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This for sure has to be a joke. White Russia= good, asiatic hordes= bad.

It’s in the process of collapse as we speak.

Article is from 2013. I wondering if things have changed much in the last 9 yrs?

Unemployed people, people with disabilities and sex workers. Basically the class below the working class.

Knowing that reddit is full of government agents makes me suspicious of these types of posts.

I would love to see these maps with survey results of people in each country rather than government spokespersons. Especially the EU where each member country has to agree.

Be patient with them, they are getting closer to the answer.

Yes I agree. I don’t think the shooters are literally on the payroll and instructed by agents, it’s more so that the various anti-terror organisation know it will happen and don’t intervene intentional. Even at times fuelling the sentiments online.

“The fuedalist”… “the monarchist”. I think I lost braincells looking at this image.

Anticonquista on youtube focuses on Latin America including indigenous peoples.

At night time, you can’t see bright lights from north korea. Communism is when no las vegas :(

India and Pakistan are going through an extreme heatwave right now. Some places reaching 50 degree celsius. The government is worried about crop failures and has stopped all wheat exports which is worsening the global food crisis.

“Nothing will fundamentally change” - Biden


@witlessworm@lemmygrad.ml made a really good comment debunking overpopulation as the root cause of resource scarcity

Anime is still a non-mainsteam subculture. Mostly people who are anti-social or don’t fit in are really into it. People who are socially alienated are attracted to extreme identity politics. So now you have a group of people society considers “weird” blaming their alienation on race, LQBTQ, communists etc. Also people become radicalised online, especially places like 4chan which are known for anime posting.

Naomi Campbell. She was strong and stood up for herself so the media labelled her a diva.


I’ve seen ukrainian soldiers saying US weapons don’t work or that they don’t have enough amo. So where the fuck is this money going? This is the greatest money laundering scam on US and European people that I’ve ever heard of.