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They’re not left.

I don’t think climate change is going to be that much of an impact.

The really big problems are:

  1. the lack of oil the US has in comparison to what it had in the past and how much the US wants to hold on to almost all of the rest of the world and even tries to expand itself to control all of it.
    The fossil fuel age is coming to an end.
    The corona virus is causing China’s rise to accelerate even faster than it already was and almost half the world is still not coming to terms that China is a superpower and that you can’t just negotiate exclusively with your own terms, something the Hong Kong rioters tried to do with their attempt to self-colonize their city for the US, because according to the rioters, an axe murderer should either be condemned on their terms or not be condemned at all and if the axe murderer murdered someone in China, it means he should walk free.
    The corona virus is also causing the US decline to accelerate and both these things, China’s rise and US decline was already 7 years overdue.

  2. The energy transition in which the US all of a sudden has to play on a far more level field in energy terms in which China is leading in.

  3. Overconfidence. During the last collapse, the US had a president that was a social democrat and was able to convince his country to save itself from disaster through introducing social programs to ward off a communist revolution. There is no such fear of that in the US at all.

  4. It’s two-party system. It only shows to be a huge problem now that it’s plundering of native american land for coal and oil is no longer making them the richest nation on earth.

“What do y’all think the outcomes of this might be?”

Re-election where both sides cheat even worse than 2020, Democrats via even stricter censorship and Republicans with even more ballot frauds or a coup by the Republicans, so more of the same, only this time it spirals out of control completely turning into Civil war and almost a world war as there will be attempts to bring this world wide. However, it’s going to be a quick collapse for the Republicans because there are not that many nations that would majority support the Republican party.

“What do y’all think unrest in the US would look like?”

Republicans win the election during hyperinflation, with or without cheating.
They are not going to solve the hyperinflation, because the only Republican wanting to solve that issue was Trump before he got elected. And since he did diddly squat last time, he sure isn’t going to do anything about next time.
Massive riots ensue and the Republicans give even more carte blanche to it’s police and militia to kill people.
Next, you’ll have a Rittenhouse x20 event, a massacre occurs during another riot were more than 10 people die.
From then on riots become battles and battles becomes war.

“What timeline do you think is most realistic?”

Before 2026 and after this year the civil war starts. Pro and anti-DeSantis or Trump riots across the EU, Australia, Canada and the UK will happen only weeks to months later.

“Are you prepared for unrest? What are your plans?”

Sit back and relax. Convince friends and family not to join either side. Especially the Republican one. That’s the one that will lose.

That’s not going to happen. Why would there be so many splits?
It’s not the states that are squabbling with each other, it’s two groups, so the most plausible is a “split in three” scenario and only because there’s democrats in the East and democrats in the West, but few in the middle.

I’ve tried searching for streaming services so you can pay for it.
Unfortunately, I’ve only come across a camcorder version with English subtitles, that I’m not keen on sharing it immediately to everyone.
But you can pm me for the link.
It’s still working.

Why are people turning to online dating? Because we are increasingly alienated from our labour, and simply do not have the time or energy to meet new people.

I think it’s just because it’s easier and quicker, regardless of us being alienated from our labour and time constraints.
You know that the people you are looking at are all single, so there’s no room for errors that the person is taken.

Likewise a sex bot, if such a thing was possible,

It’s possible. They’re already here. Very expensive and a of extremely low quality, but they exist already nonetheless. If it’s anything like the sale of electric cars, I would say that by the end of the decade, enough will be sold to forever change the intimacy market.

would be even more alienating because not only would it reduce sex to its simple mechanical act much like a sex worker, it would also take away the human component of this interaction.

For the have-nots (incels), it’s a temporary step up before a solution is presented that adds more actual women.
In the mean time it eliminates human sex work, a profession that has always been seen as a vice or a victimhood,
though I wonder how much longer that opinion lasts.

I also think incelism goes deeper than simply being resentful for not having sex. It’s a reaction of the patriarchy against a threat. Incels have a very glaring contradiction; they claim they can’t get sex yet rant about women having sexual partners. So, which is it?

That’s an easy one. Their claim is that there’s not a shortage of women, but that women choose the same partners, so only a handful of men have sexual partners. This is something they call ‘the ladder theory’. I never asked why we then don’t have legalized polygyny if that were the case, but I suppose they think that men do have harems, but it’s all in secret and/or they have lots of cheating wives. And the women are all naive thinking that they’re the only girlfriend each time?

I was not satisfied with the ladder theory however, because I figured that all you need then is to figure out where the harems are and expose them. And if that were the case then someone before me would have done this before and solved the issue. No, the issue has to be something that is much much more difficult to solve. Something impossible to solve for the time period we live in.
And the ladder theory also did not address my biggest issue with women. I keep/kept seeing too few women on average and wondered what would happen if I were in an area where there’s a little bit more women, especially single women and then gauge how much attention that I would get, compared to normal.

So I searched and I found a few of such mid to short-term oases and I was immediately confronted with a completely different atmosphere of interactions. A whole new world.
It was brief, but it was enough to know that my suspicions had to be correct and the ladder theory wrong.
To me, it confirmed my suspicions that we are living in a marriageably-aged-women-poor world, but without it being common knowledge and instead we have rationalizations from different ideologies.

A few more anecdotes from such oases, including one from a woman who out of ideology, started an all-female no-male company and talked about what happened when a male client attended one of their meetings, further confirmed my suspicions, so it’s not just my experience.

It’s also once again putting the problems of men on the back of women, by explicitly stating it’s women’s fault these men can’t get sex.

I would agree with them if the f/m sex ratio in their area/country is at or above 1 and the issue would remain, but all I’ve noticed is that people say it’s not significant until it happens.

