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Trump was an idiot, but he was just that most of the time, and an terrorist from time to time (i believe this is an POTUS hobby) put when he menaced to bring ww3 over the smallest and stupidest shit, we all knewed he was just making drama to “resolve” it later, he created the venezuelan crisis, that drama with the DPRK, assasinated soleimani, all because he wanted to look like an president that was "able to resolve problems ( when he created them in the first place) but at least he was able to “fix” the shit he did when it started hitting the fan, he was able to go back and take the L.

Biden is an fucking senile shitbag, that is or crazy or actually braindead

Istanbul is turk, and i am dying on this hill.

Funny enough, i think that the HRE was an pretty impressive country on its early stages, it gived enough freedom for every little country on it, and outsiders where not able to attack it as it was protected by the emperor, that was usually the strongest elector at the time… It encouraged the small countries to not go to war with each other and to develop themselves. It did start to slowlly lose its appeal, as it was too descentralized for the renaicensse era and eventually was ended by Napoleon.

🇹🇼 check 🇪🇺check 🇺🇸check 🇭🇰check 🇺🇦check

Yup, shithead detected.

They say people get whiter when they die of blood loss…

Dont forget the fact the US was ready to use an total of 8 NUCLEAR BOMBS on Japan if they did not surrender after the first 2. And the japanese civilians on concentration camps, the biggest bombardments on cities where all maded by allie countries, mainly by the US. The torture, executions, dehumanization and war crimes did against japan where all made by the US.

Not only proto germans, literally everyone on europe where still on tribal stage, while china was already an massive and complicated society.

Mls evolved to have an stronger jaw so they could eat more grain, REAL FACTS.

Sadly horses dont go well with mountains, the balkans basically stoped the mongols just because of their terrain (and because it was very difficult to conquest stuff on the other side of the world.

Praises for all polish comrades, you guys are basically living life on hardcore mode.

The list of shit the fbi has done is enormous, they are basically the american gestapo. Ask on the sub for an list of shit both the FBI and CIA have done, and he will probably change his mind when he sees what hes signing for.

I have not a single piece of compassion for anyone willingly fighting for ukraine on this war, only have compassion for the civilians and the ones being forcedly conscripted on the army.

Quora is such an joke of a site, this wojack represents 95% of people on quora

And all of them have the “its just a prank bro” under them, so if anyone calls out their bs, they are called “fun haters”.

I am watching right now an nice comedy show called “moral orel” that makes fun of the american religious fanatics protestants, and it really shows how protestants will say literally everything and call it the truth because it supposedly exists on the bible, how protestants are extremelly rascist, reactionary, manipulative, hypocritical, etc.

And here on my country, the evangelics, that are an different branch of protestants, are even bigger assholes, they vary from manipulative leaches, that use religion as an tool to get money and political power (even when they are an minority compared to the catholic population) or they are downright crazy.

Ive also readed about how the hate against latin countries that growed on the last century is related to the fact they are mainly catholic countries. On the mexican american war, americans tortured as much mexicans as they could because they where catholics.

On resume: catholiscism has its own history of being an very bad religion, but protestantism and all other branches that got born out of it later where even worse, as they where activly manibulative and degrading to society.

I dont know where the orthodox churches can be put, but i know orthodox people suffer as much hate from both catholic and protestants (even when they are the original christian religion. Actually, isnt judaism an type of christianism?)

“Portugal cames to mind” oh yeah so much democracy coming from the dictatorship that flirted with franco and mussolini.

POV: you are about to hear the worst take of your entire day

For real tho, why lemmy feels just like an reddit, but without all of the corporation and fed bullshit? Almost every people banned here comes from lemmy.com

Solidarity to the Celtic, latin and slavic peoples.
While we all know that europe have been an main center of evil and world wide opression against non european nations, lots europeans nations now are victims of western imperialism coming from franco, anglo, nordic and germanic countries. Slavs and celts have been opressed by other nations since the beggining, and hate against not only latin americans, but on the last century it wad born an hidden disrespect against latin countries, with rascist stereotypes and disrespect to the countries ass a whole. Portugal, spain and italy are virtually neo colonies of the imperialist powers of the EU, and romania is constant victim of syereotypes that are centuries old. There is also the french opression against the non french population that has been opressed by the french goverment for over an century. Down with anglo, german and franco supremacy, alongwith any type of supremacy with the exception of the workers and people supremacy!

