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Fair enough actually - you are right. I think the source of my error came from considering bourgeois democracy solely as a form of governance, thus separating it from imperialism and focusing only on domestic issues, not international ones. I take the previous comments back.

Fair enough. I mean - it fell out of fashion and is largely unused outside of Germany and a few Scandinavian countries. It remains an interesting system, though. For example, in the German system B is referred to as ‘H’ and Bb as ‘B’. Which means the german note system is actually very much modal going (in ‘normal’ not German names) A, Bb, C, D, E, F, G, B (for a scale on A), giving an interesting chromatic turnover (G, B, A, Bb, C) in the middle of scales. Chromatically, it is C, Cis/Des, D, Dis/Es(s), E, F, Fis/Ges, G, Gis/As, A/Bes, Ais/Hes/B, H/Bis, C. This quirk of naming allowed both Bach and Schostakovich to create their BACH and DSCH motifs which they used throughout their compositions.

No its not. It is a different naming system that is all. It is like claiming the existence of the word ‘yes’ in the English language negates the existence of ‘oui’ in the French one. It is no less real, nor any more synthetic, than the Eb.

In german note naming systems, Eb is sometimes referred to as “Es” which is abbreviated to “S”. So the “S” note does actually exist.

Why are they so annoyed? Its not like they were using it!

Certainly in my opinion it is very much the former. It is a defense mechanism to destroy progressive movements when they threaten bourgeois rule. It is bourgeois dictatorship in its most dangerous and poisonous form.

Not at all. Fascism has a specific goal as an extension of bourgeois democracy. It is self destructing but with it used as an immediate last resort “cure” to kill off worker’s movements when they grow too powerful. Bourgeois democracy does so over time coincidentally in its drive to extract resources. Fascism does so targetedly, more quickly. It is designed as soon as it has done so to destroy itself again to make room for the reinstatement of bourgeois democracy. But it remains still a method by which to destroy the left in the most effective manner possible, more so than bourgeois democracy which does not destroy the left but merely suppresses it. Between suppression and destriction especially in this early nascent period for the western left I would choose suppression. Even Stalin deigned to fight with bourgeois democracy against fascism. To do anything else is pure ideology with little regard for possible material outcomes.

That does not stand. You have completely ignored my previous point. Muad’dibbers is the only point that bears any wait and that is because he actually engages in the comparative at hand, that is between fascism and bourgeois dictatorship. If you object to the we, then I will tell this account expresses my own opinions, and sometimes - as in the case above - the opinions of myself and a group of friends in accordance with democratic centralism. If it should help you, I have changed it back to “I”.

Not so. Fascism is bourgeois democracy’s response to the worker’s gaining power. It is a defence mechanism. What that means, however, is that it is tailored to suppressing the workers and the progressive cause. While capitalist-imperialism also does this, it is a secondary feature. Its primary role is to extract value. Fascism is made to kill progress. This is why it is so much more damaging - not measured in body count, brutality… but in its harmfulness to our cause.

It is likely they do have links to ukronazis. The shooter wore a swastika for crying out loud. That said any story other than one of how the shooter is a symptom of the projected “”“Russian nazi problem”“” will be suppressed in Western media.

Fascism is being rehabilitated. Likely in an attempt to make it an option again to defend capitalism now that it is beginning to fall to its internal contradictions again.

Nonsense. The democracy is a democracy - albeit one that listens only to the bourgeoisie. A thing is not in its entirety wholly bad nor wholly good. Such an outlook is a idealistic one. Bourgeois democracy is good in comparison to fascist authoritarianism. We support it against such an alternative. It is unacceptable next to a proletarian dictatorship. In such a contradiction we will always support the latter option. The present issue however is not between a proletarian dictatorship and a bourgeois democracy. It is between a bourgeois democracy and a fascist dictatorship. In such a contradiction as we have here I support the imperfect democracy.

Watch the libs that "cared" so much for Ukrainian fascists suddenly start bayong for the blood of children. The mental gymnastics they will do to justify it...

