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Lol this was my major takeaway from the video too.

Capitalism, you’ve done it again!

I just found this recipe using pumpkin seed to make scrambled egg and I thought I’d pass it on to you.

I’m going to try and find pumpkin seed meal where I live because I want to mix all the ingredients together and have a jar of powered “egg” sitting in my pantry for convenience.

“The Political Bureau believes that shortage of seed grain in Ukraine is many times worse than what was described in comrade Kosior’s telegram; therefore, the Political Bureau recommends the Central Committee of the Communist party of Ukraine to take all measures within its reach to prevent the threat of failing to sow [field crops] in Ukraine.”

Joseph Stalin - From the Archive of the President of the Russian Federation. Fond 3, Record Series 40, File 80, Page 58.

❌ Sends your data to foreign nations



My vote is for r/ImPopularOpinion

We’ve gone way past manufacturing consent and we are now reaching levels of inventing reality that were only theoretically possible.

Wouldn’t it be possible to get a helper to post up the edited images on imgur/wherever and then you could download it at full res and upload it to your album?

It’s a little bit of legwork but as a workaround it’s probably not too bad…

Edit: Also I find doing editing work like this more gratifying than by rights it should be and it’s been quite a while since I’ve made meme templates. I’d be willing to help out with this if you ever need a set of hands.

Following r/2020PoliceBrutality has really ground me down by keeping me in virtually a constant state of outrage and disbelief.

This shit gives me hope. Kudos to the show of force from PSL and the kickass leadership putting the Chief on the back foot.

Time’s up, APD! Fire Rudyard and Oedema!!

I can be your friend if it means that you’ll explain why Trotsky was a terrorist to me - I’m not good on history of the USSR and I’m all ears!

r/Copypasta needs this

You can make the shittiest hot take on that and just read it in the most superficial way:

Cop flashes okay sign as a greeting and show of support to a far right protestor

…and it’s still really bad. You don’t even have to wring your hands and question whether or not it was an intentional dogwhistle.

Libs gonna lib

My best advice to you for this sort of question is to find chefs or channels which you trust and then check to see if they’ve covered the recipe you’re looking for.

I’d recommend checking out this recipe from Chinese Cooking Demystified because they put out consistently high quality, no nonsense recipes.

He’s only saying it because Chomsky’s propaganda model called him out decades before Musk even started becoming prominent in the media.

Authentic Cantonese Chow Mein, vegan style

This recipe is coming directly from here. You can also find a video demonstration of the recipe in that post. …

@dessalines@lemmygrad.ml I’d like to support the growth of this project directly without becoming a repost-monger like some wannabe GallowBoob.

What do you reckon would be the right way of going about increasing the amount of posts and content without straying into becoming spammy or just reposting everything from reddit?

There… is a kernel of truth to this; India is predicted to run out of water for half a billion people by as early as 2030, according to a recent NITI Aayog water security report. The recent water shortages in India are just a tiny taste of things to come.

The tensions between India and Pakistan have been increasing along with an uptick in militarization in Kashmir as well as Punjab. Water rights will be an issue, particularly with the Indus River systems water supply being (nominally) 84% Pakistan’s by treaty rights.

I honestly believe that we’re going to see the world’s first true water war erupt with India at the center. Given that China controls the tributaries and the treaty conditions with Pakistan, it is a coin toss as to who it will be with, but India is in the middle of this - mark my words.

And that’s without the preliminary data indicating very worring concerns about the rapid rate of melt in the Tibetan Ice Sheet which forms a large part of the water flow that eventually reaches the Indus.

It’s really, really scary stuff imo. If you have anyone you know who lives in India then tell them to make plans to leave because this shit is gonna hit the fan as a matter of when and not if.

Just a tip from a fellow non-vegan: it’s easier to transition if you pick off bits at a time, like learning to replace your milk with soy milk and so on.

If you know that you love eggs for breakfast in the morning then try out some scrambled tofu as a replacement. If that’s 90% of your egg consumption then that’s going to make a bigger difference than hesitating and resisting bigger changes.

Also “black salt” from an Indian grocer will give your vegan eggs a slightly sulphurous oomph that is hard to beat.

If you want to open your eyes to the possibilities of where vegan food can be taken to, check out Sauce Stache on youtube - there’s lots of good stuff there.

Kenji's black bean burgers, vegan style

This recipe is adapted from here and you can watch Kenji himself making it with a headcam here if that helps you get the process clear in your mind. …

Add confirmation for cancelling a comment

At least in my mobile browser, one slip of the finger can see your hard work vanish in an instant. That kinda sucks. …

I’m 99% sure this is the change that people were protesting for