Are Democrats sleepwalking toward democratic collapse?

“I’m not sure people appreciate how much danger we’re in.”

It’s fanciful to claim that democrats don’t understand what they’re doing. There is no way they don’t realize that republicans have no interest in bipartisanship, and the only explanation I can see is that they’re intentionally easing US into fascism.

They’re basically keeping people passive while republicans dismantle the vestiges of a democratic process and they’re also using the time to beef up and militarize the police. When republicans get in power in 2024 they’ll have all the tools need.

Camarada Forte

If you consider the anticommunist nature of US ideology, you may consider US was a fascist nation for the whole of the 20th century. Racial apartheid and terrorism, slavery, the amount of Nazis inside the US was no joke. Hitler was actually inspired by the US and thought of it as an exemplary system


I think the proclaimed democratic collapse pertains to the “imperialism turned inwards” aspect of fascism. USA is running out colonies to exploit. Contradictions of capitalism are mounting resulting in severe deterioriarions in the material conditions of the working class. This could lead to even more violent suppression of the working class expressing their grievances.


Yeah, I agree that all the elements are already present. I do think that as material conditions continue to decline and civil unrest starts spreading then the regime is going to crack down very violently on that. This will have full support from white supremacists, upper crust of the working class, and and petit bourgeoisie.


the below comment is on Moonofalabamas page on this article. In my opinion USA has already morphed into a fascist nation.Somewhere between Bush and Trump

Food for thought (hypothesis for debate):

Since it is clear the American Empire is behind this, it’s time for us to start to delineate a general analysis on the metamorphosis of the Empire after decades of Unconventional Warfare (UW). From Latin America to HK, everything must be connected.

The American elections of 2016 and 2020 consolidated a huge tectonic shift in the domestic affairs of the Empire: the State of Florida became a permanent red state, i.e. a GOP stronghold (“safe seat”, in British terminology). It was a “purple state” before.

The reason Florida became a red state is clear enough: decades of influx of far-right (anti-communist) Latin American political refugees shifted the Floridan political consensus. They’re all compradores, lumpen-mercenaries (banditry, drug traffickers, other illiterate cannon fodder who managed to survive and reach American soil etc.), mercenaries (professional, renegade ex-soldiers or at least CIA-trained), compradores (including here also high-patent generals from failed coups) and ex-planters (e.g. from Fulgencio Batista-era Cuba).

The same thing happens with Germans (nazis), Ukrainians (nazis and neonazis), Russians (Jews, Mensheviks and “whites”), Chinese (Kaishekists and pro-British liberal Hongkongers), Vietnamese (“South Vietnam”) etc. etc.

There’s one aspect that unite all of these adventures: they all involved anti-communist elements. Whatever the degree of sophistication or regional particularities, anti-communism is the material base, the red line of the American Empire. This is a situation where Gramsci once described as the old dying (capitalism) but the new not being able to be born (socialism). The USA is modern-era Kronos (Κρόνoς), eating His children so he can keep Himself as the king of the gods (titans).

However, there’s a “side effect” to this: as the rest of the world started to resist and strike back, the American Empire had to resort more and more to what it calls Unconventional Warfare to keep its influence overseas. This intensified, rather than diminished, the number of political refugees with influence both in the American territory (green card in exchange for their services; mass political immigration to mainland America) and in Washington D.C., the capital of the American Empire, where all the important decisions on foreign policy are made.

As a result of this geopolitical conjecture, the USA has slowly but inexorably metamorphosed into a fascist nation. The American political machine has given form and structure - maybe unconsciously - to what is in fact a Fascist International, the fascist version of the Third International. Of course, what the communist could do openly the fascists can only do undercover, but structurally one is the analogous (in opposite poles) of the other. The USA already was the Capitalist International since the end of WWII, but it now has degenerated into the Fascist International.

This has a lot of complex implications that don’t fit here. I’ll just throw here this: the long-term cultural and ideological implications for the American empire are immense. The American Empire is mutating - from the land of the liberal-individualist European immigrants searching for work and enterprise of the 1890s-1960s to the land of the swindlers, fascists, rabid ideologues, political opportunists, parasitic, lazy anti-communist Latin American, Chinese & SE Asians and Eastern European political-mercenary immigrants.

Posted by: vk | May 26 2021 17:58 utc | 4


Muy interesante el artículo de Sean Iling que incluye el reportaje (2018) a David Faris, sobre su libro It’s Time to Fight Dirty . Su argumento entonces era que los demócratas tenían que jugar duro constitucionalmente y básicamente hacer lo que fuera necesario para ganar.

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