I had no idea there were shrines in Japan that have literal fascist worship. Politicians have photo ops here.

Unfortunately, there are also normal people buried here and genuine ancestor worship is co-opted by fascists to worship the worst of war criminals. Japanese are so ignorant about their history, which is no accident. Their ignorance has total support from both govts.

Communism used to be popular there, but sadly it has been thoroughly scrubbed out. As Ben Norton pointed out, the bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were dropped to threaten the Soviets, not to beat Japan. The USSR had an imminent victory in Japan, the bombs instantly changed the power balance.

https://apjjf.org/ Is a great org that has really interesting articles on Japan, for those who are curious.

Ayjan Ibrahimov

This is just sad 😢

I hope they can overthrow this facist regime and kick the amerikkkan forces out of Okinawa too from the country .

Edit : F*ck Fascism !!!

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