The German army is doing the same right now. Late stage capitalism…

Felipe Forte

It makes sense they use the reserve army of labor to pressure the working class to join the army.

I mean, look at this:

They have a shit ton of resources available for all types of things, from hybrid war, regime change operations, to internet propaganda in Reddit, Wikipedia, etc.

I have no doubt CIA/NSA and alike also operated on 4chan at some point. Everybody could tell.


Within the US left there’s also a big debate over whether the newer military recruitment is mostly poorer teenagers, or wealthier / middle class kids. It seems like recruitment mostly targets poorer areas ( and at least anecdotally in my highschool it was only poor kids or those with fucked up family situations that joined), but that the actual makeup of the US military is richer. Either way they hit their recruitment targets every year because there’s no shortage of assholes.

IMO its a pointless debate…who cares if you’re from a poor family, that doesn’t excuse imperialism in the slightest, and the settlers who came to the US were mostly poor euros who were more that happy to genocide native peoples if that meant they could get some cheap land.


The arguments I’ve seen from the left on the military composition being over-represented by middle and upper income recruits appears to come from a Heritage Foundation chart which not only put $65K as the lower bound of the wealthiest quintile (the household median income in 2007 was $67K), but also each quintile had widely varying sizes of wealth, making the graph useless


Conservatives should call this Orwellian, not taxes or some shit.

Late Stage Capitalism