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It’s funnier how these same people were saying that islam was the single most dangerous threat to the world and that all muslims were radical and should be re-educated just a few years prior.

In fact, they still do. They’re just currently not as vocal about it.

I use Manjaro.
Standard comes with XFCE.
It’s a rolling release and it’s package manager in my view is superior to apt, due to it’s better options to search for new packages, installed packages and files in packages,
and being a deritave of Arch Linux, you can use Arch Linux documentation, which is one of the best documentations on installing and configuring Linux apps, making it easier for you to fix things yourself.
Don’t use the Arch Linux forum though, Manjaro forum is good enough for that and the Arch Linux team are (understandably) quite grumpy.

Don’t forget flying cars and not everyone living in Hong Kong.

The Italian fascists are too hesitant to lick US fascist boots for their preying eyes.


Sorry diesel or bunker fuel.
Either way, it all comes down to oil.

That is totally nuts!
Absolute bonkers!
Destroying their own ally’s economy by force!
While the German leaders were licking their heels!


Wait… now that I think of it, I don’t think it’s the US who did it,
unless Nuland went nuts or something,
but if the US, Germany or Russia wanted zero gas flowing through these pipelines,
they could all do so without sabotaging the pipes.

It’s Ukraine.

The US, UK or EU might have given them the means to do so and I highly doubt it was for this specific purpose.
That would make the most sense.
The US puppet is losing and getting desperate.
It’s close to Danish waters, not deep into international waters, because it wasn’t done by some sub either, they simply used diving suits and explosives.
There’s plenty of Ukrainian immigrants everywhere in Europe. I’ve seen at least a dozen of them in my country this year, my country is further away from Ukraine than Denmark and I don’t go out that much, so unlike Russians, Ukrainians would have been overlooked.


Also, it might not be even be the Ukrainian state doing it, but some desperate multi-millionaire EU immigrant from Eastern Ukraine who is about to lose his home, factories, land and everything else due to the referendum, as he/she’ll refuse to live in Russia, then is egged on by a bunch of other Ukrainians with at least two having diving experience and at least one having combat experience who all thought it was a bright idea to make it impossible for Germans to make peace with Russia and immediately start importing gas again without it going through Ukraine first.
The person with connections to the Ukrainian black market then buys explosives and then they have someone steering a small boat plus a diving team of two to place two explosives on each pipeline in case one of them fails to explode or they’re unable to find the pipeline underwater, which is why there’s now three holes in two pipelines instead of two or four.


Why 2025?
SPR is halving in a single year at this speed.
Oil should be scarce pretty soon for them.

So Zelensky’s plan is to create a Jewish state, while the EU is turning fascist due to economic hardship thanks to US puppet Zelensky.

What could go wrong?

They initially won’t like it. They’ll see communists as rich as they are acting as if they are equal to them. Shenzhen is as rich as Hong Kong now, but more spacious and modern. Their world view will be shattered.

They will be. The only way the Hong Kong pandems and isolationists were to be able to keep their bubble alive was to stop any building project close enough to the border of Shenzhen.
That’s now gone with massive building projects.

“Leaving aside the legalities of that question, Israel is a very important democratic nation.” – Anthony Blinken answering lil_tank’s question

And tbh USA collapse is one of the things I don’t expect soon.

Define soon.
I say after 2023 and before 2030.

They’re getting less popular by the year.

The Hong Kong riots were at least quite popular but their government, business leaders, elderly who remember the colonial period, border traders, and new immigrants from China mainland, has had quite enough of their anti-economic isolationist stance, hyperparanoid to the point of excusing a murderer who chopped of a young woman into pieces stance, and outright violence against anyone speaking Mandarin.

But most of all, their unwillingness to compromise a win when time wasn’t on their side.
When the Hong Kong gov was willing to discuss giving in into some of their 5 demands, they had a chance for reform demands. But they didn’t, because they wanted all their violence to be excused, all police arrested and the president to step down before a discussion could take place.

