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  • I like to draw a contrast with Xi Jingping’s recent summit with the Arab League.

    1. He praises them on their achievements, acknowledges the difficulties and asks them to strive to create creative new solutions to existing problems.
    2. Asks the leaders a bunch of questions as to what is going on right now to get their insight.
    3. Thanks them for educating him.
    4. Asks what role can China play in a mutual “win-win” relationship.
    5. Thanks them for their time and gifts them some Chinese food, beverage or trinket.

    That’s largely the way he goes about interacting with nations, compare that with the Occupied Indigenous Nations that we commonly call “USA”, and how they claim to “run the world”.

  • Propaganda on par with like Voice of America, for the most part, but it gives a space for genuine leftist content as long as you roll your eyes when they talk about Russia. With its faults I literally only had a satellite dish to watch RT America and cancelled the moment it was censored. Back in the day Press TV (Iran) and in Spanish teleSUR (Venezuela) are also decent but have their flaws.

    It would be amazing to have a channel that is just like an uncompromising full-throated leftist news network.

  • I think that the US State Department blew out of proportion the fact that Vietnam sided with the USSR in the First Cold War and not the PRC (which were technically allies of the US at that moment) and the spat over the Spratly Islands. Sure they do have disagreements but to believe that Vietnam will seriously be used as a pawn against China is absolutely moronic.

    Edit: There’s also talk that China is trying to strike a partnership agreement of sorts with the Taliban administration in Afghanistan and US American spooks are seriously trying to be like “Hey, buddy, remember the good times we had together? Yeah, you don’t want to do business with China, they’re evil!”…