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Yo, I’ve gotten people to describe capitalism whilst trying to describe “communism” lol! That’s my accolade.

Try to not disagree with them, try not to argue or debate. Unless they’re very rational and reasonable and not very emotional. So, not most people, lol. Just listen to them and be an example to them any way you can. Be more patient, be more calm, be smarter or kinder, it doesn’t really matter how you are an example. They will change in time. At some point they will start asking questions, then you can show them the the way, the Engles essay and more. You want them to question the group of anarchism. By avoiding antagonizing yourself and leading by being a positive example, anarchists themselves usually scare people off.

The process of change takes time, practice and patience. Good luck!

Yo, I’ve even read some of his stuff, but I really don’t know what his criticism is of Marx and Engels. Does someone have the sparknote?

Wasn’t he a young Hegelian?

Check your diet. Unless u are diabetic, try eating more fruits. The good ones too, like bananas, avocado, mango, berries, watermelon, pineapple. All the fruits. Drink water as soon as you wake up, along with the sunlight.

Also, you can train yourself. Just do an alarm at the time you wake up usually, and then little by little make that alarm earlier and earlier, just a thought.

Ah yes the famous revolutionary landlord class.

It’s also really funny how the meme maker has no idea that what they consider fake workers are all service workers… the whole meme falls apart, and means nothing.

Why do most service workers not work 40 hours a week? It’s because franchise owners refuse to qualify them for healthcare, and force their workers to hold multiple jobs instead…

Starbucks has one of the highest profit margins around…

But Cuba guys! Cuba is evil and has no meds tho. This shortage must be the communists’ fault.

![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/c07965ad-b6e0-497d-bfca-cdb784b65298.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/41ae373a-1d74-4901-bbe6-4d336b5ebc18.jpeg) I had no idea there were shrines in Japan that have literal fascist worship. Politicians have photo ops here. Unfortunately, there are also normal people buried here and genuine ancestor worship is co-opted by fascists to worship the worst of war criminals. Japanese are so ignorant about their history, which is no accident. Their ignorance has total support from both govts. Communism used to be popular there, but sadly it has been thoroughly scrubbed out. As Ben Norton pointed out, the bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were dropped to threaten the Soviets, not to beat Japan. The USSR had an imminent victory in Japan, the bombs instantly changed the power balance. https://apjjf.org/ Is a great org that has really interesting articles on Japan, for those who are curious.

For sure! That all makes sense.

When I started college, it was pretty much the same thing. I lived in a dingy room, eating the cheapest food, secretly smoking cigarettes and being depressed, hating my life and myself, smoking resin, working a degrading job at Wendy’s, awful manager in a terrible, religious, car-centric town.

An awful time.

It’s hard going through the motions sometimes, and college is a great place, but I think reducing stress comes down to simplifying your life. Do you rent an expensive apartment, do you feel suffocated by your family, do you have a hard time getting to work or class, do the people around you make you feel shitty about yourself?

The way to reduce stress and simplify your life? Boundaries. Put emotional boundaries for yourself, don’t get too involved in feeling bad, put limits on yourself. Don’t deny your emotions, but only give them the space you need to be able to let them go, no more, no less. Also boundaries for others. Don’t let others speak ill of you, tell them when your boundaries have been crossed. If they don’t respect your boundaries, it’s time to reconsider the amount of time you are spending with said people. If they are people you live with, get out. At work? Report them or find a different job.

Frankly, a job is a necessary evil if you want more independence. When you’re young, you gotta work your connections. I had none, and had a string of awful jobs, but I also let too many things slide, people didn’t start respecting me and I didn’t feel free until I started putting my foot down.

If the people you work with look ill and depressed, maybe talk to them about labor news. Sneak in as much class consciousness as you can. It can get exciting to do that. Just get to know your co-workers. Why are they so depressed, what do they want from life, what does the boss treat them like? Even if your co-workers are awful people, you can learn how to speak to lumpenproles and reactionaries.

Idk, if you’re generally healthy and have a decent brain, you got all you need to make your way in life. We have to take life a little less seriously cuz we all end up dead, lol. Remember to be patient and compassionate toward yourself, simplify your life however you can, and your thinking. Trust the motions, and keep working. Eventually, you’ll improve, you’ll get better at dealing with all the things life throws at you, one step at a time. It takes years. We’re all still figuring life out :) it’s a trip.

