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We’re more at ease bc we have a common understanding. That opens up all kinds of wonderful and helpful discussion. I feel more free to speak my mind and share my thoughts. I gotta say, I’m constantly surprised by how awesome and helpful and kind my comrades are!

I also love the comrades here that provide a focus on mental and physical health like @SpaceCowboy. It’s just such a positive thing! It helps me to keep getting in shape.

I’m in for that

I think judo is so cool! It literally means “the gentle way.” The idea that you use the opponent’s weight and movement against them is just such a cool concept to me. BJJ seems very useful too.

You are right. I mean even the communists of China fought with KMT in order to defeat a greater enemy, the Japanese imperialists. Would ultras call them opportunists, campists and revisionists today?

I’m glad you bring this up. I’ve been thinking about S4A. I’m all mixed up about how to feel about S4A. I can’t tell if he has a point. The biggest red flag is the lack of support for China that I see from them… At the same time, I think he has a legitimate concern with Russian state support of Dugin or whatever. I don’t think he has an honest opinion ab imperialism.

Also, is whether or not to support Russia’s Special Military Op really THAT important as to how to move forward as communists? Personally, I’m starting to think it doesn’t really matter as a source of division. It’s a battle that needn’t be fought between communists(is it worth a global, opportunist/ultra split?). I’d say no.

I’d say this war doesn’t concern communists. I’d be happy to hear another take.

I’d say the danger here is chasing a red-herring, wasting time and energy in a nation that doesn’t share our values or outlook, regardless of their importance as a sovereign nation.

The main reason I support this war is the opportunity it opens for communists abroad, mainly by weakening America. I think China and Russia have been shoved together and have realized they benefit a lot more from their friendship than “the west.” If the western powers weren’t run by buffoons, Russia might’ve pivoted west.

I don’t see how anybody could think Russia was not backed into a corner by NATO and US, however, I think we should be cautious with full support for Russia. They could behave in a way we don’t expect, since they are not guided by our ideology. Therefore, we have a blurry understanding of how they might behave. I think there is a risk that Russia could take things too far with Ukraine. I couldn’t define too far. But, they might pivot to more bourgeois nationalist tendencies. It’s possible, maybe unlikely, but that’s kind of my point. I don’t think we can really know, so we should hold a tentative outlook on Russia.

I have my private reasons for supporting Russia beyond what I laid out, but it’s not more than indirectly related to a communist revolution.

Mao, in general(no pun intended), just didn’t have the best hair game lol.

Forget the wife passing a baby through a little hole! I want a couch 🛋, this is inhumane!

Be a man, and be in the room while your wife gives birth to your child alien style. SMH


Man, what do they even have to gain from justifying Pelosi? They’re like trained dogs. Reflexively, unquestioningly reacting to the slightest slight against their girl? Ugh!!!

That’s the least of what the Ukrainian Nazis have done, too.

Their rhetoric has the the maturity level of a 10 year-old with the vocabulary of a 9th grader. I swear, adult children makes up the majority of R*ddit.

It’s an alt-right(pseudocentrist) pipeline for teens and millennials.

I’m surprised there is so much kana in that sample.

Also, there is this book with the premise that there is a stem vocabulary, similar to Italian and Spanish that learners can use to gain at least a basic understanding of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean through kanji. I wonder what your opinion is about it. I’m learning Japanese. I’m low level though, probably between N4-N5, but I can understand context cues relatively well. My vocab is low.

In other words 53% of Conservatives are dumb as fuck bc they don’t realize that they are experiencing what it’s like to live in class society.

I mean the fbi informants pretty much singlehandedly organized the terrorist bombing by the BPP that got them disbanded. I wouldn’t be too surprised if the feds had a hand in organizing the event si that they could have some charges to press on randos.

The US has fucked up. Do they really want war at all costs?
So China is having none of America’s shit anymore. I wonder how much longer China will trade with America for. This article is the most stern of warnings calling the US out for what it is; a provocative, senile fool. This article writes scathingly to the “independence forces” of Taiwan. Calling them out for their insistence on Pelosi’s visit. China has every right to be making these kinds of statements. Are these the death throes of the American empire? The PLA will be conducting bombing exercises around the waters of the island, definitively proving areal and naval superiority.

