“Dead” as I’m the only significant threadmaker of this forum and I want to post at my heart’s content or not post at all.

If anyone feels like copy-pasting from /r/Sino to, especially those posts related to China and especially those in Chinese with captions, in order to show people that such communities do not have to depend on large US corporations, feel free to do so and please do.

I apologize for any grievance I caused with Lemmy’s frontpage.
And I wish to hear a direction to a resolve if there is one.


Evidently lemmy will have to improve its algorithm some more down the line (easy to say, harder to do lol). It’s still miles ahead of Reddit’s, because here posts can come back up on the front page even if they’re old as long as they’re still active. On Reddit you have a very limited time window to get your post picked up after you post or it dies.

But hey, it’s still in development and lemmy doesn’t have the years of operation reddit does.

I’m interested in this community because I dropped Reddit entirely and I learned a ton of cool news about China with you posting here. However, it’s true that it was monopolising the front page because of how the algorithm works, and other posts may have had trouble getting seen. At the risk of sounding centrist, can I suggest a compromise to you directly? I don’t think everything that gets posted on r/sino needs to be posted here, but that you can exercise some editorial liberty and pick the most interesting posts to crosspost here.


Alright I’ll post the most important post of the day then.


It seems that I am the only one who is bothered by this community. But I wont take any action if the other admins disagree with me). So just consider it my personal opinion which you can ignore (in that case i might hide the community for myself). You didnt get a warning, so if you want then you can just keep posting like you did before.

Sorry that I didnt make this clear from the beginning.


I just blocked it from my personal feed, but I see both sides. I’d def prefer a lower number of posts with more discussion than a TON of posts from r/sino, but then again r/sino is also one of the few good subs left, so some of them are good.

I also agree that having more discussion would be better, but at least they’re keeping a community alive which could lead to eventually having more conversation.

IMO you should post as much as you want, if one of the admins has an issue with it he can block the community, which is why that feature is there in the first place.

sonido bonito

It might also be worthwhile for users to have a block button as well. As far as I can see it was just one user or a few that had issue with the post frequency.

You already can block users

sonido bonito

I didn’t mean users. I meant communities.


You can do that too.


I think it was just us airing our preferences… I agree with @gary_host_laptop@lemmy.ml in that its pry fine to post as much as you like from based subs like r/sino, now that community blocking works. Anyone who doesn’t want to see it can just block it.


Perhaps multiple posts could be consolidated into one larger post while they figure out what to do

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