Well, I think all your feelings are rational. The times we live in, at least in the imperial core, are pretty troubled. I wonder how much of it is environmental stress. Not necessarily you. Have you considered taking a break from school? Holding a job is not as bad as it seems, even if it’s not the best pay. Live below your means and try to connect with people like you. Is there a psl or something like that around you?

Mainly, I’d say, it sounds like you’re just stressed, and that’s solvable. Reduce your sources of stress. Live a quieter life for a bit. Get in touch with yourself.

Furthermore, try to just think less. Thinking is the source of many problems. I know it sounds like stupid advice, but noticing your stream of consciousness is different from latching on to any emotionally charged thoughts.

Don’t think about the future. Read and study eastern philosophy. The western culture is very attached to complexity, but it’s in simplicity that we can find peace and quiet. Simplicity is clear and subtle.

Have some compassion for yourself. Do what makes you feel at ease. Writing, drawing, walking, music, meditate, are some ideas. Take a step back from yourself and allow yourself to feel what you feel, without attaching yourself to those feelings or turning them into thoughts.

I feel for ya, I’ve been through that, but it will pass, and you’ll find your way. Trust yourself and be very patient.

Michael Hudson is awesome. Mostly have seen interviews, maybe read an article or two along the way. Any book you could recommend?

Ive heard enclosure described, but never by name. So you’re saying this renterism is still the same trick as enclosure, just different hand waving gestures and more tech and finance bs? Makes sense. It seems nothing in class relations has fundamentally changed lol. Any texts to check out?

Is the modern economy sufficiently different that it needs an updated/alternative nomenclature?
Hi friends, I’ve been learning about some research trends through Paul Cockshott and the like. But I’ve also been reading Mao’s Red Book 📕 I also keep up on market trends, just to see the train wreck that is capitalist economics. tl;dr at bottom. Based on my observations, I’ve noticed that, especially with the Davos elite pushing for the 4th industrial revolution and the great reset, I’m wondering if anyone has information on or has noticed that we are moving from a consumer/producer worker/capitalist mode of production, to a renter/owner one. When we generally think of economic assets, we think of houses or cars and the like, but with the Davos elite, it seems that this paradigm is either switching or already gone. Does the majority of the population actually own a significan amount of ‘their’ assets, or is it merely all pseudo-ownership; rented stuff? Legally, we don’t own our phones, farmers don’t own their tractors, most products, especially electronic ones, are in a way, rented. We don’t have legal basis to use them for whatever we want, to even fix planned obsolescence which keep us in endless maintenance loops, like with cars. Furthermore, how many people really own their homes if they can get foreclosed on? When assets can just be seized, can ownership really exist? It seems to me that most people rent or lease, and when they’re not renting products, they’re renting themselves(wage labor) in the form of work, or through an app overlord(twitter, YT). We don’t even own the platforms many of us use for labor purposes(Uber). The owner class dictates how the economy works, we just get to participate. Not that worker/capitalist, prole/bourgeois dichotomies are useless, but renting/owning class seems to be ever more prevalent. I’m wondering if this is something worth looking into further. Specifically, I’m wondering if it can be a different perspective that can be used to better articulate the global economic moment we see ourselves moving toward/in. If the owning classes dictate it, so it must be. We do live in a bourgeois dictatorship. Do you think this could be a helpful perspective or rhetoric to help describe the modern economic paradigm to a layperson? That’s my piece. Does anyone else have any ideas floating around like that? Xi has encouraged the world to keep developing Marxism. I think it’s an excellent point. I’m only trying to follow from that invitation. The tl;dr is I think it renting/owning class dichotomy could help agitate class consciousness in a way that more closely describes our lived lives than what could be seen as old timey gothic terms, which most people haven’t heard of or can spell. I want to lower the bar of entry for people to become class conscious.

White people spreading diseases on foreign lands? Never heard of that!

Wonderful, thank you! It’s a topic I’ve been putting off, but I agree. It is important to learn about.

