“wheat is capitalism. brown rice is socialism. and then when you have white rice, that’s communism”

I’m not a man, I’m not a woman. I prefer masculine terms.

I’m a student of Marxism-Leninism.

I’m over 20.

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A few days later? I’ve seen people post months later.

What do you mean? My profile avatar is comrade Stalin. I don’t think a “federal agent” would do that, haha. Ignore my shoes and haircut please.

Not to sound like an dick, but I like that I can log in for an hour or two and then fuck off for days. It doesn’t feel like artificial engagement.

Last night I dreamt of unyellowed Parenti. I should be grateful even if I missed his natural hue

It’s their ignorant confidence that annoys me

Waiting it out didn’t work for me. Took me like 8 years and if they called me to hook up right now I’d still say yes lmao

Strong “I support socdems so I’m a socialist” vibes

Guess adding something to your bio could work.

Seeing the time these apps make you waste is terrifying. It has no positive impact on your life.

I was wasting like two hours scrolling through social media. I had to finally decide it sucked ass and was going to waste that time with my dog instead.

I’m lazy and I’m the one who picks my vices, not some algorithm SMH

Don’t feed the plants from Little Shop of Horrors freaks me the fuck out. Little Shop of Horrors with the alternative ending might be the only “horror” movie that creeped me out.

If I became suicidal now; I could have a high chance to succeed.

Eh, you would probably be found out before the suicide is completed and be left with permanent damage.

Maybe this is not a good post to make in this community. This could be highly triggering for users who are suicidal.

I’m not charismatic either, I’m extremely socially awkward. It’s just a matter of learning how other people have success talking and convincing people and trying it out.

The self-defeating incel mind. I remember that fat Thor… 😳

Recently read again my “therapy notes” where I self-assessed and rated my self-care/health. I noticed that I gave it a higher rating just last week than months ago :)

As a “sociopath”~, I will tell you that unless you figure out the way to talk with her and explain to her why this behavior “hurts” you you’re only gonna sound whiney every single time you complain. If you want her to chnage her behaviour, you’re better off looking the way she can be convinced. People don’t like being treated like they’re dumbasses.

Nonblack people take AAVE and then use it a nonsensical way. This is what happens when you don’t interact with Black people offline.

People will basically put on a blaccent online to “sound funny” and see nothing wrong 😭