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Lmao, you can get it as a pillow.

I think Haz is trying to say libs are worse than conservatives…for reasons.

  1. Liberalism and Conservatism are just two competing strategies for maintaining the imperialist status quo. Trying to make these arguments that conservatives aren’t “as bad” just makes you look like a conservative.

  2. Conservatives excel at grifting their followers. If you pay for cable you’re technically paying Fox News to propagandize your grandpa. The Proud Boys fundraise through Christian “charities.” It turns their income streams into a black box where you’re not entirely sure what parts of it are legit due to the number of hands it passes through.

Humans aren’t supposed to eat grass. The silicates in the leaves destroy your teeth. Ruminants have special silica-resistant chompers.

Source: tried to chew on grass and it felt gritty and horrible compared to normal veg.

They don’t even mention Mao 🙃

zooms in

anyone who is genuinely nice to me.

⎧ᴿᴵᴾ⎫◟◟◟◟◟◟◟◟ ❀◟(ó ̯ ò, )

Yeah, definitely. The US is the only country with a first strike policy, but they’ll ‘uwu smol capitalist bean’ themselves into their graves, it seems.

This map is very outdated, from before most ICBMs were put in submarines and other mobile structures.

To get a better reference, look at Russia’s strategy in Ukraine to see what their real targets would be in the event of nuclear warfare. Be aware of the locations of military bases, airports, weapons/ammo stockpiles, and military supply centers in your region.

^ needs more visibility. Shit’s terrifying.

Print me off some NFTs of daddy Zelensky plz

£? In my Russian Federation? It’s more likely than you think.


I only take Sorosbucks, please and thank you. 😤

Blue: those dastardly russians

Light Green: doin some heccin freedom

Dark Green: that weird union of europeans with their stinky cheese and ww2 grudges.

You’re defending this dude awful hard for him to not be that important or of much importance to you personally. Also strawmanning the hell out of anyone who disagrees with you.

Maybe I’m into Juche but I don’t need a screaming gamerbro to tell me that. Maybe I think Azov are nazis and I don’t need to agree with a guy who attracts misogynistic and transphobic followers like flies via his sneaky little dogwhistles. He will only say that lgbt and women’s rights are not important, but his followers regularly say the quiet part out loud that they find us to be a burden on whatever white guy shit they think the “real” movement needs to be about and he says nothing in our defense. Maybe I think internationalism requires a bit of empathy with people who’ve been fighting imperialism for hundreds of years and don’t think it’s necessary to stan powerful neolibs to do that.

You know there are people of color, lgbt people, and people formerly colonized by the Spanish Empire living in Spain, right? Do you think wanting them to be part of the movement is American idpol? Do they need to stay quiet and not talk too loud about how the empire fucked them? See, I can make strawmen too.

Haz is a debatebro and his rhetorical style and audience focus creates debatebros. He’s just Vaush but with a red star on his hat, and people who like him sound like Vaushites to anyone not invested in debatebro culture.

Negotiations between Russia, the United States and NATO – What outcome?
Biased source, but the most interesting thing about this is that it's from January. Imagine how different ML rhetoric would have been in February if people had seen this earlier.

So a lot of this is stuff most well read leftists already probably know. But I think the simplicity and framing is interesting. It seems to be designed for people who are sympathetic to the movement but can't take that step of getting over the 'violence' of the destruction of capital. It's shortish, uses plain language with less philosopher quoting than normal (with no marxist philosophers but you can feel it in the undercurrent), acknowledges potential conservative viewers through imagery, and a lot of media references. I knew there was a reason I hated capeshit.