Libs will support anyone if it allows them to pretend to be morally superior. Even, as in this case, support a fascist to pretend to be in support of women’s rights.

They have never had a majority government to my knowledge. They have all been unstable coalitions and fell to infighting or were immobilised during times of crisis and so had to resign. Italy is case in point for the necessity of democratic centralism.

I think Spain had one but it collapsed after bending over backwards to placate the libs. There are leftists, the only problem is that most of them are thoroughly useless.

I hope so. The average Italian government, however is not fascist and respects democracy. The present one is fascist and if we are to learn from history, it is clear that fascists do not care about popular consent nor popular support. The most likely outcome if you are right is that there will be a fascist couple in two years time. If there is a rise in instability as has been the case with other governments, Italian democracy - what little of it existed - will likely die in two years time. The fascist government will likely be here to stay.

No matter what happens, we cannot lose hope. Whenever fascists take power, wage war against the peoples of the world, it is the communists that stand as the last bastion against the fascist spread. If we cannot have hope in ourselves, who can have hope in us? And if they cannot have hope in communists, who can have hope at all?

Right now, the imperial core is doing that anyway. But yes - if the global south pivots to China, and the West is sabotaged so as to have it hands tied - the red wave will reach out. I am not sure, though, if western MLs are actually capable of doing this. Not in terms of will - we all have the will - but in terms of ability. Many of us are barely organised, unable to truly grow for fear of being crushed. At best, MLs in the west are still skirting the edges of what Lenin called ‘legal Marxism’ - the self censoring of Marxism to get through western media blockage and to make it appealing as possible. We are not yet ready, comrade. This is the problem. What we could do, actually, is wage a war of attrition. Not to win, but to distract the imperialists so the global south can rise up. By then, however, we would be depending on the global south to help us afterwards. If you do not, we would be defeeated and the fascists - newly empowered by their domestic victory - would likely strike back at the global south. The only battle than can now be fought against the imperialists is a civil war. Any other would have the opposing anti-imperialist military either completely crushed, or would end in nuclear holocaust. Meaning ‘support’ from the global south would have to be when the civil war is still distracting the fascists, and would have to take the form of - what was the lovely, clinical imperialist term… - ‘lethal aid’.

Agreed. We are slowly recovering from the damage done in the latter half of the 20th century. The only question is if we will be ready in time, and if the time will be right. If we are, we must remember that Mao took China in two decades, Lenin Russia in just over one decade, Castro Cuba in just 6 years. In times of qualitative change - as we are facing now - contradictory aspects are manifested in a thing far beyond their usual capacity. We do not need in a revolutionary period to gain majority support, only reach a critical mass. This, I believe, can be managed. The question is surviving long enough in a fascist nation to do so.

Italy looks to have elected its first female PM - and second fascist one
Exit polls have Meloni's coalition to have 45% of the vote. The imperial core is falling to fascism left, right and centre. Well, right and centre anyway. If we want a revolution we must hurry - I fear it may soon be too late to hold our ground against the fascists. [Source](https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2022/sep/25/italy-general-election-2022-results-live-giorgia-meloni-latest-news)

Iran and the Trump raid.
We all know of the recent rise of US backed color revolution in Iran. It is, at least to me, highly likely that we will see the Trump documents suddenly reveal incriminating evidence of Iranian covert operations against the US. As things stand, the evidence from the Trump raid firmly points towards Saudi Arabia. Not just because of the mystery multi-billion USD donation made by the Saudi Arabians to Jared Kushner. Not that any of this will matter in the US bourgeois "justice" system. They desperately need Saudi goodwill, largely thanks to their mindless sanctions against Russian gas, leading to an energy deficit that needs to be repaired. They need, then, someone to blame that is not Saudi Arabia. Iran is perfect for this. It is no secret that there is no love to be lost between Iran and the US. The recent Iranian demands for greater guarantees that the US and the Imperial core con be trusted as part of negotiations for the rebirth of the Iranian nuclear deal is also making the West look bad, and their position increasingly untenable. It should come as no surprise that the US would want to get rid of its Iranian problem. The colour revolution is just one prong of an attack towards those ends. The other prong will likely be the suddenly revelations of Iranian hostile intentions to find US spies in Iran (as that is somehow a hostile act, while the presence of spies was not) and to boost their nuclear program through the acquisition of US state nuclear secrets. This will allow for more blatant attempts to topple the regime and Libs will lap it up. On a side note, brace for yet more islamophobia in the """civilised"""" West.

