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  • Yes. If you’re poorer you struggle attaining popular beauty, which is very youth and fit oriented, even outside of obvious cosmetics, good sleep, good hydration, proper nutrition and movement help keep down microwrinkles and later on wrinkles along with keeping you toned looking. Then there’s things like temperature and the right amount of sunlight. Not to mention constant stress without relief.

    Cheap cosmetics are more likely to irritate your skin and look off in certain lightening, expensive cosmetics are more forgiving and last longer, making me think of a cosmetics version of the Sam Vines boots theory. This applies to lotions and such to a degree. Clothing is an obvious one and fashion is fickle and fast.

    I’ve noticed in the very, very impoverished rural area I live in people generally look a good 10-20 yrs older than they really are and just haggard and prematurely wrinkled. Worst I saw was some early 20yos at work I would have guessed easily for 40. Growing up in a similar area, some of my classmates in high school were already balding.

  • Caudwell’s Crisis in Physics does some of this but for quantum mechanics. You’d love the read.

    Really its done science first approach then dialectics to examine the environment your project’s developed in for anything weird that will diminish understanding, then fix and repeat since there’s no such thing as perfection in reality. You don’t go in with dialectics first, that won’t do you good and just make you overly rigid without proper knowledge and limit your understanding of the situation at hand leading to silly errors. Gotta ground yourself in what is known of reality first.

    It is neat for thought experiments for project design too and is a way to break out of the ‘its x or y or a mere continuum’ to noticing 'gee this doesn’t fit my data nor my problem, necessity v sufficiency for instance develops from this line of approach (and others, there are many tools in the tool kit, dia is just one) and is beyond helpful in life sciences.

  • Really late response, I work as a cashier deal with them all the time, I lay it on extra thick and play super slow and see if I can short circuit something. 99pct of the time it works, they may snap, just as a warning. This doesn’t work if they know you or assume any competence, in that case being super curt and tuning them out when they speak works great.

  • This, 100%.

    To add on, its also to restructure the economy to better suit whatever big bourgeois interests founded said fascist movement, if you break down the structures in place and set new legal-economic, military and political ones that suit yor investors in particular it much faster and easier than toying with those in place, a little shuffling and terror of bourgeois sentiment is no big deal, also you ensure loyalty as well to keep things going as well as your short-sighted money-vision can sense.

    I’m reading The Economy and Class Structure of German Fascism by Alfred Sohn-Rethel, would recommend so far.

  • Don’t think the free will v no free will dualism is the best way to look at the beast/phrase it, its something else entirely that uses these two aspects that seem like polar poles but are heavily overlapping, what some may easily call free will in some scenarios to being heavily shaded by conditions/environmental factors in others. I think of it as Marx’s “man makes history, not under conditions of his choosing” meets modern psychneurosci.

    Anyway, the real question here feels like ‘what is freedom’, which would be another good topic.

  • A lot of money and jackbootery is spent on keeping them that way as well, its learned helplessness by design and has been for over 100 yrs. All that oppression by force and money can’t last forever though, too resource draining and people are slowly but surely noticing the problems with the current way, they just generally don’t have a framework to put those ideas and well a lot of our terminology is ultra taboo right now. All we need to do is persist, ultimately, to keep hope alive, from there everything else is possible since time and people will be on our side once the wool lifts (or if we lift it, hehe), and against the current rigid way of being.

  • Mysticism and idealism in short, though imo animism-type practices mirrors a ‘low-tech’ materialism in its approach to the natural world, so there is room in it for the left and there should be plenty though they may not have the political framework so to speak. That’s how it be for most things, the culture at large has a lot of influence on subcultures and the people within it, we don’t exist in vacuums.