You mean over the liberation of half a country that used to belong to themselves, which went to the other “country” because they never thought they would betray them and simply made the Ukrainian oblast larger, because their previous government system, the monarchy, kept suppressing the peasants, which Western Ukraine mostly consisted of and relatively still does.

This unfortunately reminds me too much of a family member of mine that actually thinks that even firewood is preferred over wind power.

The dominant transportation of today, ever larger container ships.

They can carry more than any other vehicle by far and don’t need to pay for road maintenance. Not to mention, you don’t need to cross in-between-nations borders that might ask for exuberant custom fees, go into civil war, go to war with you, etc.

Odd way to to say homelessness boom.

Until this year I thought the train was the transportation of the past.

But trains are the cheapest form of long-range transport on land as they are electric that don’t need heavy batteries.
The largest competitor to the train is the ship.
Ships can carry lots and lots of containers and don’t need any kind of road maintenance.
The only two disadvantages of ships are that they are slow moving and the fact that they can only be cheaper when the cost of gasoline/diesel/bunker fuel remains low.

Ah yes, somewhere between South Sudan and Congo.

Some talk show host in the US should make a game “name 10 countries that has a lower life expectancy than the average native American in the year 2021” to it’s audience and give anyone the dunce cap if he/she names any country with a life expectancy likely higher than that of the US in 2022 (Cuba & China were still just below in 2021).

There’s around 24 of them that below 65.0 years, so it should be doable.