Crimes of the US against its own allies:
Ive seem some posts and comments saying stuff where the US test weapons on european citizens, where the US extracted criminals from european countries (mainly Italy) because they where from the US army or the inteligence agencies, where they sacrificed european and japanese economies during US crisis, where they tested weapons on soldiers of their own allies without their consent, where he spyed on european leaders, where they extracted people that angried the US using illegal means and reasons (Assange is a good example of this) and much more shit. How many of this cases are out there? How fucked is the relationship between the US and its allies that it constantly abuses them just because he can?

Ukraine reporting of Russian casualties be like.

Chad Young Stalin

Worst crimes of the italian fascists:
We all know Mussolini and the fascist italian goverment that ruled italy from the 20s till the crushing defeat of the last fascist goverment on north italy on ww2. They virtually created fascism as an ideology, that inspired lots of other dictators at the time, but we also all know how ridicularized they are on history, we all heard the memes of incopetent italy, mussolini being an idiot and an puppet, where every time he tried doing something by himself he failed miserably, and how his pathetic goverment and life ended. The things most of us did not heard was the crimes commited by the fascists. When we think of "fascism bad" we think of nazis, imperial japan, francoist spain, even the croatian and romenian fascist goverments, but never italy. Fascist Italy is mostly viewed as an meme, never as the "bad guy". While its funny while it lasts, its also very damaging, as historians are a lot less willing to talk about italy on a serious note. So i ask you big brained chads of lemmygrad, what was the worst stuff italy did during its fascist goverment? On a completelly serious note. No memes.

Errors of Mao Zedong.
This is an very sensitive topic. We all know comrade Mao, he is one of the 5 heads of communism, founder of the PRC, and one of the biggest writers of communist theory to ever exist. But he commited errors, a lot of them, and more expecifically during his last years of governance. We all know the awfull chinese foreign policy towards the majority of other socialist countries, how they supported capitalists and genociders just for the sake of fucking with the USSR. While China was justified at the beggining of the sino-soviet split, it was not justified to create discord with the international socialist movement all around the world. There was also some very bad internall decisions, like the great leap forward and the cultural revolution, that haved good intentions but haved awfull execution, good strategy but bad tactics. Even leaders that where aways friendly towards China like Fidel Castro got extremelly pissed of when China foreign policy during Mao last years started to call almost everyone an revisionary, even Che guevara almost got snapped when he visited China during the cultural revolution. There was also Mao's wife terrible decisions that influenced him a lot, and created tons of problems and instability on China. We need to remember that it was not mao idealistic reforms that made china the superpower it is today, it was deng xiao ping and xi jinping reforms who did. Now i ask to you comrades that know better: what the fuck happened? Why mao did so much bad decisions? Was his age that started messing with his mind? His wife manipulating his decisions? Him losing control of rogue members of the party? Too much idealism for its own good? What happened?

Does anyone here have some trustfull info on Idi Amin?
I did watch some videos of his speeches, and i readed some info about him. He apparentelly was an Pan-africanist, friend of multiple arab and third world countries, including Cuba, was anti Israel, and anti-anglo hegemony. And then there is the Genocide that most people relate him with, where he supposedly orchestrated the genocide of over a million Tutsis, Twas and Hulus. I dont believe on literally anything that the western midia says about third world leaders anymore, they acused literally every single one of them that did go against the western hegemony, while at the same time they white washed dozens of cruel dictators they installed themselves on several countries. Does anyone got some trustfull info on Idi and his goverment that proves or disproves this supposedly genocide?

Whats your favorite Indie games?
My favorites would be: LISA: the painfull, One Shot, Undertale/Deltarune, Deep Rock Galactic, Celeste, Enter the Gungeon, A Hat in Time, Hollow knight, Noita, Darkest Dungeon, Rainworld, Terraria, Spelunky 2, the shovel knight series, Rimworld, Papers please.

"At least on our freedoom land the goverment dont create propaganda and manipulate the things the population can know!" Meanwhile, the CIA...

Do you have any other based edits?

Reddit was aways an bad place, but at least years ago there was not such hard policing on the site banning anything even left leaning left and right as it is right now. This one is an memory from better and simpler times. If it was re posted on that same sub nowadays, it would be pulverised immediatly.

Extremelly based channel.
Finally an white guy that is not an disgusting sexpat CIA chill, that makes actually good videos, and is not pure sinophobic propaganda.