Okay Lemmygrad friends, what is the non-wikipedia version of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and the invasion of Poland?
WWII military history is not my forte, as I generally find it to be a topic for divorced dads. Lol. However, what was that about and do you have any good resources on the subject of the German-Soviet pact? Was it a good decision? What were alternatives? I got people hollering at me bc I said the USSR saved Europe from fascism. And, without fail, they’re freaking out about Soviet imperialism. Aaargggghhh!!! I don’t know why they invaded Poland, but I do know there were pogroms and fascists there.

Marx looks like he’s about to pull a gun out of his pocket. Lol

What a pathetic article. First, the premise is so shaky. It’s based on a straw-man of general American sentiment.

Then, at the end, he asks us to look in the mirror. Yet, there aren’t any solutions expanded upon besides some shitty “build more rentals!!!” What exactly can a normal person do? Is this guy’s audience landlords? Probably.

The problem is the market, not housing. There are more than enough houses for everyone. But since it’s a fucking market, what can you expect but a minority landlord class absorbing the largest amount of housings to artificially limit housing? It’s a clear and predictable outcome. Thompson completely avoids this simple fact in order to blame the consumer of a necessity for the shit show that is investor market capitalism.

I just watched Barry Lyndon. It’s a beautiful period piece that follows the life of a young man and his rise and fall in elite British society. It’s by Kubrick. They used satellite lenses to film inside candle lit rooms and so actors move strangely to stay in the field of focus.

Funny side note: Kubrick received a death from the IRA for filming scenes with red coats fighting in Ireland. Prompting him and his team to flee the country within 48hrs. It may have been a hoax, but they didn’t take any chances lol.

Che and Fidel would have him shot. What the hell. Doesn’t he know Che fought and killed fascists???

They’re missing her hammer and sickle shield. 🛠

AFAIK, Lenin’s grandfather was Jewish. I guess ussr ended too many pogroms and saved too many Jews for libs to take notice. Because Russia ebil.

Ah yes, hitler saved India. what the fuck are these people smoking?

I feel like materialism really isn’t that complicated or obtuse of an idea and Stalin does a good job at explaining it very intuitively. Ideas come from BRAINS, not some abstract non-material source.

I mean, name an idea that didn’t come from a brain… I’ll wait.

I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or serious. Beyond that, idk who they are portraying on the left. I’d appreciate some help clearing this up. Like, um light is still made out of particles??? We can measure and detect wavelengths through photos like x-rays, and telescopes. I’m super confused on how this is a serious criticism on materialism.

The more red the more white man’s burden.

It’s not a democracy according to some freaking tool on the web? Right, sorry. Everyone on earth forgot that you were an expert and didn’t ask for your opinion when coming to a conclusion on democracy… sorry bro, my bad.

Damn. Yeah I mean, like are you an Inuit? Haha, I’m sorry. That’s just too cold. At that point I’d be asking for snowmobile infrastructure lmao.

Yeah, I agree. I just know cappies will always use any tech to its most cynical and exploitative.

That’s what’s so silly to me. I mean, like here’s a blurry picture of some slightly industrial building, could be crematorium, could be a mill. What’s the difference? Blurry picture=communism bad

Bikes are superior to cars full stop.

Okay, hills are one thing, but there’s a great video on biking in the snow. There is a town in Finland that has really high ridership in winter, and well… it’s in Finland. The point being that bikes and snow are not mutually exclusive, and it can be safe and reliable to use them even in the coldest temps… I’d say riding in rain is worse than snow…

What makes riding a bike difficult is not the weather but the infrastructure of a place.


I’m nervous but excited! Wanted to share it before I subject it to any serious mistakes lol! I would love any feedback. I’m not looking to redo the whole thing. So, I’m sorry if you really hate it lol. Any productive comments on details that you feel are off are welcome! I’m guessing you guys get the symbolism, but the top right corner is Lenin and a worker(I’m thinking of drawing a Starbucks logo on him and making his apron green[because of the strikes]) holding the eternal flame, leading toward a hammer 🔨 and sickle that will be dripping with black oil. Below is the Uncle SAm, the symbol of the US army. He is dead and decapitated. His head bleeds oil. And the bottom right is a graffiti-style font spelling LENIN.

Scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds: a love letter to the pathetic people brigading
Don’t you have anything better to do than bother us? Lmao. Y’all are pathetic. I think eating your boogers would be more productive than mass dislikes on a commie forum online. Like this idealist action would actually get us to shut up. Aren’t you the same kind of people that love free speech? Ah, what’s that? Just not for pinkos and reds, is that it? How ridiculous. I hope you can take at least two seconds to really ask yourself, why you are doing something so dumb with your energy and time. Sincerely, Samubai

There is so much to unpack here. If anyone has any other details to add, please do. First off Trudeau is so dumb. He talks about how Canada acktualy has freedom of speech bc he leaked information about a diplomatic meeting with Xi to the press. A snake 🐍 move. My main gripe here is that I have to rely more on YT commenters to piece the story together bc the subtitles do not translate what Xi said. Does The Guardian really not have anyone on staff to subtitle mandarin? Secondly, notice how they point out when Xi cuts this cursed conversation off as “[Xi interrupts]” but doesn’t do the same for Trudeau, when Trudeau is the one that cut Xi’s interpreter off in the first place. Like, wtf? They’ve managed to turn a straightforward conversation into propaganda. Assholes.

Incredible anyone has the gall to hijack history like this. Demonizing the victim of brutal colonialist crimes and warmongering and equating them, China, to self imposed(lack of regulation) social, ideological and cultural decay.

Just wanted to share!

Código de la familia(documento oficial)
Hola a tod@s! Por si acaso tienen la curiosidad, aquí se encuentra el documento oficial del referendo para el código de la familia cual pasó como ley en el día 25 de septiembre de este año en Cuba. En un momento histórico, podemos ver cómo si funciona el socialismo para tod@s. Y cómo va más allá que las limitadas leyes burguesas. Les invito a leer este documento y compartir sus pensamientos y comentarios. Si alguien puede encontrar el documento en otro lenguaje, has el favor de compartirlo.

Black revolutionary comrades, be careful and be vigilant. Your very existence threatens the American empire. Your fight is the fight of billions around the world; just as your victory!

I have some criticism to hand out, I’m sorry. I don’t name names(not a narc), but the way the discussion was handled around Nietzsche was too combative and angry for my taste… I like to always remember: **Unity, criticism, unity** First off, let’s get one thing clear; Nietzsche was an a55hole, racist, eugenicist, misogynist and overall misanthrope. Beyond redemption, really. However, his deconstruction of Christianity, Platonism, and good/evil morality is correct. If you want to arrive to the same conclusions without the toxic reactionary bs, read eastern philosophy, read Daoism and Legalism. With that being said, I don’t think it’s right or helpful or a positive thing to berate normal people or comrades who don’t arrive at this conclusion by themselves or are even reticent to do so. We’re firstly communists here, not philosophers. It is intellectually arrogant to assume that all of us would naturally know about Nietzsche’s horrid track record, considering that the information is not readily available/popular and there have been many decades dedicated toward the rebranding and rehabilitating of Nietzsche. Thanks to Losurdo for writing a good book to dismantle Nietzsche, but it’s 1000 pages! Dammit Losurdo, like who is actually going to read that? I would, but I’m weird. Nietzsche, ugh, like Lemmygrad friends, comrades, let’s make sure we don’t idolize him and work to shed light on the truth of his philosophy as reactionary and bourgeois. We can yet learn from him(know yourself and know your enemy) bc there are many, many people who still idolize him. That cannot be undone by being angry but by carefully dismantling the arguments. We can only do that from a place of understanding and compassion. I for one, believe that most people are misguided or are misunderstanding Nietzsche and his project. The man did not care for being “understood.” He wrote for bourgeois elites after all. I think he’d have a lot less good-faith followers, esp from the left, if he was more openly and more often, taken down. May I suggest a superthread and prolewiki page on the subject? Anyway, comrades, that is all. Thanks for reading. Please share questions, further reading, concerns, disagreements, corrections below. All resources in this post are not mine. I did not do the work. Don’t thank me. https://www.marxists.org/archive/kollonta/1923/winged-eros.htm https://twitter.com/search?q=nietzsche%20(from%3Arodericday)&src=typed_query&f=top https://redsails.org/nietzsche-the-chinese-workers-friend/

It’s wild to me that nearly all China haters are either stupid Americans or crazy.

Lib gets WRECKED by Nathan Rich ☺️ Harris is a loser. Someone should make a video called “Why is Harris so DAMN dumb?!”