Seeing someone critiquing Plato and Aristotle, I'll publish my old webvideo idea: "Why Plato's cave is a bad allegory. Part of why materialism > idealism or any form of physicalism"
This was supposed to be a webvideo on a decentralized platform as I don't trust youtube. Anyway, here I go. ----- "Hello and welcome to Kanal d Folât" I am Folât and in this video I want to talk about the allegory of the cave, also known as Plato's cave and show why it's wrong. For those of you who don't know, Plato is a Greek philosopher, a student of Socrates, and Plato's cave is a parable by Socrates. And a parable is a fable with human characters. So what good manners is Socrates trying to instill? Let's find out: Click on this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQfRdl3GTw4 -- PAUSE -- Have you watched it? Good! I don't know what your reaction to the video was, but I'm going to show you examples of how people have interpreted this video as well as other versions on the web. (To do: examples go here) ------ So I want to start out with a question first.. does anyone ever think "You know that guy on the right over there? Yeah that's me. I'm one of the stupid ones over there, just like the majority of people. I'm not that enlightened main character guy." or does anyone think "Yup, that's me! Making shadow figures fooling the crowd." So I will argue instead that I'm not one of Plato's "enlightened ones", because I don't like being tricked into a generic ego pleaser that contains a story where *anyone* can insert him- or herself, not realizing that almost **everyone** inserts him or herself as the main character and think *you* are the ignorant fool or the puppeteer. But does this parable tell you which one is which? Well Socrates has a theory of what he thinks contains true knowledge and what he thinks is merely a derivative of the truth. "So is it the media?" Nope! "Are these our politicians?" Nope! "Shadowy figures controlling our politicians behind the scenes " No! Socrates' fools can be summed up as nobel prize winners. Yes, nobel prize winners and university professors except those teaching philosophy. Socrates categorizes truth in a hierarchy in which one truth is more truthier than the other truth. And to sum them, here are Socrates' four truths list, known as the analogy of the divided line, starting with least truthiest to the truthiest of them all: \#4. Optics, one branch of physics that studies light \#3. The rest of physics \#2. Mathematics \#1. Philosophy And the reasoning for why Plato put the last two on top was because the last two are timeless, while the first two aren't. According to Socrates and Plato, this makes physics just merely an opinion, while only mathematics and philosophy contain true knowledge. And with philosophy being the one concerned with reality, it makes philosophy the truthiest of them all. Thus those silly mathematicians and physicists are mere fools watching physics and math lessons, while the true knowledge can be found in philosophy. You can only see the light if you've taken a study in it. ---- Now, I'm not even going to say that Socrates and Plato picked the wrong targets as fools or even say that philosophy can't be truly enlightening, as far as I know, all Nobel prize winners in chemistry, physics and so forth so far have all been physicalists and this is a video on why materialism is the only truthful philosophy and not modern mainstream physicalism. It's just that .. A) As long as the study taught is based on materialism, you're being taught correctly and thus you're not being left in the shadows like we see in his parable. B) His philosophy is idealist. and last but not least.. C) Parables are simply not a good way of proving a point. What are idealism and materialism you ask? Well idealism it's the philosophy that the world is constructed out of concepts or ideas and that objects are only a derivative of that. If you stop being consciousness, the world stops existing. And materialism on the other hand puts the object in front and center of reality. The universe exists regardless if there's any there to experience it. And panpsychism, pluralism, dualism, all forms of semi-monisms, and yes I **will** say that this includes modern mainstream physicalism, are on a sliding scale between these two philosophies of which I posit materialism is the only correct one. ---- If you think calling something truthier is stupid, that's because it is. There's no such thing as being more true than not, except in a manner where true false statement is made about an object that contains sub-objects of which the statement is true for one sub-object and false for another. For example, "This pen is blue" in which I point to a pen of which it's metallic portions are colored metallic silver, but the rest of the pen is blue, still counts as the pen being blue, but is technically not a 100% true statement. Truth cannot be categorized into four truths, of which philosophical truth is the highest truth of all. You need objects to form ideas. Without a brain, you cannot form ideas. And even without a brain, if there are no objects in the universe, then there is nothing to hypothetically think about. There are no concepts without objects. And some concepts even require subcategorized objects. Like good and evil. Plato's form of good is useless if there aren't any organisms. How can you have a just world if there's nothing alive to justify it's actions to? What is justice if all the world contains is just space dust, stars and floating rocks? Is a star just or unjust when it does or doesn't shine? There's only one truth and that's the truth of material objects in our world. All other truths are merely subsets of this one. All other truths about logic, mathematics and philosophy would not exist without it. There's no mathematics without a shape to measure, no logic without anything to compare and no philosophy if there's nothing there to talk about. Lastly, I would like to say that using parables is an easy way to win a philosophical argument, but a terrible method to examine reality. It's strength lies in confusing everyone and playing on people's emotions. In this parable it's the emotions of conspiracy and exceptionalist flattery without much context. The correct way of winning arguments in terms of truthfullness is to first and foremost validate them according to a list of fallacies systematically. Only then can the truth of the reality that we live in be described accurately. ---- Thank you for watching Kanal d Folât, see you next time, goodbye and goodnight.

