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It is truly a tragic day for us all…
Kissinger has turned 100.

Iraq: Hahahaha killing brown ppl so funny!!! Let’s brag and make fun of it with le epikkk Gigachad meymey!!!

Ukraine: NOOOOOOOO we must stand with ukraine!!! This is a real crime against humanity!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬😭😭😭😭

Sorry, just to be clear. Are you referring to MacArthur or Kennan?

‘Manufacturing Consent’ now hits differently.

Poles straight up do not have my sympathies… I was arguing with a Pole who brought up the Uyghur genocide narrative, and I’m like BlTCH shut the fuck up you people literally refused Syrian refugees entry into your country… don’t fucking talk about Muslims in China.

I got blocked for pointing out the flaws of his “China zero Covid policy is dumb” take… I didn’t even get a pin of shame, he just straight up removed my comment and blocked me. That is just sad.

They learned nothing.

MLK: Daniel

Malcolm X: The Cooler Daniel

Lol nice depiction of a Redditor.

Make an even bigger fool of ourselves to own the Tankies.

Damn, ya sure got us this time… How will I ever recover from this.

He’s the Slav equivalent of Uncle Roger or Steven He…

Also, he’s pro-Ukraine as seen in a video he has since deleted. He talked about boycotting Russian games.

The Mongols made the same mistake as Stalin… they didn’t continue West. smh… 😞

Russians are worse than Hitler and the actual Nazis, actually.

I found r/GenZeDong through r/Sino. And I first heard of r/Sino from some Vietnamese gusano on r/AsianMasculinity (liberal brainrot sub) complaining that the sub is “becoming r/Sino.” I was in these pro-Asian subs like AsianMasculinity and AznIdentity because of the spike in anti-Asian/anti-Chinese racism in 2020.

‘Identity politics,’ as some Marxists like to pejoratively put it, was what put me on this path and is what still keeps me here. I reckon a lot of the more dogmatic Marxists out there won’t like this, but fuck them… I worry the fuck out of what will happen to me or Chinese people in general within the next few years.

Look at all those Chinese colonies smh

C’MON MAN… I’ve already been going around telling people that he must not turn 100 (May 27th) or the apocalypse will commence.

How dare these ch*nkroaches disrespect these fine blonde hair blue eye Aryans when they tried to venerate their Nazis on Chinese soil!!!

They also loved to raise their right arm up a lot for some reason.

My bois back home ain’t taking none of this shit.

Continuing the legacy of Yugoslav war turbofolk.

Europoids are more sympathetic to one of these… and it sure isn’t the Soviets.

Rule of thumb: People who use terms like “progressive” pejoratively are usually fascist chuds from Jordan Peterson/Ben Shapiro sphere.

I am less worried about China and their capability to defend themselves, but overseas Chinese/Asian people will be in terrible danger, especially those of us who live in the US or Canada.

Libs are gonna say some dumb shit like “tHaT wAs 4 YeArS aGo OkAaAaAy.”

Nazis try not to fantasize about their women being gangbanged by black guys challenge (impossible).

I think I heard somewhere it’s cuz Ukrainians eat a lot of pork, so they became stereotyped as pigs (by Russians).

Well, it was a propaganda victory.

This one: