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They’re pretty good. I am excited to see what happens. I really dug the voices and effects in the audiobook.

True. I hadn’t considered that. iama has been very sensitive about that since Woody “can we just talk about Rampart” harrelson

Yeah I played KOTOR at release when I was a teen. They are exceptionally well-written games, especially considering when they released. I would recommend finding a plot synopsis though because the game has non-canon branching paths.

The books are better than they have any right to.

From a politics standpoint I think the sequels are libshit, but entertaining. Prequels (I know, I know) and OT had much more biting political commentary, imo.

That said, I still enjoy most Star Wars content. Including the new High Republic book that all the chuds hated.

It’s going to be harder for his supporters to credibly defend him when he’s talking down to someone whose home was literally blown up by US bombs like this.

That assumes they care. From my experiences when I used to be in the community, it’s all edgy teens who are a bad day away from turning alt-right. It’s just best to assume bad faith on their part.

Zizek is a good meme, but he has some weird opinions.

he’s a self-proclaimed anarchist with ties to the CIA or something

Aren’t they all.

This happened to me in like 4th grade when the US invaded Iraq. I remember asking my teacher why the cities in the news had so much plant life.

I’ve been aware since 2007 (more so now with Hakim’s video, my awareness was libshit back then) and it’s why I don’t really tell anyone else to watch it.

I don’t even discuss it tbh. It’s just a childhood favorite that I rewatch once a year.

That is sadly true, most things I have nostalgia for and grew up with have super shitty themes.

I mean this earnestly, is it bad if I still enjoy the movie even though I know it’s shitty? I pirated it if it changes anything.

For sure. My github username alone would dox me.

I mainly do backend but I can also do front-end at a slower pace. I’ll make a new account to contrib. My github is tied to my work, sadly.

Oh DUH! I can’t believe I forgot about “you all” considering I use “y’all” daily. I guess I could have also used “comrades.” Thank you, friend.

I’ve made web scrapers before so if the lemmygrad team wanted that it’d be easy to add. Basically add a server that scrapes links from whitelisted content sources (e.g. Hakim’s youtube channel,) and posts them.

How does one contribute to lemmygrad

I am pretty good at software engineering and want to help out if it’s possible and I can do it without doxxing myself. …

Everyone that plays HOI is a communist or a fash. I have yet to see any exceptions to this rule.

Based C&C

Did you know that in Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge, if you build an industrial plant as the Soviets, and Apocalypse tank costs $1312…