Great Replacement Theory is accidentally based
Proponents of the racist Great Replacement Theory seem to be unaware of quite how attractive a world in which they were right would be. As they bemoan so loudly the death of their own ‘way of life’, we must ask what exactly that way of life is. The Western way of life has been of exploitation, first through slavery and now through exploitation of their own. It has been of backing brutal and murderous regimes, as in Chile with Pinochet, as in Cuba with the Batista and as in Afghanistan with Al Qaeda. It has been of war, endless war, the world over to feed their own military industrial complex, spilling foreign blood in the name of shareholders and profits. It has been of the constant suppression and oppression of people the world over – foreign and domestic – to serve a pitiful few. So roll in the Great Replacement. The end of the Western way of life, of the white man's ‘civilisation’ (and I call it the white man’s civilisation most advisedly, for it does not serve women, and it certainly does not serve those who are not white) can only be good for the world.

Some anti-monarchy posters I made
These will now be going up around my school to combat the English department's posters in honour of the Queen. Feel free to borrow them for your own propaganda campaigns. This one was inspired by the DPRK slogan posters. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/4412075e-9268-4ee6-b33f-05d6f8ffc720.jpeg) This is more conventional western agitprop. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/d718e65a-3f26-4c8f-8e41-89c01d5170c9.jpeg)

...and of course the image of the banderites comes complete with nazi imagery, as always.

On "respecting the dead"
Respect must be earned. This is not ridiculous. There are many qualities that will earn you respect. Simply being dead is not one of them. And yes, this is a rant about libs defending the Queen.

Rest in piss

Gorby is gone...
... but he left his shit behind. Now we have to clean up after him.

Note also that the CHIPS act directly flouts WTO regulations. [As repected Stanford law teacher Alan Sykes pointed out](https://law.stanford.edu/2022/08/02/stanfords-al-sykes-on-the-280-billion-chips-and-science-act-government-intervention-and-trade/): > Under WTO law, the Chips Act is a “domestic subsidy” because it is targeted at a particular industry and makes financial contributions to that industry through direct payments and tax subsidies. Such subsidies are not prohibited but are potentially “actionable” at the WTO if they cause injury to foreign producers of semiconductors seeking to sell into the U.S. market or some third country market in competition with subsidized products. In addition, if chips produced by subsidized facilities or firms are exported, they are potentially subject to “countervailing duties” imposed by the importing country if their presence in the export market causes “material injury” to producers in that market. As the CHIPS act is expressly in the interests of decreasing foreign import to the US, and thus damaging competitive semi-condutor manufacturers wishing to sell in the US or other countries, such as China and Chinese Taipei, it is in violation of WTO regulations. Article corroborating this from L*beral news source: - https://edition.cnn.com/2022/08/25/politics/chip-manufacturing-biden-executive-order/index.html

Once again the US demonstrates it cares about the UN and the real international community only when it is convenient. When it is not... the "international community" of NATO and it's allies are the only voices that matter.

By this point they are willing to let the world burn rather than to bid goodbye and good riddance to the Ukronazis, accept their defeat, and admit that they wrong about Ukraine.

Guardian comment sections are just too easy...

Who would you have had suceed Stalin?
Obviously not Kruschev, but which of the others would have been the best?

Of course it is visual capitalist...

The sheer level of projection coming from the White House