White House holds swearing-in ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett

Amy Coney Barrett is slated to be sworn in to the Supreme Court at a White House ceremony Monday evening, the White House announced shortly after her nomination was confirmed by the Senate.

Pardon the lib source, didn’t see any other articles up yet.

It’s incredible that this system counts as democracy to USians. Imagine being made arbiter for life in a two-party system – and this from pretty much the proclamation of independence, so it’s nothing new or evolving. We also have supreme courts in Europe, but there are several more judges who are on rotation, they don’t last their whole lives (though it’s often their retirement plan) and their decisions only count as setting precedents; they don’t magically become law. The difference with these precedents (also on the basis of Roman law) is that they can still be interpreted, especially depending on the context of each case.

I’m not sure how any of this system can be salvaged. I’m sure US communists have already written about this, but this system is so rotten I feel like you’ll have to pull an october revolution all over again. Just throw away the whole law and replace it with your own system.


Damn straight; you hit the nail on the head.

Keep in mind that the system is this way be design.

See, this is why we all need to come together and vote. Surely voting will solve this problem, like it solved police violence and poverty.


Dems doing their best to nullify every reason to vote for them. Probably the most pathetic controlled opposition party it history.


Don’t mind the lib source in this case; you’re just keeping us notified.


What everyone must understand is that Dems NEED the Republican party, specifically the moderates. The Republican party is the counter weight needed to keep voters from picking progressive candidates to turn the party leftward. The Democrats can just as easily follow Republican tactics to oust the Republican party and undermine their power but the Democrats 100 percent know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Without the Republican party the Dems (moderates) would be left vulnerable to progressives who pull further away from the moderates eventually splitting the party and weakening it’s power. The Republican party is largely fine with someone like Trump because it’s power only grows faster.

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