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1993 documentary about the ANM or Australian Nationalist Movement, a terrorist group in western Australia.

the day will come and heads will roll!

they would allow it if it were pro israeli or american, such shit.

removed for promoting terrorism. heres a vimeo link:

removed for promoting terrorism. heres a vimeo link:

very well said comrade. in a late stage capitalist society people who want change will either be conned into fascism or educated on ML. and yes the han nationalism notion doesn’t even merit criticism its so ridiculous.

i have no clue why its still allowed, they’re not even hiding the fact that they’re nazis like fascismreclaimed does.

is that fucking matthew heimbach? cause ive seen that these two talked before

jesse, what the fuck are you talking about?

based ☭ ⚒️ ☭ ⚒️ ☭ ⚒️

yeah i thought the same, just more brutal and less efficient.

cmon just let the fascists live in peace /s

yea i mean it’s literally hitler than a bunch of other famous people who aren’t mass killers. its just trying to normalise the glorification of hitler. nazis in american media are always well spoken, well dressed etc. it serves no other purpose than being nazi propaganda.

um what about aus tho. we grow fuck loads of poppy for drugs, are we a dangerous adversary of the united states?

i think most conspiracies are pysops. most are ridiculous shit like lizard people controlling the world so that when people bring up things like 9/11, covid origins, mlk assassination etc people chuck them in the same bin as alex jones.

i also think that the colonial australian government covers up much of their genocide. its said that there was anywhere from 350,000 to 1,000,000 aboriginals in australia the year of invation 1788. however this doesnt really ad up with accounts from colonialists saying that there were vast fields of cultivated yam, huge seed storages, fire stick farming (replenishing grasslands to attract animals for hunting) and trade routes. this is even further expanded on by aboriginal oral tradition describing their history and lore. i strongly believe aboriginal society was far more advanced and much larger than we are led to believe.

i used to really like the labour party in australia, until i found out them and the liberal party are funded mostly by the same people and that they had very similar ideologies. also i found labour to be very deceptive on aboriginal issues, they’ll pretend that they aren’t oppressing them because they mention the fact that we’re on aboriginal land, and nothing else. kinda like dems and blm in the states. i figured more radical change was needed so i looked into marxism.

only difference between people like this and christian reactionaries is their stated reason for supporting us imperialism and islamophobia.

but mum i didnt mean to do genocide 😤

yeah ik. just a meme comrade

caption said "azov has been westernised". cant make this shit up

yea ik, take a look at the user flairs. half are just bullshit like “totalitarianism” or “national transhumanist”. also they think ba’athists are fascists.

sounds confusing, i can never wrap my head around these big intersections especially when driving.

i know its nowhere near as bad the the USA, but fuck me this just ridiculous, we already have the largest tram network in the world. and decent train lines, both just need expansion not more roads.

i took a look at the sub, it seems like its a joke by leftists but its all so deeply intrenched in irony i cant even tell.

full video: