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  • IStealXiBuckstoMental HealthWar will get me.
    2 months ago

    I’ve been dealing with a similar anxiety recently. It sucks.

    I’m a bit afraid of the future, but here is what I’ve learned during this time:

    1. Sometimes we need some bravery to go on.
    2. Sometimes our brain hurts us for no good reason.

    I hope you will make it through this tough chapter of your life.

  • Making reading a daily habit was one of the best thing I’ve done. I used to avoid reading books like plague, but by reserving some of my time daily to just read helped me get used to it.

    I recommend pretty much anything from Michael Parenti, but my favourite so far is Inventing Reality. I find his books also to be easy to read, which might help.

    Btw if you’d like to change your doomscrolling habits into doomreading, The Divide by Jason Hickel goes into unequal development and ends talking about climate change, and how doomed we are.

  • I’ll tell some funny history about the farms construction.

    Basically the location of the farm was perfect, even too perfect. Spawnproofing the fortress in the 1st days of the project was intense survival. Blazes spawned non-stop. I got my ass whooped many times.

    Just to show the amount of spawns, there is 6-8 wither skeletons in this picture.

  • IStealXiBuckstoGenZedongstrings attached
    8 months ago

    The developing/underdeveloped countries have been made reliant on foreign investment trought colonialism and coups, making them have no choice but to agree to loan terms. These terms ironically strip away the same ways to develop that modern rich countries used to develop themselves, like high tariffs and infant industry protection.

    By market logic the poorer countries then have to compete for investment by cutting wages and social programs. The rich countries can instead subsidise food production, enjoy safety nets and bail out their companies in economic downterms. This doesn’t even touch the unequal exchange between the poor and the rich.

    Stepping out of line is not an option. The IMF, World bank and WTO have made that clear