• Karu 🐲
    638 months ago

    As someone whose main instance is .world, I kinda expected this was coming ever since Hexbear got insta-defederated but I’m still disappointed. Anyway, that’s why I signed up here.

    That said, I noticed a massive disconnect between the ridiculous claims people make about ther interactions with Lemmygrad users and my own experience. They really will consider themselves as the most reasonable progressives ever and then claim harassment when their lib bullshit is called out.

    • @sky@codesink.io
      188 months ago

      Welcome over! It is legitimately baffling to see the things people make up.

      • Karu 🐲
        168 months ago

        No kidding. I binged the entire thread and nowhere in there do they provide any concrete proof of the “”“hate speech”“” they’re claiming, not even the admin. And it’s not like they’d rather avoid coming here and taking screenshots because they did screenshot this one post. But the people asking for example get hit with a “iT’s sO oBvIoUs”, “iF yOu wEnT tO LeMmYgRaD aNd dIdN’t sEe ThE pRoBlEm, yOu ShOuLd StAy ThErE 🤪”.

        But hey, I did see people claiming that they saw Lemmygrad users justifying the indigenous genocide by the US (!) and calling the working class “subhuman trash” (!!). Of course, no links or screenshots provided despite tht fact that other commenters ask for them.

        Some commenters in the thread say that this might be politically motivated and, I mean, it obviously is, but they were downvoted to oblivion lmao

        What a bunch of sad losers lol. Here I am waiting for Lemmy to implement actual account migration to move my memes/general purpose account out of there.