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Then you’ll be called a red fash because any country or any people that do not fit the western diaspora is fascist or backward, uneducated. These days to be illiberal is to be a fascist.

No. The proletariat became a real thing after industrialization. Before that the middle class were guild people or merchants, shop owners, etc. The day laborer was the precursor to the proletariat but the day laborer couldn’t be considered a class because they just did odd like jobs and would also own a plot of land or be considered what is now a Lumpen.

I want to type something but I don’t know what to write, it’s essentially a real clown show. The consistency here is non-existent; and it’s explicitly done because it’s quite literally the: it’s okay when we do it but not okay when they do it. At least be consistent in your politics is all I personally ask of politicians and those that are are either labelled “fascists” or “divisive”. I think the political establishment is quite comfortable these days because now they’re not even trying be “consistent” in public and bastards behind closed doors, now they just expose themselves in the open and move on and expect people to forget their past statements.

It’s naïve to say that the US is just now losing its hegemony. The downward spiral began with the 90s, but the heavy body blow was 08’ crisis. 2016 was the cement made manifest that America is an imploding empire. I think it’s important to understand that effects of a cause take time to be felt concretely. 2016 wasn’t where the trend of collapse began but rather when the anger was given a concrete voice and concrete political reaction: Bernie, Trump. America is no longer the unipolarity, and even the nation’s formally under the heel of America is no longer feeling the pressure, see South America recently. That was something that’s been building up for years and has only manifested now, if America were the same America of an earlier time they would’ve been successful like they were in the 60s.

If you were to pull my arm and force a prediction from me ( and I’m not much for predicting things but rather making sense of the here and now) id tell you that a South American union will form the basis of a new polarity in the world.

It’s revealing isn’t it? even if we presupposed everything they said about China is true government wise, they’re condemning nearly a billion people to death because they don’t approve of their state? We should’ve genocided all Germans while we are it, oh and the Japanese too, heck let’s finish off the those pesky Africans once and for all. Western chauvinism is a sad thing and because the western “holy city” that is America is dethroned, they’re expressing that fear of the unknown in brutal senseless ways. But even I can’t judge them, they’re aimless and the establishment has duped them all.

Are we failed state status yet? The absolutely clownery that this nation has become is awesome but not in the usual good awesome. What’s better is if the feds just said “fuck it, we don’t want to do this anymore”, let the people run shit for a while, or forever.

Interestingly enough Gene Roddenberry was someone hopeful for a future peace, a world not held down by national petty dogmas and exploitative production, and of course money is no more. So of the few positive visions of the future by the US, it is represented in a society that’s definitely not capitalistic.

We can’t stop it no more than we can stop technology altogether. There can be regulations introduced in the interest of citizens’ privacy but those limits could only go so far. These algorithms get smarter every year, and will continue to do so. If you don’t want to be surveiled the solution is simply move out to the countryside where there’s as little tech as possible.

Technocracy is good, in fact the early socialists spoke of a kind of utopian technocratic society. But we have now a historical tradition ever since then, and their ideas of technocracy are antiquated compared to our current level of development. China is a good example id say of technocracy in a way that benefits the common good of their society as a whole, the PRC. Ours in America and the west do not have the same interests.

I think that is such a pure liberal take as I have ever seen: in order to combat foreign imperialism we must maintain our own!

At least with the protectionist reaction of the Trump people it used the ‘guise’ of isolationism to further it’s internal goals. Heck even socialists are somewhat protectionist in some ways while maintaining internationalism i.e. universal cooperation which is essentially what China is promoting. American imperialism is on the decline and these people use socialist phraseology to further liberal goals, if I remember Lenin wrote on something like this of using phrases haphazardly.

Either way, if China or any other country were true imperialists we’d see a lot more conflict and all of this posturing wouldn’t be needed. Instead of focusing on China, focus homeward where things matter more than a country that is not your own.

Putin isn’t an autocrat but a state oligarch. Yeltsin sold out the country to a very small number of oligarchs and when Putin came around he set the country forward. He ain’t no Communist but he still looks after the interests of Russia, in that way he’s a nationalist but no more than America is. The hypocrisy would be to say Putin “worse” than the US which is wrong. If America were in a similar political-economic situation as Russia it would be the same in many ways.

All this is is private property law, keywords: private property. When these private entities ban some fascists or right wingers it means nothing to me. These are not public platforms beholden to federal law but private ones. If a leftist platform banned any right wingers from its platform I wouldn’t complain because that is their right according to laws of private property; terms of service and all. Now of the federal government specifically in America created a social media discussion platform started banning folk they would be beholden to their own constitution because a federal public forum would be directly beholden to free speech laws.

So to sum it up it doesn’t matter to me, socialists can create their own private platforms, and if the government shuts them down then that would be a violation of its own laws, especially if socialists engage in peaceful discussion and advocate for peaceful protesting and organizing. The red scare era was one of the most blatant government violation of the constitution in American history, only other time I can recall is the patriot act which came close.

The night truly is darkest before the dawn

While we are living in a very tumultuous time, what is most difficult is the unknown and what the future may hold. Reactionary Trumpism has taken ahold of a working class that has been abused and is confused of what to attach itself to, Trumpism is the only thing they see that is genuine to them whi…

These people’s tactics are so stupid it never seized to amaze me. Throwing eggs at some DSA person? These people are engaging in counter revolution. The job of a Communist in bring to our side and educate those who are misguided, not scare them off or piss them off, that is reserved for fascists. How the fuck are you going to educate the DSA if you just come across as some psychos and cockroaches causing nothing but problems. We want the masses on our side, not afraid of us. They have zero outreach and are nothing but a bunch of coward middle class children playing at war. Engage in agitational propaganda yes, but not against those who can be easier convinced. The DSA is nothing more than an outside organ that can be used to push forward Marxism-leninism. This bullshit is counter revolutionary because if the DSA and any so called progressive groups are being attacked by both Communists and far right groups you are doing the job of the God damn opps. You are cointelpro.

How the fuck are we to gain any legitimacy if we continually distance ourselves from the masses? How are we to teach why electoralism doesn’t work when we constantly attack those who are ignorant. This shit is unacceptable and it’s not to be tolerated what so ever.

This, I believe it’s too late for the west in terms of moving towards cooperation instead of falling towards reactionary fascism and protectionism.

Commodity exchanged for money or C-M is selling. Money exchanged for Commodity is the act of buying. Remove money from the picture is it’s basically exchanging one Commodity for the other, or C-C. The circuit ends once the seller becomes a buyer of a commodity.

Money exchanged for a commodity to sell that commodity to advance your money is M-C-M. So technically it would be better represented by M-C-M’. Your money is used as the thing used to accumulate commodities, you then sell those commodities to receive back money advanced or more money.

The first circuit is you sell to buy, the second circuit is you buy to sell. M-C-M is what makes the capitalist, C-M-C is what makes the consumer. The first sells what he produces to consume other commodities, the second buys commodities to sell them and accumulate more commodities to sell them again aka accumulation of capital.

I simplified it but that’s the gist of it.

The importance of theory is not dogma or whatever complaints are made. What theory shows us is that it explains the material reasons for why things are the way they are. Why does Socialism take the shape it takes in the periphery of the imperial core? Because the material conditions don’t allow for the world revolution we want to peacefully transition to Communism in the presence of capitalist encirclement. The western imperial countries had a much longer headstart and inevitably will be the most important in order capital to be defeated by the proletariat.

What everyone must understand is that Dems NEED the Republican party, specifically the moderates. The Republican party is the counter weight needed to keep voters from picking progressive candidates to turn the party leftward. The Democrats can just as easily follow Republican tactics to oust the Republican party and undermine their power but the Democrats 100 percent know what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. Without the Republican party the Dems (moderates) would be left vulnerable to progressives who pull further away from the moderates eventually splitting the party and weakening it’s power. The Republican party is largely fine with someone like Trump because it’s power only grows faster.

I’m just distracted by that boujee attire.

Oh right, that this is the one “special time” when we should all collectively vote Biden to steer us away from fascism. Ignoring what led us to a Trump in the first place. They often ignore the masses and their material conditions and forget what’s going on locally.

About vote blue no matter who

One thing that those who advocate for voting blue that fail to acknowledge is the fact that 8 years of Obama gave us Trump but also Bernie. So what exactly would change with Biden? Under Trump the left movement hasn’t shrunk it’s growing alongside the far right. This is inevitable when capitalism is…

China's communes

Is there a book or writing that goes into how China’s communes in the 50s and 60s worked? …

Reading The Bolshevik Revolution by EH Carr and..

