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8K screens are just amazing arent they?

beto needs some boost to his campaign… I dont think there is anything more to it.

I think it is important to get people to understand class and economic structures. The amount of misinformation is just too much… Telling a person that the anti DPRK progranada is BS might work, but they go back into the world and if they go to wikipedia to check some info, they will again be dragged in this BS.

Talking about how the west is trying to destroy any country that is not subservient to them is the much better strategy. And the atrocities committed against the DPRK & co. can also easily be checked even in bourgeoisie resources.

Imagine how pissed he must have been when the 4s came out…

I mean the Huthis said they did it, they have drones… So I guess this is more likely.

I think the issue is that while so hawks will try to use this to get their war with iran, I dont think it makes sense. They have enough other reasons in the past few months if they wanted one.

On the flip side this really shows what Iran and its allies (Hisbola, Huthis, etc.) are capable of if attacked. To assume that any oilwell in the gulf region would still work after iran retaliates, that US embassies would survive, that the US army camps in the area wouldnt be attacked is fictitious. Saudi Arabia is a fucking unstable country. If something massive happens there, there kingdom could quite easily fall. Israel is also extremely vulnerable…

Petro dollar would be gone, the world economy in a massive recession. Uprisings and riots throughout asia. Possibly the fall of the US empire… There are reasons why the US has Iran on #1 ever since the revolution, but instead the two neighboring countries were attacked (which both didnt have a functioning airforce).

I mean who wouldnt want to destroy the one state which was anti imperialist, anti capitalist, had the most progressive social rights in the world, lifted millions out of poverty and fought european fascism, if it does not fit their exact ideal of how communism should look?

You seem to have a weird job. So you design guns for rich kids?

Im in academia, my PhD was quite freakish. So the institute I was in decided to turn itself into a company, mostly to easily steal the academics research for patents and get outside industry funding. Basically it still remained 80-90% state funded, but the companies had all control. All groups were working on stuff directly for a company, which then has the rights to their work. I remember some boring simulation was done separately by 3 people in the same building, but each for a different company, so they could not communicate. Also the entire premise was bullshit and could not work, so the institute did not produce the results that the companies pretended have and that were promised in grant proposals. The companies would also not allow the scientists to publish the negative results, so entire PhDs were finished without publishing a single paper.

The environment was really toxic. Abusive professors throwing chairs… 25 year olds being paranoid and afraid because they had a meeting with their supervisor… There were a lot of foreigners, and a professor just decided to kick out 4 PhDs, handing them some document (in a foreign language) which basically made them resign. This meant they were made unemployed in a foreign country with a visa that expires without a job and also no 2 month severance payment and unemployment benefits (since they quit). Just one person didnt sign and with the help of the union was able to keep the position, since a professor is apparently not even able to fire someone…

That was, and i guess is still, a shitty place…

Obviously reparations are moral, considering the hoffic crimes of imperialism. I guess the issue is that reparations in capitalism will mean monetary transfer from one capitalist entity to another one. I am not sure if any justice will be achieved without fundamentally overcoming capitalism. A real socialist society will focus on the most marginalized and transition to a society where real equality would exist, which ideally achieve what reparations would seek to do.

The point is, if a stronger empire exists out of the reach of the revolution, there is no solution to it. Hierarchic military structures will be needed to fight back against external attacks. Believing that this power can be spread equally to everyone is probably an illusion.

During the dictatorship of the proletariat (i.e. Socialist system) the state needs to wither away to reach communism. Any state will eventually create a new class system, i.e. the people that control it vs. everybody else. If this happens the benefits of the revolution will slowly be reversed. If however, due to white terror/WW2/Cold war and to low productive forces of the society that withering process is impossible, the treat of reactionary elites in the state apparatus will always be threat and problem.

Mao’s idea of a cultural revolution, having repeating mass mobilized revolutionary struggles against the capitalist/elitist elements within the party and state apparatus is a strategy that might work, but then again such a process could also be coopted by foreign capitalist interests.

The easiest way would be to be in the situation of being the dominant economic and military force in the world, because then the withering process could actually begin. But yeah if this is not the case, I dont see a real perfect solution.

You mean it would be flushed with cheap money which do not change the underlying issues of how capitalism causes the crisis… I guess this is basically what is happening with renewable energies to be honest.

I really like his analysis. And cool that you share peer tube videos:)

Im just hoping this whole EU flag waving is going to stop…

A whole article about legalistic ideas to stop climate change without even a mention of the Ecuador - texaco court case, where exactly stuff like this was attempted by a non white majority country… The final blow to which was given by the UN courts the article is propping up as an alternative…

Fuck them for siding with their government!! The WP would obviously never unjustly side with the US government.

Why do you post the same picture of Stalin 4 times?

Its called him never selling a country to appear in a TV commerical

Riots are probably the only way to at least reduce police violence and suppressed communities to get a voice. What was true in the 60s/70s is still true today