Former President Obama in an interview that aired Monday warned against what he characterized as “the dangers of cancel culture” going too far in American society.

Maybe he’s just afraid of getting cancelled for killing all those civilians, running torture prisons, not banning death penalty and having his secret services spying on everyone and themselves? (no claim to completeness)


What the ACTUAL FUCK was him “drinking” Flint water while saying “this is not a stunt” and saying that he ate lead paint as a child.

Criticalresist warns of Obama’s war crimes.

There isn’t even a cancel “culture”. It’s mostly just people getting called out for being assholes and other people agreeing. Most of the time there isn’t even any real consequence as much as people want there to be. Maybe some people overreact or accuse someone of things they didn’t do, but that’s on those people that misjudged. There isn’t a coordinate effort of any sort.

He’s not wrong tho. I mean, we must call out racism and bigotry, and that kind of stuff, but there’s a not-so-fine line between calling out someone for saying “people with [insert ANY color] skin are to be purged” and wearing a kimono not being a Japanese person because you love the culture and want to enjoy it.

People need to calm down, they need to understand that things are not black or white, and specially Americans need to learn that it’s not up to them to teach other groups what’s offensive to them. They can’t decide that me wearing a kimono is “cultural appropriation” when a Japanese person is telling me that it’s fine with them for me to share their culture.


i think the cancel culture stuff is vastly exaggerated. its the new version of anti-sjw shit.


I think this is largely accurate. There are unfortunate “witchhunts” where nuance and understanding are totally eschewed in favor of self-righteous mob mentality, but this is nothing new.

I don’t think I’m saying anything particularly novel when I say that the biggest problem with this discourse is that every form of consequence for ones actions is labelled “cancel culture” by bad faith actors. I was caught doping up my racehorse and now my victory is considered illegitimate? Cancel culture. A large number of people on Twitter don’t like something I, a very wealthy public figure, did? Cancel culture.

But there IS a vindictive, bloodthirsty streak out there that I think is maladaptive at best. I don’t think anyone should be fired or destroyed for something stupid they said a decade ago, for instance, and I think real evidence for past wrongdoings needs to be evaluated before a mass shunning or divestment happens. When a motivated group of people all complain at once though, employers/orgs get scared and capitulate.

(I’m broadly talking about the liberals and left here mostly, but only because I’m much less familiar with whatever “self-policing” goes on on the right.)

I’m not sure what Obama brings to this discussion, but uh… Thanks, Obama.

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