Bob’s Guns is an excellent track by Ludique.

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I don’t think it makes sense to determine what is or isn’t political by measuring the amount of politicality either. What makes something political is that some people say it’s political. And since I’m a person and I say that everything on Earth is political, that makes it so. QED.

Is the amount of politics something has supposed to be measurable somehow? If something is relevant to politics or has a political aspect it’s not inaccurate to describe it as political.

If everything is political then surely that’s a product of the political times we live in. When you’re trans like I am, politics isn’t something you can choose to engage with or not. Politics is something that people use to hurt you. And while I certainly envy those who think they can opt out of politics somehow, we live on a planet with a rapidly changing climate and an ongoing mass extinction event. Politics is going to come for you too, whether you refuse to see it or not, and the time it does may not be so far away.

That’s not to say that the “political lens” through which I see the world takes away the other meanings of things. The things I interact with in the world have other meanings and other aspects too, and in a lot of cases the political aspect is not the most important one. But the political aspects of things and the relations involving things are pervasive and important to fully understanding the world, so it is fairly accurate to say that everything on Earth at least is political in some way. Even your denial of the political aspects of things is part of this, as it’s part of your privilege to ignore politics.

Sent from my apartment where I pay the rent to a landlord, on a phone made using global supply chains, on a proprietary operating system based on open-source APIs and code.

I just don’t see the issue with a lot of things being political. I don’t think it diminishes the meaning of the word and it matches the way the word is commonly used.

I mean at this point you’re just making my argument for me. my point in the first place was that most things are political and you’re asking me to give a counterexample. if you believe that most things aren’t political come up with the counterexample yourself.

Potatoes are commonly described as a comfort food so I think it would be fair to describe them as emotional, although it would be a bit of an odd way to word it.

Would you seriously say that food is NOT political? With famines being a major driver of social unrest and mass death? With government power being highly linked from ancient times to the distribution and taxation of grain crops? With its impacts on public health and chronic diseases? With the many land reforms throughout history? With the freaking Food and Drug Administration and the Farm Bill and the US Department of Agriculture and the presidential candidates at the Iowa State Fair eating corn dogs as rustically as they can muster? With the existence of the vegan movement? I could easily go on but I think it’s pretty clear that you at the very least picked a bad example of something that’s not political.

you are out here acting like something being political is a high bar when it really isn’t.

it’s not more of a political thing, therefore they would both be political. although I’m not convinced that a crop that’s strictly nonviolent would even exist

historically speaking, when you consider its domestication by indigenous people in South America, its appropriation by Spanish colonizers, its resistance to looting by marauding armies compared to grain crops, and the freaking Irish potato famine, I think it becomes quite clear that the potato is a politically relevant crop and could reasonably be considered political.

pushups and squats may be too difficult for a beginner. they probably need to work up to it.

see if you can do this workout for a start. as long as you don’t get injured or have a connective tissue disorder, some movement is better than no movement.

as for diet, I recommend Nutrition Made Simple’s channel. focus on nutritious foods with lots of minerals and nutrients.

online conversations on Reddit and Twitter are not useful to convince the other person. they’re mainly useful to make your side seem more reasonable to random passers by who read the thread. if you’re not getting any upvotes or likes it is usually not useful to any movement to have that conversation.

you can teleport large quantities of vehicles all together into the enemy base, can make them invisible in an area of effect, have a somewhat fragile personality for a capital ship, and don’t have much attack power

there’s more than one gun so it will probably be quick at least

Seems to me that they are more repulsed by us than we are by them :)

It helps a lot to have someone review anime and tell you which ones you can skip. I’ve recommended the anime feminist blog here before.

none of how rude something you’ve said is or whether someone perceives something you’ve said as gendered is for you to decide. that’s all something that depends on the other person and their experiences in the world. being polite necessarily means that you have to take into account what other people are likely to think of what you’ve said. I don’t know how to explain this any more clearly. What are you not understanding here?

It’s not a ridiculous comparison because the person I’m replying to said earlier “wait until you hear the actual offensive words in the English language.” Slurs are obviously included in that category.

Additionally, it is certainly rude to call someone “buddy” or “bud” when they’ve repeatedly asked you to stop, which this thread is full of people doing. And if you were to call me “buddy,” you would be misgendering and infantilizing me and that would certainly be offensive. It’s a word that you can only reasonably call a 5 year old boy and one would hope there aren’t many folks like that on here.

Learn to read the room a little, huh?

Finely chopped hazelnuts would be good in this.

there’s a difference between being a bit rude and saying slurs at people, you know. they are both disrespectful though!

ChatGPT has more social skills than a lot of people do…

why buy ebooks when we have horrible, horrible xianxia webnovels?

It is at least lossily stored in the training data of large language models.

You cannot practically keep up with the volume of propaganda that most people consume. At most you can push back against bigotry and chauvinism when you see it, but this won’t necessarily give you lasting results.

take a little bit of every vegetable and whole spice you have, coarsely chop and stir fry it all up in a big pot with the most aromatic ones first using some olive oil, add some rinsed and sorted lentils and some water or broth, add iodized salt to taste, bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer for 1 hour. optionally top with some kefir and serve with whole grain bread or some white rice and more vegetables on the side if you want.

I joined after Genzedong got quarantined. Transphobia is less common here which I really appreciate. On the other hand there isn’t as big of a community of trans people.

Testosterone is not what makes men aggressive. Men do need testosterone to feel normal. Male aggression is a part of gender roles but it’s not an essential element of masculinity.

Let me clarify: Even using the date just for food is not a bad thing IMO. Socialism should not be poverty.

Editing to add: I personally haven’t gone on a date just for a meal and I don’t know anyone who has. I think it is quite likely that OP has never gone on a date where the other person was just in it for the money. IMO he has quite a bit of “making someone up to be mad at” energy. All I’m saying is that if someone were to do that, it’s not something we should be focused on as a problem.

it is silly to be sure, but is it wrong? or more silly than the original poster who expects something in exchange for buying a meal?

besides that, not all praxis has to be big praxis. going on a date is an opportunity to make a genuine connection, and possibly to challenge false consciousness, and educate, agitate, and organize. this is something that potentially has value in itself. going on a date is in any case more praxis than eating a meal alone in front of a screen, which is the activity most of us of dating age would be doing instead.

don’t just downvote me, cowards, show yourselves. explain to me why feeding women is a bad thing without devolving into misogyny somehow. because I don’t see it.

Commies are supposed to feed people, are we not?

going on a date just to get free food under capitalism is wealth redistribution. a woman’s gotta eat and we make less money

Masks do prevent infection especially if you wear a KN95 or KF94 or FFP2 or N95 or P100 that seals well all around your nose and mouth. For surgical and cloth masks they don’t do as well because the filtration and fit isn’t good enough for these more contagious variants.

Saw this on Twitter. It's mostly a good overview of the geopolitical forces around the Xinjiang situation and the folks egging it on in the US. The only thing I'd add is that Xinjiang is critical to land routes for the Belt and Road Initiative. Those railroads need to go through Xinjiang to get to Europe which is another reason why the US is so keen to destabilize the region.