Yet they don’t leave their very hostile vacuum chamber where not only you are encouraged to put others down, you are expected to put yourself down as well. This is toxic masculinity and somehow it’s the fault of women. Since incelism is not really about sex, accomodating them to give them sex will not fix their mindset. They’ll still be reactionaries.

It’s about intimacy first, sex second I would say.
The biggest problem I have with incels really is that the leading ones are simply refuse to believe in a neutral society when it comes to the sexes and worse, irrationally do not consider it possible for such a thing to even exist.
It’s a viewpoint I find unsympathetic, unempathetic and close-minded.
Not to mention that the leading incel community seemed rife with Anglo-fascists.
So I’d say it’s more than just reactionaries, but I have the suspicions that has more to do with US/Canada/Australia/New Zealand for being like South Africa pre-1990s.

China’s rise has reached levels where it’s surpassing the US. Bilibili has the quality of youtube. And /r/Sino has 70k+ users.

I only posted half of the stuff that’s being done over there, mostly because the other half has too little to do with China and too much with the US and are all US articles.
They don’t even post them archived while it’s behind a paywall.

Perhaps it’s to stop the embarrassments.

A provincial leader that bows down to a foreign leader’s dog and a populace, then turns around and say they might not be Chinese themselves, while in the past considered the PRC to be illegitimate and unworthy to be called China, is getting everyone in the PRC to cringe.

Sorry, I assumed all your posts here were made by a bot script, simply because there were so many.

China is a country of over a billion people and it’s economy is growing at the fastest rate in human history. It’s growing and advancing mindboggingly fast. It’s rapidly approaching and surpassing the level of the US in terms of everything. Military, culture, education, you name it, they are surpassing it. The amount of progress going on these is so immense, it’s hard to keep up. And it’s a communist country. We are living in a time where communism has never been so successful in history and the rest of the world’s media are either turning a blind eye to it or make up outrageous American high school comedy/drama hyper-transparent you’ve got to be kidding me how can anyone be so stupidly gullible and yet the majority of people fall for it like toddlers to Santa Clause stories, glurge rumor bully quality lies in order to cover up anything positive happening in China.

That’s our current situation right now and it motivates me to put out there all the things happening in China. A LOT!!!

Sounds like https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/440

No no, that post is about limiting other languages. That will only steer away people from learning new languages. I especially want people who don’t know the language to LEARN the language, by providing the uninitiated a crutch, to help people how to learn to walk, instead of a motorized wheelchair.
The way to do it best in my view is to have people learn a language while simultaneously informing and entertaining people is to have:

  • First Language spoken
  • First Language large characters first place
  • Second Language small characters second place

A website in my view should be designed to make this easy to do.

P.S. I’m not going to post anything until the frontpage problem is resolved. I do not want any conflict. Please let me know so I can post again to my hearts content.

this community is spamming the entire frontpage

I have no problem if there’s a max of posts of this forum that end up on the frontpage per time period. Filling up Lemmy’s frontpage is not my goal here.

I would go as far as banning bots completely.

Is that directed at me?
Which bots do I need to remove?
I’m the only one posting at the forum, are you targeting me as a bot and do I need to be banned?

For me the goal is to be a platform where people can talk with each other.

So like Telegram or Element messenger?
This place looks a lot like reddit in which such platform is used for slightly different reasons.

The options here are ‘[link to website/video or image] and/or text’.
So those are the categories one can choose from on this site.

If this place is there for discussions, I would like to make the suggestion that one should discuss what kind of discussions are to take place, who and how one would imagine it would benefit. What makes a good/bad discussion and how such a website should be designed to promote this?

If I may make suggestions:

  • The ability for someone to create a full comprehensive “thread” that catches an entire narrative instead of having to create new threads when new information arrives.
  • I’m probably the only one ever asking this, but the ability to create an entire first language supported by a second language in order for the narrator to free it’s audience from a bound set of capitalist or other ideologies’ duckspeak.

The goals of this forum:

  • Have /r/Sino have a place to flee to in case of the banhammer coming to their place. There’s a reason why their subreddit is called /r/Sino and not /r/China. Same goes for /r/Hong_Kong and /r/HongKong
  • Clear out false narratives related to China.
  • Show things happening in China that I consider are of importance, because there seems to be a ‘dark wall’ between positive/neutral and sometimes even negative things happening in China and the outside world.

What’s the goal of Lemmygrad?
And which posts do you want me to cut, oh overlords?

What’s the goal of Lemmygrad?
And which posts do you want me to cut, oh overlords?

I disagree. It’s not a massive self-own isn’t that western capitalist nations these days are total surveillance states. It’s a total self-own as the story is situated in London, one of the worst offenders if the worst offender of being a total surveillance state.

  1. Anime popularity via the internet. Anglo-reactionaries don’t want to touch anything outside Anglo culture. And with such a large internet presence, there’s bound to be a few communists in there.
  2. Anime, Japanese cartoons, is an art and therefore it’s creators are artists. Communism is popular among artists.
  3. Anime is often watched by those outcast by society looking for escapism. These are most often people with a libertarian left to libertarian centrist mindset, whereas the US is becoming more and more authoritarian right.
  4. If a return to the status quo ante currently in the US and some European countries is less wealth inequality, then heavily reactionary can cause someone to look up to communism.
  5. Japan consists of East Asians. China consists of East Asians. They’ve had a lot of cultural exchanges in the past and with that connection made, for some (like me) the style of manhua will always be considered more of an extension to manga/anime than cartoons like Avatar, the last Airbender ever will be, so an interest for China develops.

And I would like to add here that I don’t consider myself a communist as I like the ability to vote. I just really don’t like Anglo-US culture and it’s political landscape.