Suggestion: Collaborate to write a book called Nineteen Eighty-Four under the pen name George Orwell, a deconstruction of the book by the same name and author
For starters, the book should be criticizing George Orwell's love for Emmanuel Goldstein / Snowball aka Leon Trotsky, the Juan Guaidó / Fethullah Gülen / Hamid Karzai / Volodymyr Elensky / insert any other handpicked US puppet leader of Russia. # Alternative book title Black mirror animal farm nineteen eighty-four # What the story needs to contain at least ### 2022 The story takes place in 2022. This way we can hit closest to home, as the technology described in the book will likely resemble this year the most. ##### Telescreens We Show a certain political leader having appeared on a telescreen delivering an innumerous amount of propaganda demanding people to support his war. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/2313c42c-306f-40c6-b9eb-43360849af8d.jpeg) ##### Neville Jones feels like he has a hard time voicing his opinions Neville Jones, born in 1984, is a disgruntled landlord who lost his factory/farm and slave laborers. Gabriel Goldstone would have promised Jones that he would not have to pay taxes. ##### Insane hatred against "Eurasia" As if we've always been at war with them. ##### "Eurasia" seems no different It's liberal as well. ##### [Cameras everywhere in London, but not so much outside of the city](https://www.caughtoncamera.net/news/how-many-cctv-cameras-in-london/) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/e5af1d3f-e74f-4d88-8930-51cf53a1e7d3.jpeg) [Cameras speak to Winston with an American accent](https://www.gawker.com/5882903/londons-new-cctv-cameras-speak-in-american-accent), making Winston think that it's clearly ~~the Anglo-Americans~~ the liberal left of *_The West_* puppeteered by George Soros and Klaus Schwab that are controlling his country. ### Characters ##### Neville Jones (Winston Smith) Some Brit liking himself to Winston Churchill. In the eyes of Neville Jones, Joseph Brother is Joseph Stalin reincarnated. He also thinks Joe Biden and Xi Jinping are in cahoots with each other. Completely deluded, he interprets O’Brien's reveal of being a member of Sinn Féin and long rant about how the Irish have been suppressed for centuries as a “They got me long ago.” He's just like Joseph Brother who's got Irish blood as well after all. ##### Joseph (Big) Brother (Big Brother) Mixture of Joseph Biden and other liberal leaders Born in 1948. ##### Gabrielle Gladstone (Emmanuel Goldstein) Mixture of Marjorie Taylor Greene / Leon Trotsky / Donald Trump / Volodymyr Elensky / Marine Le Pen Grandfather changed his name from Goldstein to Gladstone. Her middle name is Johnson as her mother wanted to have a boy. Self-proclaimed incapable of being racist because she's Jewish. Nicknamed "Grabby Gabby" after a recorded talk where Gladstone talks about how to "grab them [the poor] by their loins, just grab them, feel them up if you have to." Unable to make many friends and allies, but is a great orator and has lots of energy. Wears extremely expensive dresses often adorned with diamonds and rhinestones with her surname on it. Born in 1984. ##### Flannan O'Mullery (O’Brien) A politician of the same group Smith belongs to that's secretly a member of Sinn Féin.

