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-36 downvotes. kekw. liberals found out about the lemmygrad

feel free to post more rare communist songs in comments

wa alaikum salaam.

(Im not muslim, but i will try to be as respectful as possible. )

It is true that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) of the Muslim faith is depicted in Hell by Dante in the Divine Comedy. According to Dante, he resides in the 9th chasm of the 8th circle, where the “Sowers of Discord” go.

Catholics (which Dante was), at the time, believed that Islam was just a schismatic sect of Christianity, rather than a separate religion (similar to how Protestantism is viewed by the church today) – so Dante placed the Prophet (pbuh) with other “heretics and schism-causers.”

liberal has the worst cover-up of sinophobia, asked to leave the internet ☠️

Of course, they are. There’s literally no other reason for the US to focus so much on a little island “nation” with no international recognition to its “legitimacy”

Wilson sent troops into Siberia to try to quell the bolsheviks, so I’m gonna say that he’s my least favorite. Reagan is a close second

I forgot about this account kekw. I’m not an alt, I promise

I got this from the OG 196. Not much to my surprise that the top comment was someone attacking Castro and calling op a tankie

it’s not actually my recipe.

I stole it from here

i think this was from a freshman classroom

they try to attack them, but it only makes them sound based

I don’t really have a reason I want to learn Portuguese. It’s just been in my mind for a while that it’d be cool to know Portuguese.


What languages, other than English, do you know/want to learn?
I'm monolingual, but I'd like to learn Portugese.

I’ve never been out of America. But I’d love to visit Prague

My brother is one of those “national bolsehvists”

My state (West Virginia) still doesn’t allow you to own red flags.

The law has actually been here since before the red scare due to the miner and labor uprisings in the early 1900s

I used to go on rationalwiki all the time when I was a liberal

If you use “putler”, your argument is already invalid in my eyes

“Can American Values Survive in a Chinese World?”

How is this jUsT a CrItIcIsM oF tHe GoVeRnMeNt?

they cant comprehend people not subscribing to neoliberal lies, so they call them bots