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You think they ever cared about public opinion in China? The didn’t give a damn in any of the other countries they tried to imperialize. The end to antipathy towards China will only come when the power of the US state is broken, but this is on the horizon. A time will come when Americans will reflect on how much better their lives would have been if they had been born in China.

No, I always use either “proletarians” or “the proletariat.” I may also refer to the working classes (as there is more than one, and we seek to help them all even if our roots will always be the proletariat).

What is Ba'ath Arab Socialism?

I’ve been hearing about it as a peripheral socialist tendency, but I’ve not ever actually heard anything about it from someone who understands and supports it. Could you please explain it a little? What does ‘Ba’ath’ mean? How is it related to and/or different from Nasser’s Arab Socialism?..

Totally would, if anywhere I worked was lucky enough to be unionized.

The issue that some leftists have with the bans is not who is being banned, but rather that by socially accepting the bans we’re giving the companies like twitter the go-ahead to police speech on their site. This means that if they can ban right wingers for saying things they deem to be wrong, they can equally ban us for the same thing. We shouldn’t condemn the bans or ask for them to be lifted, but we should recognize that is puts us into a weaker position on capitalist websites and fear for what it portends.

I’m a wobbly too! I still believe they have real potential, even in their diminished state. It’s on us to build them up as a socialist alternative to the AFL-CIO and other liberal unions.

That is amazing! Best of luck to you! I hope to be a part of something like that someday.

You probably should. Unless they have major problems (CPGB-ML’s transphobia for example) it is if nothing else a good place to meet other comrades and to begin to network. How else are we going to seize power if not through the means of a communist party?

What I want to know is what the CYM is going to do in the future, especially as various members age-out of the “youth” categorization. Will they become their own party? Will they become the youth wing of another ML party? What I’d really like to see is the various ML’s in Ireland coming together, wiping the slate clean, and forming a united party (perhaps naïve, but still would be nice).

I got banned once and called sinophobic for saying I didn’t want China and the US to nuke each other. Funny how the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Glad I can say this here, death to Bezos. I hope he gets lynched with his family watching.

Yeah, it’s really more being against anti-Chinese racism, and he only mentions it briefly, but that’s still more than most of Labor will ever do. Good on him.

If you can find an example of that I would be really excited to see it. Not like he is coming to power any time soon, but it would be nice to find out he was a better socialist than I thought he was.

Even if he comes out against them, at least he has the decency to read what Xi has to say about his country.

If he’s living in Vietnam as an immigrant doesn’t that mean he is no longer a settler?

I swear voting for Biden is totally radical! Even all of the internet anarchists are doing it! Stopping Trump is more important that building a revolutionary movement!

/s if it was needed

I look forward to seeing them deliver on these promises. They’ve promised a lot, but they haven’t failed so far.

See, this is why we all need to come together and vote. Surely voting will solve this problem, like it solved police violence and poverty.

What are your thoughts on a united front?

I’ve been thinking about the third period a lot lately, specifically the end of the third period and the dawn of united fronts. Looking at the state of the left in the west, it seems like things have become fragmented to a point that even the best of us are confused about who to support or which org…

Convince me; 5.56 or 7.62?

I’ve only gotten into guns in the past couple of years, and when I had a little more money I bought a pistol to carry and a shotgun for a couple of things. While I’m not planning on buying anything right now, I’m still planning on buying a rifle sometime soon, but what I am debating is if I should b…

What is your opinion on "left" or "big tent" parties?

As the title says, I want to know what you think about parties like Die Linke in Germany, Vänsterpartiet in Sweden, or the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (I do not mean the DSA). Each of them came into existence as a union of various socialist movements, but many communists as well. We certainl…

What's your favorite leftist trivia fact?

Mine is that International Workers Day is May 1st to commemorate the Haymarket Affair, which happened in America where labor day is conspicuously much later in the year…