• diegeticscream[all]🔻OP
      238 months ago


      Lmao posted to the Communism community. How is this about communism? It isn’t. It’s just that to them, everything is about communism.

      Everything is.

      But also I just didn’t know where to post it. I guess genzedong would’ve worked.

      I’m somewhere between savagely elated that they’ve finally admitted they can’t hang, and a little bummed that our reach is shorter. Not too bummed tho

      • Augusto
        24 months ago

        Honestly, I don’t even think our reach is shorter because of this. I myself only got into Lemmygrad after a few months of knowing about Marxism.

        If anything this just removes zionists and libs from accessing us.

        • diegeticscream[all]🔻OP
          14 months ago

          Agreed. It’s probably a more positive place in general since this happened!