My frustration list of utter insane irrational barrage of excuses, youtoo's and red herrings I keep seeing floating around on the internet in order to excuse US imperialism.
I would like to start that the reason I find US imperialism especially abhorrent is the fact that the country shouldn't exist in the first place. It's a settler-colony of which each star in it's represents a genocide of multiple Amerindian tribes. That said, I'll start with the list of red herrings, because they annoy me the most: The list of red herrings: ### 1. The Jewish Occupational Government conspiracy *"It's the Jews! The Jews are really controlling the earth, not the Anglo-Americans. In particular George Soros and the Rothschilds, the latter controlling all central banks and trillions worth of gold secretly in the Vatican."* #### Occurance Ukraine war news commentators and sites I follow. Exclusively in the chat and comments sections. These come from US Republican nazis and it's vassals from their empire that hate the Democratic party more than they like Ukrainian white supremacists. #### Rant This annoys me first and foremost because it suggests that the real powers that be in the world reside in the EU and I just got to wonder why Italy isn't the richest country in the world? Also, since if the Rothschilds hide their gold in the Vatican, then why doesn't the European central banks also stash **their** gold in the Vatican? I'm sure it's safer over there then to stash it in the US. It's closer to home as well. And which security company is guarding the stash of gold? Is the best security company in the world a European security company? If it's an American security company, then why haven't they suggested to the Rothschilds to move their gold to the US? And what's with the heavy focus on Jews in Europe when there are more Jews living in the US? ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/babd8752-ccaf-4628-b382-e10ec98b7482.png) The only European Jewish person with some real power is George Soros. But compared to even just the slew of Jewish Americans in the tech sector like Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Larry Page and others, he's just a small fry. I think the best conclusion one can get from Jews being rich is that most of them live in the US and in particular New York State, so one of the richest states of the US. ### 1a. The JOG WEF herring *"It's the WEF! The WEF is really controlling the earth, founded by Klaus Schwab not the Anglo-Amerians. They are responsible for the economic collapse in the EU, by having Germany close down nuclear and coal power plants."* #### Occurance Some of the Ukraine war news commentators dabble in this. I believe at it's core it's PatSoc commentators doing this. so they don't have to fully blame their own government, and instead can blame foreign elites. That said, US nazis likely started this. #### Rant Klaus Schwab is another Rich Jewish European that is nowhere near as powerful as George Soros, let alone Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Tim Cook, Michael Bloomberg, Larry Fink etc. He's just the host of an elitist tea party and not the kind that protests against high tax rates, although considering the type of crowd that goes there, perhaps they do. Closing down nuclear and coal power plants is a good idea. What's not a good idea is sanctioning Russian gas, especially when warning everyone that Russia would cut off the gas in order to severely damage your economy, despite constant reassurance by the Russian government that they would continue all gas flows even during the Ukrainian war. The reason why it's a good idea, besides the fact that coal is the biggest pollutant on earth and nuclear meltdowns causes land to become inhospitable for a couple of decades, is because for the last few decades, both of these two energy sources have either been stagnant in cost or actually gone up, while natural gas, wind power and solar power all have gotten cheaper to the point that it makes sense to use those instead. And the argument that the sun doesn't always shine or the wind doesn't always blow makes the so-called pro-economic tough-luck anti-renewable crowd even more hilarious, as wind and solar are doing economically fine in this scenario. When they work, they beat out coal and nuclear power plants completely from running. But for coal and nuclear power plants it's an economic disaster, as the new reality for them is that they can only run 6 months a year, but having to pay the same maintenance cost. So the so-called "pro-economic growth" side is talking all about how Germany should have just gone for the **more** expensive energy sources, because Germany needs to maximally sanction Russia at all costs without hurting oneself economically at all times whenever it suits the US. And it's the US, not the WEF that wanted Germany to close down Nord Stream 2. They have openly stated so. The whole regret of low coal and nuclear is thus to have wanted Germany to economically shoot itself in the foot before any potential war even started. ### 1b. The JOG Cultural Marxist herring *It's the Frankfurt school! That's where all the US identity politics stems that causes a US cultural and therefor also economic downfall.* #### Occurances I can't remember anymore. Likely a debunking youtube video (by Shaun?) of PragerU or SargonOfAkkad, where cultural marxism was blamed for wokeism. Yet again, likely started by US nazis, this time picked up by those who hate communism. #### Rant By Frankfurt school these people mean Rich Jewish Academic "Marxist" Germans from the 1920s. I think we're seeing a (💰 ✡️ 🇪🇺 or ☭ = 🚷) pattern here. I put Marxist in quotes, because they veered off from it quite a lot as most of them were psychoanalytic sociologist philosophers who came up with coining the term "critical theory", which means coming up with an idea of social change, consistently win the argument in discussions and then convince everyone to follow your ideology. So they saw communism as an ideology created this way and thought "we gotta have more of these ideologies so we can make even more social change making the world even better". This has been picked up by several Anglo-American feminists and LGBT-movements whom, like the Frankfurt scholars, also felt little for class struggle, but came up with their **own** theories and ideas on oppression. Instead of dividing people into those who have capital and those that do not and those with capital being exploitative, they have more than a dozen types of divisions put into a progressive stack in which classism takes a backseat to around 10th place in terms of importance. The first place being sexism and second racism. Conflating Anglo-American feminists with the Rich Jewish Academic "Marxist" psychoanalytic sociologist philosopher Germans at the Frankfurt School during the mid-early to mid-late 20th century and then calling the latter the originators of "Cultural Marxism", which in the eyes of the latter meant practicing a type of research to form your new critical theory, has confused quite at the very least myself into thinking that "Cultural Marxism" acutually means marxism where people are divided into cultural hierarchies (sex, race, oriëntation, physical ability) rather than social class hierarchies. And thus yet again, it's another red herring.

I have a question: Are the Ukro nazis dead? Is the denazification complete? Are the current majority of Ukro fighters wannabe EU citizens?
From what I've heard is that: 1. Azov and other Ukro-nazi groups having been mostly in the immediate front lines since 2014. 2. 250k+ Ukrainian soldiers are now wounded or dead. I'm also noticing far less pictures/videos of Ukro nazis coming from the semi-pro Russian sources. I'm beginning to wonder whether the current situation is that the ultra-nationalists are now dead and the current and larger Ukrainian force that's currently fighting consist of non-nationalists that are US worshippers wannabe EU citizens. And that those Ukrainians are constantly begging Zelensky for weapons coming from the EU or US or they won't fight. [update] I would like to add that I got the impression of "Azov on the frontlines in Donbass" from listening to the Duran, Gonzalo Lira and others. They used to talk a lot about them and now it seems to be solely about artillery weapons, further sanctions and advances on the battlefield. I remember being shown a video clip where Zelensky was talking to his soldiers prior to the war in the Donbass to return home and they just flat out ignored their president's orders. There was also a clip of an Azov nazi talking about how his phone list how half of it had become a list of dead friends. And this happened months ago in I think Mariupol. I think I read or heard it again a few weeks ago from another Azov nazi in around the Sverodonetsk area and it was even worse, 80% is how I remember it.

I wouldn't be surprised if the next wars starting or ending take place in Moldova, ROC, Iraq, Hungary, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, US, CAEUUKAUNZ, Israel. In that order. All benefitting China/Russia.
Moldova because of Transnistria that will likely declare independence as soon as Russia creates a land bridge there. Taiwan because China has a civil war to finish ending it's decades-long cease fire and it saw how well Russia was doing with Ukraine. After that it's anyone's guess, but I think since we're on a roll-back with Afghanistan, why not Iraq as well? It has a shiite majority like Iran and the shiites have traditionally leaned more towards Russia/China. Hungary will leave the EU by then and unlike the UK, it's departure will be punished by force as everyone knows which groups and organisations it will try to join. Meanwhile Syria kicks out the US and Turkey. Saudi Arabia, not wanting those dollars anymore, but Rubles and Yuan will go into civil war as the US backs whatever group is willing to get paid for it. And after that I think it's Turkey's turn. The Kurds have been betrayed by the US so many times and Turkey has always been the outsider of NATO. So support for Turkey isn't the greatest. Then the whole of the US/EU/UK/AU/NZ comes after that, with a civil war starting in the US and everyone taking sides of Dems or Reps and all it's Euro-satellites will follow taking sides, although some of them in EU might decide in the EU decide to join Russia or China instead. Once that's going on, Israel will do something stupid and attack yet again Syria or any other neighbouring country and gets destroyed.

![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/1f1c0ac1-9409-4861-b3bb-ce5ba67550cb.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/30557f0b-bd36-47f4-869a-b8a5a9f4bce2.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/8460e4ee-85a9-4593-bbc3-59cb2b85cda4.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/0679c585-7a81-4040-bdee-2a4ffa6c7b9c.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/0c105528-78ff-41f4-8898-297cb35b901d.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/f32fc6bb-43bc-4ac4-a56a-676797b4082a.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/6cc86afd-d535-4b56-92b8-58ff595699f9.jpeg)

For all those who wish to fight in Ukraine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F4qzPbcFiA

Is there any video out there that quotes Biden's "Putin" price hikes, without US conservative media commentators already getting mad over it? I just like to do it in their place.
Because the US conservative media is double delusional, as not only would they have done it themselves if they were in power, but they'd also rail against renewables as fossil prices go up and having of cheap nuclear fantasies, abandoning all sense of economic growth that used to be the staple of conservatives, growing inequality but still overall economic growth for the 10, 1 or 0.1% richest population.