I got into a r*ddit level argument with some Hoxhaist who was convinced that we are just revisionists and blah blah blah. Anyway, he got banned, idk for how long, but I went looking for some info on Hoxha and his project in Albania. I found this video, which was pretty interesting and very level-headed. It focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the Hoxha project. You should also support this channel, since it only has abt 1.5k subs and they have some pretty good content. They have a pretty good video on Stalin, breaking down all the boogeyman bs peddled by nazis and msm. Even if he was annoying, here’s to our hoxhaist comrade o7 May he find some nuance.

I am very confused. it seems the KMT is against the DPP. I know Chiang Kai-Shek was the leader of the KMT who landed them in Taiwan. I know the DPP has also recently banned the KMT. Why? Why is the Ex-Chair of the Chinese KMT appearing in CGTN and talking about the mainland helping reunification? Can someone help me understand the situation? Has the KMT changed? I thought the KMT hated the the CPC.

Este video es parte de una serie de docenas de videos sobre las mujeres de la revolución bolchevique. No he visto todos, ¡pero parecen ser bastante buenos! Este se trata de Vera Pávlovna Lebedeva. Tal vez a veces son un poco pesimistas, o anti-Stalin, pero es una serie bastante buena por lo que es para la educación pública y para enfatizar las mujeres de la revolución rusa. Han visto otros videos de esta serie?

The US has fucked up. Do they really want war at all costs?
So China is having none of America’s shit anymore. I wonder how much longer China will trade with America for. This article is the most stern of warnings calling the US out for what it is; a provocative, senile fool. This article writes scathingly to the “independence forces” of Taiwan. Calling them out for their insistence on Pelosi’s visit. China has every right to be making these kinds of statements. Are these the death throes of the American empire? The PLA will be conducting bombing exercises around the waters of the island, definitively proving areal and naval superiority.

So, I was glossing over some of the PSL and CPUSA platforms and I was kind of disappointed. Not by anything that they have said that is wrong, but that it is not ambitious. CPUSA has $15 minimum wage and PSL is focused on anti-war and anti-capitalism. This are wonderful things that are materially based and would help so many people, but I have always felt it is missing something. What I have come up with is that it fails to capture people’s imagination. The vision should be front and center of any campaign. Think about it: America offers(its its racist way) a dream, a nation, “e plurbus unum” and all this like mythology around itself as a bastion of freedom and democracy. This is totally false and manipulative, however, it is good at capturing the imagination. We may call for a revolution; we may be too good at pointing out the flaws, but what do we propose to the average American? What do we offer them in exchange for their struggle against the hand that “feeds” them? $15 minimum wage? A 30hr workweek? That’s if we succeed at taking over the government? I don’t think the average Joe is captivated by this enough to upend everything they know… Thus, we must really think about what could get an American to fight for their freedom. Xi, has called on us as Marxists to develop socialism for our nations. That is why I think there should be a key point in changing and appealing to the American mind. 1: land reform. From Republicans to Democrats, everyone in America is deeply aware that the American dream is being taken away by Black Rock and their ilk. The richest of the rich have forsaken the hard-working American from the right to own a home. I call it Land and Liberty. Any communist party that wants to appeal to average Americans can through the access and rights to land. This is a perfect opportunity to appeal to, eventually, living up to the promise of 40 acres and a mule(change this to maybe 4acres and a tractor or something) to black people. Anyone that can prove a slave past, they can get land. We need to think out the details. 2 capitalism: I think in America and others, capitalism will be a big part of any platform. We cannot just abolish capitalism in the heart of capitalism, at least mom and pop stores, those are a key subject to the American identity. At least full unionization to all who want to be part of one. Maybe even a natl, general Union. 3: Right to work: no one likes being homeless, no one likes seeing homeless people everywhere, therefore, the right to competitively paid work and mental health care shall be a right to anyone who seeks it and is of age. 4: Immigration: I’m an immigrant in the imperial core, yet as much as it pains me, I know most Americans really don’t like immigrants. That’s a cultural thing that will take time to change. But we had a brasero program, where seasonal workers could freely walk the border to work legally. Something similar should be proposed to solve the “problem” of immigration. Legalize all that are undocumented, and provide more and faster options for immigrants. From what I’ve noticed, Americans just want people to follow the rules, Americans are just dumb about how insane and racist the rules are. Anyway, these are just some ideas, maybe some are bad, maybe all of them, lol. But take them as a brainstorming session of really making socialism work in America. We have to give something to fight for, and we can’t pretend that we can sell the American on the Soviet model. We have to make a socialism for the United States(honestly changing the official name to just the US would be a great step). We also have to acknowledge and meet people where they’re at, otherwise we would be adventurists. Work out all the details. Tl;dr use your imagination Goddamn it! Give the Americans something ambitious to fight for and be realistic. We’re dealing with some ignorant and reactionary people, but as workers, they have concerns and beliefs that unify them. Appeal to those to sell them on socialism.

