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The first duty of a revolutionary is to be educated. -Che Guevara

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I honestly don’t see any reason in even bothering trying to create a new one. All that’s gonna happen is me getting mad at some random liberals spitting out the most oddest thing, or having to see propaganda all day.

I got banned for posting Azov members with pictures of Hitler, swastikas (next to the nato flag) and brainwashing little children on r/ukraine

How can the admins allow this ?!?!??

Meanwhile statues of actual martyrs are getting destroyed

How to get thousands upon thousands of likes on social media:

Step 1: pretend to be from Ukraine

It started a few months ago just before the war in Ukraine “started”. I was pretty active on r/Russia, where I was making fun of Ukraine’s idiotic politics with others on there, until the sub has been quarantined. I was curious wether other subreddits existed similar to it. Than, Reddit recommend me r/genzedong. After I’ve checked it out, I became more and more interested in the ML ideology, till that sub got quarantined too, so I migrated to lemmygrad, still finding out new stuff about said ideology, which imo, is not just an ideology, it’s an idea, for no matter what you are, do, etc, you’ll be able to live a life without fearing to loose your home and your belongings.

Does anyone coincidentally know what watch Castro is wearing on that pic?

I really hope there is, I have relatives in Moscow and I don’t want to hear the news that they’ve been shot by these assholes

Does an E-Mail exist by any chance? Cuz I can’t find it on their website

Why would you jokingly say that someone “should go to Auschwitz” ??

the very friendly people btw: []() ![](


![]( How can you even buy stuff with faces of two of the most racist people in modern history on it🤮


differences between ads and propaganda?
Are there any notable differences in your opinion that differs ads from propaganda and vice versa? Or do you think that both of these are the same thing?

To clarify, I added Epstein and Goebbels cuz I thought it would be appropriate to add them to a shit lib meme like that one

Zweck dieser Community
Servus! Ich hab mich entschieden diese Community zu kreieren, damit ihr eure Erlebnisse und Nachrichten hier senden könnt! ![](

Is it worth it to check out 4chan?
As the title says, I’m really curious wether to find something interesting or not and what are your experiences with it?