I find it so interesting that in the early days the Soviets were not so much a territorial union but rather economic associations of different workers. EH Carr writes of how the Soviets not very long after the revolution were taking on a “Syndicalist” character. Of course this was the first kind of …

Breanna Taylor

With the ruling having been made and the state preparing the upcoming uprisings I think fellow American comrades here should absolutely know by now that the state had absolutely no intention of willing to give even the smallest ground to it’s citizenry. The time for peaceful protesting is at an end…

Organizational struggle or armed struggle?

I think as Marxist-Leninists we can all agree that organization is one of the most important if not primary struggle we engage. We want as many people in our cause as possible. The armed struggle is something we acknowledge to be a possibility in the future, once we’ve built dual power. But on the o…

Saw this response to a post on reddit today and found it so interesting

"The revolution itself went shockingly well, the problems were rooted far more in the fact that what happened wasn’t at all what Lenin and the Bolsheviks expected. The Russian revolution was “supposed to” be a global rallying cry and lead a massive worker uprising against the bourgeoisie in the wake…

What made neoliberalism come about?

Like I know from the 1940s to 1970s America was a semi social democracy, I’d say more closer to the Adam Smith welfare net or Keynesian economics? I’m not sure but anyways then come Ronald Reagan and that’s what Neoliberalism starts and has been the latest stage of capitalism. My question is what ex…

District 9 or Elysium

Which of the two Neill Blomkamp films would you say you enjoy more from it’s thematic subject? I really enjoyed D9 but since I’ve become a Communist I’ve grown a whole new appreciation for Elysium and even considering it as a better film. I guess I say this because I couldn’t relate to apartheid; it…

What's with the liberal hypocrisy on what authoritarian is?

If we examine the president of the United States; they can appoint judges and their cabinet. The president is the executive so they execute the laws made by legislators. The president is, on top of head executive, also the party leader. The president is the commander in chief and so makes them the h…

I don't know about you guys but I kind of love Michael Parenti

Like I’d go so far as to call him the modern Lenin from the American perspective. He’s applied his deep Marxist analysis on the modern American condition so much that it vod be it’s own modern theory specifically tailored for America both historical and present. …

Stalin killed a bajillion peoples *totally would have done better*

“Totally” will have known what to do in 1918 when the enemies were at the gates to the tune of the US, Germany, Japanese and White army soldiers. …

Class analysis rejection

One of the biggest issues today is that the general left(left leaning liberal, left libertarians) rejects a proper class analysis or rather they reject a class analysis in favor of a cultural analysis. While culture and the like are really important to analyze, it ultimately avoids the economic que…

How do you guys handle the reactionary nature of people (America)

I don’t know if it’s just me or that I spend too much time reading YouTube comment sections or occasionally the enemy’s subreddit that is has given me a distorted perception of the masses or if it’s actually true that the broad masses are as reactionary and fascistic as they seem online and in media…

How would you go about explaining why anarcho-syndicalism is not a viable solution?

The way I would personally explain it is that Unions are great for rallying workers behind a party but not for seizing political power themselves. Anarchist Spain was one of the few countries that went the syndicalist route and ended up being isolated from the masses. A vanguard party that Unions ra…

Recently read Engels Housing Question and continues to show me how little I know

Long title I know but I’m always learning something new, despite having read so much Marx and Engel and Lenin, Mao, Rosa etc. I still find myself realizing how much little I knew. Okay so there was an issue that scientific Socialists would run into with Proudhonist, Bakunists what have you, and that…

The Irish Republican Army and what we can learn from them

The Irish Republican Army was a resistance group against British imperialism and fought for Irish sovereignty, something that the Irish have dealt with for hundreds of years. The IRA was most active from the late 60s, throughout the 70s and ended their activity in the 90s. …

Just realized how difficult the transition to Socialism is going to be in America

And not so much in the crushing of capital and reactionaries etc. but in de-colonization. We have a monumental task ahead of us; we Communists in America have a lot on our plate compared to other countries. …

The breath of revolution

One of the most important things for Socialists and Communists is revolutionary theory; how revolution begins and how it is carried out. Revolution is not just armed uprising but rather an entire period, a period that begins spontaneously, and is matured throughout time. Revolution usually begins as…