District 9 or Elysium

Which of the two Neill Blomkamp films would you say you enjoy more from it’s thematic subject? I really enjoyed D9 but since I’ve become a Communist I’ve grown a whole new appreciation for Elysium and even considering it as a better film. I guess I say this because I couldn’t relate to apartheid; it’s something South Africans black and white would be more closer to. Apartheid is specific but the class antagonism of Elysium is much more broad and centers around something most Communists fight for and that’s quality healthcare for all.

The theme of Elysium makes it ahead of District 9. It also more accurately portrays the divisions by class, enforced of course, with plenty of police and military violence. Apart from mid-22nd century technology, it’s pretty spot-on as to how the rich and powerful treat the “masses”.


I like both, but I can’t exactly put my finger on why I like district 9 more. Maybe Matt damons character was too self serving, and the villain mercenary guy was a bit too cheesy or something.


IMO District 9 is hands down better than Elysium. The two things that I really liked about it are:

  • The cinematography where the movie looks like a news report.
  • The main guy (don’t remember his name) was a very cool character.
spoiler about the character

Genuine asshole who changes towards the end when he faces his own doings first hand.

District 9 because it was supposed to be a Halo movie


Personally, I thought D9 was a lot better, and I found Elysium was pretty hamfisted overall.

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