L E N I N - Q'pop (Quechua pop) ¿Imaynata? PERFORMANCE VIDEO
L E N I N - Q'pop (Quechua pop) ¿Imaynata? PERFORMANCE VIDEO►Autor: L E N I N►Arranged and produced by Nael, Rein, Rutti►Lyric Video: https://bit.ly/3tfNmkrS...

I have no clue what they’re saying for the most part but this is a Certified Banger™

Soviet Snake

The other song has English subtitles I think, in this one the Quechua parts are translated into Spanish so it wouldn’t be so hard to translate them to English. Might do one day.

didn’t notice the subtitles, I do speak a minuscule amount of Spanish so I might be able to poorly decode it

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