I’m really excited to read them. They’re from 1950 and 1952. Some book collector salvaged them from his friend’s parents abandoned house. There are articles about communist and soviet women and all kinds of stuff!

Disclaimer: this is just my opinion based on posts we make on lemmygrad. As the title suggests, it is of my opinion that we do not make a good enough effort at highlighting the accomplishments and contributions of women in revolutions besides Luxembourg and Kolontai. I myself am relatively ignorant on the subject, and it wasn’t until recently in history that we have started to take note of the vast contributions women made, oftentimes in the background, to revolutions or progress in general. I think that it’s a task that shouldn’t just be handed over for the socialist-feminists to deal with either. It should be a conscious effort to make women be seen in revolution and communist societies. It would help us become more approachable and make places like the ussr a real place that wasn’t just the place of great men like Stalin, Lenin or Marx. These happen to be the biggest names in communism but the revolution was not made by them but by the men and women that contributed their lives and careers in upholding communist nations. It is a positive thing to find the ones whose names we’ve forgotten, and give them new life in our minds. For example: Nadezhda Krupskaya was the secretary of the Central committee and held important positions as a newspaper editor and helped create the Soviet education system. There is also an asteroid named after her. Anyone got any favorite, underrated socialist women they know?

Dearest Lemmygrad, I don’t feel very sorry for the imperial core for getting inflation. Obviously poor people suffer the most, but up until recently that’s all who anything has ever affected. Now the commoner is being affected. It seems to me regular people in the imperial core have been the most passive slaves in history. They, and I could include myself at times, have been such comfortable slaves that they don’t really care what happens in the world. Not everyone obviously. It’s very much a NIMBY kind of attitude. But as soon as the consequences of imperialist military adventurism knocks on their door in the form of the Russian-Ukraine conflict, everyone freaks out. It turns into a both sides argument. To me, from a global south country, I say good riddance. People have often wondered what it will take for the west to rise up. I say, nows the time. If Russia has proven anything is that the west is full of shit and that they can be challenged. Much of the west is so full of racist, xenophobic, lumpen proles reactionary, colonialist and imperial leeches. It’s like, damn, something that happens in the world is actually affecting you? So sad. Cry me a river. Welcome to the club of what life is like for everyone else. Maybe now you’ll wake the fuck up and do something to get rid of those golden chains of unbridled consumerism you have so happily worn for so long. Maybe the white-supremacist ideology of the west will crumble once Russia has a victory in Ukraine. For we all know, if anyone cared ab Ukrainian lives, the west would’ve surrendered or entered negotiations months, if not years ago. No, Russia is not some sort of ally, anti-imperialist or even socialist. Maybe their govt is kind of a joke. It will not be socialist, at least under putin. But I don’t really care at this point. The west needs to humble itself. Overall, it’s good for communists worldwide to know their resistance can prevail! Especially now that the west has shown it’s true colors. Tl;dr I’m glad Russia is winning. The west’s racist ideology is crumbling. This probable victory helps show social movements can resist and overcome western aggression. The west can’t even beat their own pariah. I feel shitty for thinking like this, but I can’t help but feel justified…? maybe I’m just a big ol’ callous asshole. Maybe it’s both. Cheers, Samubai

A couple of weeks back, I saw a post from someone warning against the idealization of China. So, I am wondering what would be the modern political trends of Chinese communists? What do people think? What kind of organizing do regular communists in China do on a daily basis? Are there any friendly disagreements going on about how they want communism to develop? I’m not wondering about any color revolutionary idiots. I’m strictly concerned with modern Chinese communist political trends and how praxis looks like for them. I know a good amount of you speak or can read Chinese. If you have any information, documentaries, or resources, I would really appreciate it.