Because I've had to answer posts about this twice in two days, I'm going to turn this comment into a full post because men stop making excuses for chauvinism challenge. Performance and attainment in education and career paths have very little to do with gender differences. Studies attempting to link learning ability to biology get mired in extraneous social variables. Wheras studies that isolate the socialization of gender as a factor have much more consistent results: - [Female In-Class Participation and Performance Increase with More Female Peers and/or a Female Instructor in Life Sciences Courses]( - [Academic performance and single-sex schooling: Evidence from a natural experiment in Switzerland]( - [PDF - Ajai, J.T. & Imoko, I.I. (2015). Gender differences in mathematics achievement and retention scores: A case of problem-based learning method. International Journal of Research in Education and Science (IJRES), 1(1), 45- 50.]( - [PDF - Group Work in the Science Classroom: How Gender Composition May Affect Individual Performance]( - [Gender Gap in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM): Current Knowledge, Implications for Practice, Policy, and Future Directions]( > In an attempt to explain the link between gender and cognitive performance, research has examined the potential contributions of biology and environment. Although studies have examined whether biological factors such as testosterone exposure and greater brain lateralization are linked to superior mathematical reasoning and reduced verbal ability among males, **findings have been inconclusive** (Miller and Halpern 2014; Valla and Ceci 2011). **Contrasting this are the more consistent findings of the sociocultural impact on gender differences in quantitative and verbal reasoning.** Enriched STEM-related learning experiences predict notable STEM accomplishments even among mathematically gifted individuals (Wai et al. 2010). Additionally, parents may shape children’s math expectancies and performance by communicating their own gender-biased beliefs about how girls and boys should perform in math. For example, research has found that parents with stronger gender-math stereotype beliefs (e.g., beliefs that boys are better at math than girls and find math more useful and more important than girls) had higher perceptions of math ability for their sons and lower perceptions of math ability for their daughters. These parental beliefs, in turn, were positively associated with children’s own math ability beliefs (Jacobs and Eccles 1992; Tiedemann 2000a; b). > **In addition, several cross-national studies indicate that greater cultural inequities between males and females are associated with larger gaps in mathematical performance favoring males** (Else-Quest et al. 2010). Specifically, nations with higher proportions of women enrolled in postsecondary science courses and employed in science careers are less likely to explicitly endorse the stereotype that science is a masculine profession (Miller et al. 2015). These cultural values and beliefs about male/female abilities and roles are communicated to children through prominent adult figures. For example, **a meta-analysis found that parental gender stereotypes reflecting male/female roles, interests, and abilities were linked to children’s gender schemas about others and their attitudes about gender occupational roles** (Tenenbaum and Leaper 2002). Similar to the sex differences in math performance favoring boys, sex differences in verbal performance favoring girls may be partially derived from parental socialization at young ages. For example, research found that mothers talked more and used more supportive speech with their daughters than their sons (Leaper et al. 1998). In another study using nationally representative data, parents spent more time teaching girls verbal activities, such as reading and storytelling (Baker and Milligan 2013): some of these differences emerged in early childhood and persisted into elementary school. Although these studies did not link these socialization differences directly to cognitive performance, these differential experiences for boys and girls may partially explain why girls are more likely to outperform boys on standardized tests of verbal ability. Therefore, while biological factors cannot be definitively dismissed, **sociocultural influences appear more likely to impact gender differences in cognitive ability.** [Article about Lyndsey Scott, the girl in the pic.](

Because I keep seeing posts about Lemmur being broken: 1. Use Firefox (if this works on other browsers plz comment cause I'm not touching them). 2. Navigate to Lemmygrad or your favorite Lemmy instance. As long as it's in the address bar the app will be made for that domain. 3. Open the Firefox Menu and look for the "Add to Home Screen" button depicted above. 4. FF will create a Lemmy icon which you can then drag to the desired screen like a normal app. 5. Browse Lemmygrad in its native HTML. ・:*+.\\(( °ω° ))/.:+ Or just use Jerboa, idk, I'm not ur mom.

Left Reckoning - AMLO’s Fight Against Colonialism And For Public Power
Surprise surprise, American think tanks are funding right wing groups in Mexico.

Wikileaks Cable from CIA director William J Burns, circa 2008
Western govts out here acting like the war is a surprise. And yet...

A very interesting interview. Their guest essentially shuts down assertions about direct US Govt manipulation and instead goes over the history of Pakistani politics to illustrate how broken and colonized their government is. It seems to paint Khan as a blip in the status quo with the military and bourgeoise steering things back into the US's good graces just through their own interests. It seems to make sense given how many decades the US entrenched itself in their government and policy. Due to material conditions the imperialism machine just runs itself. I would give the whole thing a watch before making snap judgements. It's really enlightening to have info from inside the country.


