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American history (as it is taught in public schools ime) as well as American culture in general places a big emphasis on “heroes.” It’s just another facet of bourgeois individualism.

Queue a pivot from Democrats to a crackdown on “Anarchy.” Ratchet strap effect in action.

Socialism is when you have somewhat public healthcare and literal neofeudalism.

I’m not surprised. Doesn’t matter to dems, of course. Vote Blue No Matter Who!

I’m guessing r/socialism, based on the amount of points each comment has.

They mention they use random phone calls.

But take a look at these sample sizes lmao. Select “Global Attitude Survey” and “2020” in the dropdown menus. No more than 1200 people were interviewed in each country.

Jacobin going for the “Karl Marx was a capitalist, he wrote a book about it” audience.

Maoists don’t want to destroy landlords. We want to go beyond them.

I’ve recently had a bunch of Vtuber clips in my recommended… Shit like this is why I don’t really participate in anime communities. I’ve been unsubbed from r/anime for a long time, and r/animemes more recently after the community had a meltdown over the mods adding a “no slurs” rule.

Also, the term Holoreactionaries is so accurate. Click here to instantly die: https://www.reddit.com/r/Hololive/comments/j0x5bi/hololive_fans_please_be_wary_of_actors_in_the/

CoD just looked the same as every year

Oh god. It was bad enough when the campaign in last year’s blamed Russians for American war crimes (not to mention glorifying the war on terror) but now it’s going back to the Red Scare just in time for a new wave of anticommunism.