So, I was glossing over some of the PSL and CPUSA platforms and I was kind of disappointed. Not by anything that they have said that is wrong, but that it is not ambitious. CPUSA has $15 minimum wage and PSL is focused on anti-war and anti-capitalism. This are wonderful things that are materially based and would help so many people, but I have always felt it is missing something. What I have come up with is that it fails to capture people’s imagination. The vision should be front and center of any campaign. Think about it: America offers(its its racist way) a dream, a nation, “e plurbus unum” and all this like mythology around itself as a bastion of freedom and democracy. This is totally false and manipulative, however, it is good at capturing the imagination. We may call for a revolution; we may be too good at pointing out the flaws, but what do we propose to the average American? What do we offer them in exchange for their struggle against the hand that “feeds” them? $15 minimum wage? A 30hr workweek? That’s if we succeed at taking over the government? I don’t think the average Joe is captivated by this enough to upend everything they know… Thus, we must really think about what could get an American to fight for their freedom. Xi, has called on us as Marxists to develop socialism for our nations. That is why I think there should be a key point in changing and appealing to the American mind. 1: land reform. From Republicans to Democrats, everyone in America is deeply aware that the American dream is being taken away by Black Rock and their ilk. The richest of the rich have forsaken the hard-working American from the right to own a home. I call it Land and Liberty. Any communist party that wants to appeal to average Americans can through the access and rights to land. This is a perfect opportunity to appeal to, eventually, living up to the promise of 40 acres and a mule(change this to maybe 4acres and a tractor or something) to black people. Anyone that can prove a slave past, they can get land. We need to think out the details. 2 capitalism: I think in America and others, capitalism will be a big part of any platform. We cannot just abolish capitalism in the heart of capitalism, at least mom and pop stores, those are a key subject to the American identity. At least full unionization to all who want to be part of one. Maybe even a natl, general Union. 3: Right to work: no one likes being homeless, no one likes seeing homeless people everywhere, therefore, the right to competitively paid work and mental health care shall be a right to anyone who seeks it and is of age. 4: Immigration: I’m an immigrant in the imperial core, yet as much as it pains me, I know most Americans really don’t like immigrants. That’s a cultural thing that will take time to change. But we had a brasero program, where seasonal workers could freely walk the border to work legally. Something similar should be proposed to solve the “problem” of immigration. Legalize all that are undocumented, and provide more and faster options for immigrants. From what I’ve noticed, Americans just want people to follow the rules, Americans are just dumb about how insane and racist the rules are. Anyway, these are just some ideas, maybe some are bad, maybe all of them, lol. But take them as a brainstorming session of really making socialism work in America. We have to give something to fight for, and we can’t pretend that we can sell the American on the Soviet model. We have to make a socialism for the United States(honestly changing the official name to just the US would be a great step). We also have to acknowledge and meet people where they’re at, otherwise we would be adventurists. Work out all the details. Tl;dr use your imagination Goddamn it! Give the Americans something ambitious to fight for and be realistic. We’re dealing with some ignorant and reactionary people, but as workers, they have concerns and beliefs that unify them. Appeal to those to sell them on socialism.

Spoiler: It looks nice.

I’m really excited to read them. They’re from 1950 and 1952. Some book collector salvaged them from his friend’s parents abandoned house. There are articles about communist and soviet women and all kinds of stuff!

Disclaimer: this is just my opinion based on posts we make on lemmygrad. As the title suggests, it is of my opinion that we do not make a good enough effort at highlighting the accomplishments and contributions of women in revolutions besides Luxembourg and Kolontai. I myself am relatively ignorant on the subject, and it wasn’t until recently in history that we have started to take note of the vast contributions women made, oftentimes in the background, to revolutions or progress in general. I think that it’s a task that shouldn’t just be handed over for the socialist-feminists to deal with either. It should be a conscious effort to make women be seen in revolution and communist societies. It would help us become more approachable and make places like the ussr a real place that wasn’t just the place of great men like Stalin, Lenin or Marx. These happen to be the biggest names in communism but the revolution was not made by them but by the men and women that contributed their lives and careers in upholding communist nations. It is a positive thing to find the ones whose names we’ve forgotten, and give them new life in our minds. For example: Nadezhda Krupskaya was the secretary of the Central committee and held important positions as a newspaper editor and helped create the Soviet education system. There is also an asteroid named after her. Anyone got any favorite, underrated socialist women they know?

Dearest Lemmygrad, I don’t feel very sorry for the imperial core for getting inflation. Obviously poor people suffer the most, but up until recently that’s all who anything has ever affected. Now the commoner is being affected. It seems to me regular people in the imperial core have been the most passive slaves in history. They, and I could include myself at times, have been such comfortable slaves that they don’t really care what happens in the world. Not everyone obviously. It’s very much a NIMBY kind of attitude. But as soon as the consequences of imperialist military adventurism knocks on their door in the form of the Russian-Ukraine conflict, everyone freaks out. It turns into a both sides argument. To me, from a global south country, I say good riddance. People have often wondered what it will take for the west to rise up. I say, nows the time. If Russia has proven anything is that the west is full of shit and that they can be challenged. Much of the west is so full of racist, xenophobic, lumpen proles reactionary, colonialist and imperial leeches. It’s like, damn, something that happens in the world is actually affecting you? So sad. Cry me a river. Welcome to the club of what life is like for everyone else. Maybe now you’ll wake the fuck up and do something to get rid of those golden chains of unbridled consumerism you have so happily worn for so long. Maybe the white-supremacist ideology of the west will crumble once Russia has a victory in Ukraine. For we all know, if anyone cared ab Ukrainian lives, the west would’ve surrendered or entered negotiations months, if not years ago. No, Russia is not some sort of ally, anti-imperialist or even socialist. Maybe their govt is kind of a joke. It will not be socialist, at least under putin. But I don’t really care at this point. The west needs to humble itself. Overall, it’s good for communists worldwide to know their resistance can prevail! Especially now that the west has shown it’s true colors. Tl;dr I’m glad Russia is winning. The west’s racist ideology is crumbling. This probable victory helps show social movements can resist and overcome western aggression. The west can’t even beat their own pariah. I feel shitty for thinking like this, but I can’t help but feel justified…? maybe I’m just a big ol’ callous asshole. Maybe it’s both. Cheers, Samubai

A couple of weeks back, I saw a post from someone warning against the idealization of China. So, I am wondering what would be the modern political trends of Chinese communists? What do people think? What kind of organizing do regular communists in China do on a daily basis? Are there any friendly disagreements going on about how they want communism to develop? I’m not wondering about any color revolutionary idiots. I’m strictly concerned with modern Chinese communist political trends and how praxis looks like for them. I know a good amount of you speak or can read Chinese. If you have any information, documentaries, or resources, I would really appreciate it.