Source: Fukakai na Boku no Subete o - Chapter 16 (In c/anime cause I had no idea where to put this).

[METAPOST] Taming the Forum Tiger
The topic of users vs. mods is a very old one. In fact, it's probably been discussed since before a lot of you were born. But it seems with every new platform/server or every new generation of users, everyone kinda forgets how things work and it turns into the wild west again like in the early 90s. Given, this post was made by gAmErS for a gamedev forum, but I think the topic still holds if you switch out some of the words. People on the internet love to play "the forum game" even for topics totally unrelated to gaming. And I would bet that the [90-9-1 percent rule]( holds even for Lemmy. > The most valuable role a forum can serve is to let players get advice amongst themselves. It’s best to try to foster this sort of interaction. There’s a very strong temptation to use forums to gather information about your game, but you have to remember that forums are dramatically non-representative. Certainly you can spot trends in posts that can help you improve the game: forums are a great way to bring problems to light. But they are not a good way to tell how big a problem is. Even the most vitriolic topic may really only be affecting 10% of your player base, with the rest blissfully unaware of that issue. Reading too much into forums is dangerous. > > A very skilled moderator can dramatically improve the value of a forum by plugging the spigots of vitriol, collecting the new ideas and complaints, and encouraging players to be helpful amongst themselves, rather than making every post an “I want this feature changed!” post. However, an unskilled or burned out moderator will make things worse, so be very vigilant about that. > > Forums are dangerous because a tiny percentage of the player population uses them, and many of them use posts as a way to change the game in their favor or to get other people to react to them. It is easy to understand this on a conceptual level, but it’s much harder to keep this in mind when somebody says the new quest you made ruined the game and you ought to be drawn and quartered. > > Treat forums with a healthy respect, like you would a tiger. My personal suggestion to users who think they can do better than the GZD mods? [Read the instructions]( on how to start your own Lemmy server.

Combining recent events and theory!

Hopeful GenZedong will learn lessons from sister communities
So, historical materialism time: certain other banned subreddits with lemmy forks had issues early on rooting out racists and transphobes. There was a lot of pushback from the aggressively white/masc subset community for what they considered overreactions to microaggressions. But when push came to shove, they would often show their whole ass and post the most vitriolic and honestly boomer chud shit to grace the modlogs. Please keep your minority comrades in mind when posting and moderating your communities. We are service workers, factory workers, and low-level clerks in this together with everyone else, and we would like to believe that socialists care about us too. This is not to say I doubt this community at all, but just wanted to convey lessons from the past. Trans issues, pronouns, and race issues also make a great litmus tests for weeding out Maupin-type "nationalists" who are mainly self interested. Hoping to see great things from this community, and nice to meet you all! (っ^_^)っ

Question about personal word filters.
Hi, so I swear I've seen discussions about personal word filters on here, and I thought Dess and Nutomic confirmed that this was in the works. But I can't find the post (I could just be losing my mind, lol). This is unrelated to the slur filter. Is there going to be a feature where you can go into your profile, add a word to a list, and then all posts containing that word will be filtered from your own view of the TL?

Help, I have no personality.

Found a neat looking game that's still in development. It's like a cross between Banjo-Kazooie, Pokemon, and maybe Doom? The mishmash is really unique. And the dev is trans!

Question Regarding Spam
So I've seen spam posts make it close to the top of the federated TL recently. It got me to look into the modlog and it seems that the vast majority of removed posts are straight up advertising spam, usually multiple per day. I've seen this sort of thing go unchecked and take over Plume and servers. Does Lemmy have any mechanisms to keep this contained? I know a traditional method is to only allow users to post after they've made a few comments first. I could also be overreacting?

Orisha Land is an autonomous zone that has popped up in Austin, TX. It was established in response to the murder of Jordan Walton, but with the goal of providing aid to the community's unhoused population. I thought seeing another CHAZ-like community pop up so soon is a bit unexpected but it's exciting to see two in one year! This is primarily by and for the black community of Austin, but they have resources where the general public can provide support.