Why do or don’t you support it?

  • (Disclaimer: I have no experience with this. I am also a bit of an idiot sometimes.)

    In a non-socialist society? No. I do not trust the laws to be ethical, and I do not trust the people who make these decisions because they’ve (probably) been absorbing capitalist propaganda since they were born.

    In a socialist society? Maybe, in some extreme cases where the culprit is so incredibly reprehensible and impossible to rehabilitate that everyone would be safer if they were dead, and only if every step of the judicial process was completely transparent (I think it should be transparent in any case, but especially for the death penalty). In most cases, forced rehabilitation (through labour and education) is a better solution, in my opinion.

    • Muad'DibberA
      142 years ago

      Fidel in his autobiography has a long section on the death penalty. Most of the political leaders have come around to be against it, but the people still vastly prefer it, especially for horrendous crimes.

      He says that one day, after patient education to the public on why its not necessary, and life in prison is preferable for those cases, then they’ll hold a referendum on it and ban it.