probably has ulterior motives. But to insinuate that Russia is anywhere near imperialist or downplay their efforts in supporting anti-imperialist nations is dishonest.

That’s categorically not true. The vast majority of leftists here only support Russia critically. Russia is a capitalist hellhole, and Putin is a maniacal reich-wing douchebag and he surely has ulterior motives. But to call or insinuate that Russia is imperialist is dishonest nonsense.

I’m currently grinding Dares of Eternity and Grandmaster Nightfalls on Destiny 2 to prepare for the start of the new season next week.

Alex Rosen projecting by calling Antifa pedophiles. He needs to eat concrete. Fellow Texas comrades, we need to make him eat food through a straw for the rest of his life.

I live in/near Denton. I’m wondering how we can expose and take down this fascist alt-reich bootlicker and child diddler. This man is a horrible cracker monster. Street justice…

I highly recommend Telesur, and Multipolarista

Thank goodness, sorry if I jumped down your throat.

That was my thought process as well. I assumed/hoped they were being sarcastic, but there is always a non-zero chance.

I sometimes have trouble differentiating over the internet between sarcasm and seriousness partially because I’m neurodivergent, but denying the moon landing is almost as stupid and wrong as denying the curvature of the Earth, no hyperbole.

I’m not attacking you or calling you stupid, I’m criticizing your statement. It pains me that the U.S. put a man on the moon first, and I agree that in the grand scheme of things, the Soviets “won” the space race. But to deny the U.S. moon landings despite the millions of pieces of corroborating evidence from millions of sources such as amateur astronomers, rock samples, the level of technology at the time, the lack of good video editing and green screens required to “fake” the moon landings, is stark raving mad.

I can understand currency existing as a very flawed way of allocating resources that are extremely rare and valuable and aren’t “necessary” for life or functioning in society, but I do agree that currency existing in the first place is defeatist.

Neoliberals accuse communists of being economically “illiterate” but 99 percent of communists I’ve met and conversed with and the socialist theorists I’ve read theory and essays from have a monumentally more accurate and pronounced understanding of resources and economics and make more accurate predictions than neoliberals do.

In the grand scheme of things, currency creates more problems than it solves, but in the lens of the exploitative, sociopathic puritanical wage slavery supporting view of capitalism, currency makes sense to exist.

Most economists are economists in name only. I forget exactly who said this, but “economists” are just neoliberal bootlickers that are more like priests than actual scientists or behavioral experts.

What. Please tell me you’re joking/being sarcastic.

I consider myself to be a “Classical” Marxist-Leninist but updated to the 21st century.

I strongly support Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Juche, Chavismo and Mao Zedong Thought and limited practical critical support of Ba’athist Islamic socialism and Liberation Theology.

I consider the PRC, Cuba, Laos, DPRK and Belarus to be socialist. Venezuela and Bolivia are demsoc states and I support Syria, Iran, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, Russia and the Donetsk region in an anti-imperialist sense.

TIL stopping reactionary fascist interlopers is imperialism.

And at least Russia slightly pretends to care about its people and achieves actual material improvements in its population’s lives, and has legitimate reasons for wanting to de-nazify Ukraine.

I’ve been following the online Youtube Predator Poachers and vigilante pedophile-hunting organizations on Youtube for years, and I have been watching from the sidelines and collecting evidence of these crackers for a while now. …

I looked up Boris Kagarlitsky, and I’m not surprised to find that he was likely a Russian gusano. …