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  • CCCP EnjoyertoUS NewsUS Army made in China
    1 day ago

    Yep, everything china is a “SeCURiTY tHReAT”, but umm… lets just ignore google, microsoft, apple, ibm, yahoo, wikipedia, oracle, cia, nsa, fbi, mi6, mossad, nato, aol, yahoo, facebook, twitter, hb gary, bitlocker, prism, operation rubicon, clipper chip, windows, android, macos, ios, intel management engine, stuxnet, systemd, muscular, cointelpro, xkeyscore, 5-14 eyes, project six, tempora, stateroom, openai, lustre, skype, hotmail, gmail, youtube, cablehaunt, carnivore, sms/mms, firebase, cloudflare, cisco, juniper, [10 hours later…], all western mobile carriers, all western internet service providers, all closed-source software, all consumer routers and firewalls, all closed-source firmware… Those are totally cool.

    But did you know chinese-made cranes are a threat to Amerikkkan security? If you put 3 chinese cranes near each other, emperor Xi will command them to build a 100 meter-tall Mao Zedong robot that will steal all the flags, thus eliminating all freedom everywhere forever.

  • CCCP EnjoyertoPeople's CourtAttention, Lemmygradians!
    2 days ago

    I tend to ignore their questions because they’re generic and uninteresting. They also often feel like they’re framed to extract something while contributing no engagement themselves, which makes me somewhat distrustful of their motive.

    Personally, I like engaging in discussions where someone has genuine interest and passion about about the subject. That just doesn’t exist with this user. Why ask a question and have no meaningful interaction with the response? That just doesn’t comport with typical human interaction in my experience; it feels more like filling out some kind of personality test (sidenote: always refuse to do those, esp of employers. You can sell your labour, but your mind and privacy are your own). If they are making some use of the feedback, it’s not demonstrated here.

    At the most benign, maybe this user is just doing a poor job of starting conversations.

    At the most malicious / tinfoil, they could be looking for specific opinions which may have been expressed on other social media and matching responses and speech patterns to potentially known real identities.

  • He said the country had recently “begun to change into a female-dominant society” and that this might "partly be responsible for an increase in male suicide attempts”.

    He pointed out that globally more men took their lives than women. In many countries, including the UK, suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50.

    Having capitalism strip your life of all meaning and dignity sure produces interesting forms of dissonance when you’re not allowed to criticize capitalism.

  • Yeah, it’s hard to find any media sources that are completely aligned with ML so I don’t really worry about it. Considering the wash of repulsive media we all have to weed through to get fragments of truth or track the movements of empire, Beleric is a ray of sunlight. I don’t expect to agree on a lot of issues with most people I read, watch or listen to, but I’m not going to break ranks on anti-imperialism.

    I agree with what you’re saying about the paradox of media credibility, too. In my opinion, the empire narrative exists within a bubble of superficial awareness and short political memory. People who are overworked have no free time to live their life, let alone escape the gravity of capital influence on the shaping of opinion and world view. Exposing the violent contradictions of the empire’s own media often does more to shake narrative credibility, than providing outside sources which westerners have been manipulated into outright dismissing. Sometimes, just creating a larger continuity or scratching into the details within that context is all it takes.